How to understand if the hypothesis will work in the target? Will it be possible to revive the target audience in FB? You can hope for a chance, but it’s easier and faster to ask your competitors! Well, not to ask… to spy on their work using spy services and use the rule “steal like an artist” – i.e., take the best practices and apply at home.

What spy services will help you get into the heart of your target audience on Facebook without shooting? More on that is below.

Spy tools on Facebook: what is monitored and why it is needed

In simple terms, spy services are special spy tools that spy on advertisements and FB accounts (and not only) and track engagement results.

Such platforms help webmasters and mediabuy teams to keep an eye on competitors and learn more about customers. At the same time, save money on testing hypotheses by implementing only working practices.

Let’s give an example of how spy services are useful for an affiliate marketer. When a webmaster needs to find working creatives for landing pages to drain traffic with an ROI of 150+%, he has two ways:

  • the usual one is to start looking for successful cases of competitors on the Internet (social networks, target …) and sort them by date to select the most relevant ones. Select a few of the most suitable creatives and hope that they will “play” in his project;
  • a simpler one is to use the spy tool, which automatically closes all work on monitoring and sorting the most relevant creatives. In fact, the webmaster only needs to evaluate the references and transfer them to his product or implement the idea.

You can’t become a pro by reading dozens of best practices on the Internet. But webmasters will always be in the field using spy services and save hundreds of dollars by choosing only the best creatives.

How do FB spy services help in affiliate marketing?

Spy tools fully justify their name. They are designed to be an assistant that monitors how competitors test hypotheses and report on their effectiveness. They also help generate ideas and observe the reaction of the target audience.

Benefits of using Facebook spy services:

  • tools help to learn more about the preferences of the target audience (their geo, demographics and interests);
  • save hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars on test advertising campaigns;
  • help the team specialists to concentrate on the main thing;
  • provide actual results of market research of competitors, which in the end will pay for the use of spy tools and even more;
  • help you understand how to use trends in a particular niche and whether they are suitable.

TOP 10 Spy services in 2022

A short comparison of the TOP 10 spy services for affiliates.

One of the “youngest” spy services was launched in 2019.

Sign-up and login to the account take a couple of clicks – through the Telegram or Vkontakte accounts.


  • through this tool, affiliates can not only search for creatives or spy but also cloak on Facebook;
  • platform representatives claim 957+ million creatives, which is enough to accumulate hundreds of working hypotheses;
  • the ability to deeply customize filters and 50+ languages ​​for sorting creatives.

The main disadvantage is the simple functions in the trial version. It gives only a little to get acquainted with the tool, no more:

  • search functionality is limited;
  • not all information is available for viewing;

You can’t download creatives.

In paid access (from $53/month to $250/6 months), unlimited for everything. You can pay by credit card.

The spy tool was launched in 2010. For 12 years, the tool has been “taught” to collect and provide information from accounts of 75+ countries. Works all over the world.


  • shows campaigns with different traffic sources — mobile ads, desktop ads, pop-ups, etc.;
  • collects ads from 100+ CPA networks;
  • allows you to download landing pages along with the CSS structure as a .rar file in a couple of clicks;

The downside is the lack of a demo version or free accounts. Immediately after creating an account, you need to indicate a bank card and pay a monthly payment. By the way, the system gives a “trial 24 hours” – this time is given to the user to try all the functionality and decide whether the service is worth the money. If it does not fit, the service returns the money.

The cost is $199/month. You can pay via PayPal, BitPay or credit card.

A spy program with one of the largest creative libraries on FB and Insta. It contains comprehensive information about ad campaigns in all niches from almost all over the world – 122+ million advertisements and 18+ million advertisers.


  • flexible filter settings and accurate output of the necessary information in a matter of seconds;