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Nowadays, the variety of technologies and services on the Internet is impressive, and each of us at least once faced the need to confirm our account by SMS-message. But what to do if you don’t want to reveal your personal number or you need to create a lot of accounts? This is where SMS-activators come to the rescue. In this article we’ll look at what these services are, their advantages and disadvantages, and what it means to “buy a virtual number”.

SMS-activators: What are they?

SMS activators are specialized platforms that provide temporary or permanent virtual phone numbers to receive SMS codes. Most platforms rent the number for a limited time, usually around 20 minutes. This is ideal for activating accounts on social networks, online stores, and other platforms that require phone confirmation.

However, this method has its own nuances. For example, such numbers can be over-issued, meaning the same number may have been used by other users before you. This can cause some problems when registering on certain platforms. In addition, if you need long-term access to your account, it is better to choose a permanent number or use a real SIM card.

What does it mean to buy a virtual number for SMS reception?

When you purchase a virtual number, you are actually renting a phone number for a certain period of time from one of the online services that specialize in providing such services. These platforms are also known as SMS activators, and their main function is to provide numbers to receive SMS.

How do SMS activators get so many numbers? Each platform’s methods of operation are unique. Some services sign contracts with mobile operators, while others buy virtual numbers and resell them. There are even platforms that offer users to earn money by leasing their SIM cards.

It is important to keep in mind that, although the use of SMS-activators provides certain conveniences, it also carries certain risks. Always study the terms and conditions of using your chosen service and be aware of the possible consequences. And, of course, choose reliable and trusted platforms for your needs.

Why and who needs SMS activators

In our era of digitalization and globalization, the number of online services and platforms is reaching infinity. And almost every one of them requires account confirmation via mobile number. And that’s where SMS activators come in.

Many people may think that these services are necessary only for a narrow circle of people engaged, for example, in affiliate marketing. However, in practice, SMS-activators can be useful for everyone. Why?

  1. Online stores and delivery services: No one wants to risk their privacy by linking their personal SIM card to a one-time purchase or registration in a new store. SMS activators become a great solution to the problem. It’s also a perfect solution to get bonuses and promo codes for new users.
  2. Telegram: In a world where privacy is becoming more important, many people prefer to keep their anonymity even on Telegram by avoiding the “Eye of God”. Virtual numbers provide the necessary degree of privacy.
  3. Social Media: Whether it’s VKontakte, Facebook or other platforms, sometimes anonymity is worth its weight in gold. For affiliate marketers, the issue of creating “disposable” accounts for advertising is also relevant. An interesting application of virtual numbers is related to bypassing regional restrictions on platforms like TikTok or Facebook Ads Manager.
  4. ChatGPT: Interest in AI-based chatbots is growing, but access to them may be restricted in some countries. Virtual numbers combined with VPNs and anti-detection browsers provide a solution to this problem.
  5. Google and Apple services: Sanctions, political tendencies and other reasons can make it difficult for users from certain countries to access some services. A virtual number becomes a lifesaver for those who want to pay for a game via Google Pay, for example.
  6. WhatsApp: This messenger has become an integral part of many people’s lives. But virtual numbers may be needed both to strengthen the credibility of an affiliate marketing account and to get free traffic.

Thus, SMS activators are proving their value to a wide range of users, helping to provide anonymity, security and overcome various limitations in the digital world.

Top 9 free SMS activators for affiliate marketing

Description: One of the oldest SMS acceptance services, has been around since 2011.


  • Available countries for one-time use: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China.
  • 30 available sites and applications for activation.
  • Possibility to reactivate a working number.
  • Virtual number rental for 6 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, UK, Poland, Sweden.



Description: SMS-activation service, which started working in 2013. Provides free public reception of SMS messages.


  • Accepts SMS messages from 6 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, UK, Indonesia, Estonia.
  • Choice of operators for each country.
  • 150+ available sites.
  • Number rental for 1, 7, 20, 30, 90 days.
  • Call forwarding for Avito, VKontakte, Yula and Yandex.


  • E-mail


Description: The service accepts SMS-messages to Ukrainian numbers. Some functions of the service may not work.


  • Public numbers for free SMS reception.
  • Slow loading of pages.
  • Part of the functionality does not work.
  • Only Ukrainian numbers.
  • Possible problems when working from the Russian Federation.

Social networks:



Description: Simple SMS receiving service with a large selection of countries and services.


  • There are toll free numbers.
  • Telegram bot is available.
  • 1 SMS to 1 number.

Social networks:



Description: Number rental service with minimal functionality.


  • No personal account.
  • Number rental from 15 days.


  • Форма обратной связи на сайте.


Description: Service with a large selection of services for SMS activation and the possibility of call forwarding.


  • Limited number of countries.
  • Not all mails pass registration.
  • There are free numbers.
  • API available.

Description: Virtual numbers including exotic countries. No registration.


  • Over 30 countries available.
  • Ease of use.

Description: The service is similar to the previous one with virtual numbers of different countries.


  • Availability of Russian and Ukrainian virtual numbers.
  • Open access without registration.

Description: Another site similar to the previous two.


  • A variety of virtual numbers.
  • Occasional delays in updating messages.

Rating of the 24 best paid sms-activators for affiliate marketing/h2> is one of the leading SMS activation services. It is chosen by thousands of users daily based on the data provided on the website.


  • Extensive list of activation sites. If the required resource is not on the list, it can be ordered separately.
  • Possibility to fully rent a number or rent a number for a specific service.
  • The function of repeated reception of SMS messages even after the activation process is completed.
  • Possibility to order access restoration for some numbers.
  • Call forwarding for a number of platforms.
  • Coverage of 185 countries of the world.
  • Useful statistics for analytics.


  • Contacts are available via feedback form in personal cabinet.

Grizzly SMS

Grizzly SMS offers disposable phone numbers for account activation across multiple platforms. With an API for bulk account activation, this service is ideal for wholesale customers.


  • Extensive selection of numbers for a variety of services and platforms.
  • “Other Number” selection feature if the desired resource is not on the list.
  • Access to numbers from over 100 countries.
  • Special offers for wholesale customers.
  • Convenient API for process automation.
  • Limited time of number rental.
  • Discount for new customers.

Social networks and support:

  • Telegram: Grizzly SMS VIP
  • Feedback form in your personal cabinet for appeals and questions. started its work in 2013 and during these years has won the trust of users, offering short-term and long-term number rental.


  • Ability to receive SMS messages for a wide range of popular resources.
  • “Other sites” option for ordering numbers not included in the standard list.
  • Number rental covering 49 countries of the world.
  • Long-term number rental for 14 countries with the possibility of unlimited message reception.

Social networks and contacts: is an instant SMS acceptance service operating since 2017.


  • Coverage: 14 countries.
  • Possibility to select an operator for each GEO.
  • Support for more than 90 services.
  • Option to extend access to previously ordered number.

Contacts and social networks:


SimSMS.ORG is an SMS activation service launched in 2014, also provides 4G and LTE proxies.


  • Coverage: 42 countries with carrier selection.
  • Supports over 100 services.
  • Call forwarding capability.
  • Long-term number rental for a specific service.

Contacts and social networks:

  • Telegram bot: @simsms_official_bot
  • Chat with operator on the website. has been providing SMS acceptance services to virtual numbers since 2017, having seriously expanded its capabilities within a short time.


  • Coverage: 186 countries.
  • Interaction with a large number of popular sites.
  • Ability to order a number for venues not listed.
  • Long-term number rental for different periods, up to 1 month.

Contacts and social networks:

  • Telegram channels: @fivesim_news_en, @fivesim_new_numbers
  • Ticket system on the website.


Basic information:

  • SMS-MAN is a platform for receiving SMS to virtual numbers.
  • Provides numbers for 2300+ different platforms and services.
  • Users can choose the country and service before ordering a number.


  • 2300+ services and 182 countries.
  • Rent a number from 1 hour to 90 days.
  • Telegram bot and API for automation.
  • Desktop app to use.




  • Multiple countries and supported services.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Purchase of credits for use.

Social networks and contacts:



  • Automated service delivery.
  • Rent a number for 20 minutes with free SMS reception.
  • Payment only for successfully received message.
  • Large selection of countries and services for activation.

Social networks and contacts:



  • Real SIM cards are used.
  • Support of many countries and services.
  • English language interface.
  • Long-term number rental and ready-made accounts store.


  • Chat with an operator on the site.




  • Only RU and KZ numbers. Free repeated SMS. Activation of accounts in 200 streams.
  • Support chat..

  • Virtual and real numbers. China, Myanmar, Vietnam, etc.
  • $0.2 bonus after email verification.
  • Twitter and e-mail: [email protected].


  • English-speaking service. Free and paid numbers. Rent from 7 days.
  • e-mail: [email protected].


  • US numbers only. SMS re-acceptance. Multi-factor authentication.
  • Ticket system on website.

  • No proprietary SIM cards, numbers from third-party providers. Rent for 20 minutes with unlimited messages.
  • Telegram, e-mail: [email protected].


  • Simple interface. Temporary numbers for receiving SMS.
  • Rent for 20 minutes, possibility of long-term rent.
  • Telegram, Feedback form on the site.



  • Numbers for SMS from 125 rubles. Rent from 15 minutes to a long period.
  • e-mail: [email protected], Chat with operator on the site.



  • Simple service for receiving SMS.
  • Many available countries and supported services.
  • Skype: live:pvapins, e-mail: [email protected].

How inconvenient are disposable numbers from SMS-activators

Security and privacy

The biggest disadvantage of disposable SMS-activators is low security. It is especially risky to use free virtual numbers. All information is in the public domain, and anyone can see your activation code for various services, such as VK or Telegram. Even in the case of a long-term lease, there is no guarantee that the site owners will not reuse the number. This can lead to account hacking.

Usability of numbers

Another problem is that these numbers are often used repeatedly for different services. Simply testing a number on Telegram, for example, can show that it has been used thousands of times. As a consequence, you may find that you have already registered an account using this number.

In addition, many services create “blacklists” of such numbers, prohibiting activation using them. Some, such as VK, take additional security measures, requiring you to enter the last digits of the number from which the call-reset was made.

For these reasons, it is recommended to use virtual numbers only for temporary accounts and not to link them to accounts with sensitive information.

Is it realistic to buy a virtual number permanently?

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy a virtual number permanently. All SIM cards have a limited lifespan, and even long-term rental services may cease to exist. However, long-term leases offer many advantages:

  • Unlimited: You are not limited in the number of SMS or the time for which you rent a number.
  • Exclusive use: You are guaranteed that only you use the number, which provides a high degree of privacy and security.
  • Refunds: If there are any problems with SMS delivery or if the number turns out to be out of order, you have a better chance of getting a refund.

However, long-term rentals may be redundant if you only need the number for one time. But for multi-account or affiliate programs, a long-term lease may be the most suitable solution.


SMS activators are tools that facilitate the verification process for various online services. However, as we found out, the use of toll-free or disposable virtual numbers can pose certain risks, especially in the context of security and privacy. While short-term use may be convenient for temporary tasks, long-term leasing provides the user with more control and reliability.

Based on the information provided, affiliate marketers should be careful and deliberate when selecting an SMS activator, considering their individual needs and comfort level regarding security. Regardless of the service chosen, it is important to be mindful of the potential risks and act accordingly to ensure that your personal information and accounts are as protected as possible.


What are SMS Activators?

SMS activators are services that provide disposable virtual numbers for receiving SMS. They allow users to activate and confirm profiles in various services without having to use their real phone number.

Who uses SMS-activators most often?

Among the users of SMS-activators we can distinguish affiliate marketers, marketers, as well as ordinary users who need to create multi-accounts in social networks, get promo codes for new customers on platforms like Aliexpress or pay for services and goods through services like Google Pay from Russia.

Как определить хороший сервис для приема СМС?

Опасайтесь сервисов, которые копируют чужие сайты или завышают цены. Прежде чем выбирать сервис, обратите внимание на отзывы других пользователей. В нашем рейтинге собраны лучшие сервисы для приема SMS, что поможет вам избежать многих проблем.

How to determine a good service for receiving SMS?

Beware of services that copy other people’s sites or overcharge. Before choosing a service, pay attention to the reviews of other users. Our rating contains the best services for SMS reception, which will help you avoid many problems.

Is it possible to buy a virtual number forever?

Full purchase of a virtual number is usually not offered. However, you can rent it for a long term, including several years. Most services allow you to renew the lease after the expiration of the term.

Which countries provide the cheapest disposable numbers?

The lowest cost of a number is usually related to the country where the SMS activator is based. The most affordable numbers are often those of the country where the service is based, as well as numbers that are suitable for less popular platforms.

Which numbers are usually more expensive?

The most expensive are usually virtual numbers from the US, Australia and other high-demand countries. It is interesting to note that numbers from some African countries, such as Kenya or South Africa, can also be quite expensive depending on the pricing policy of a particular SMS activator.

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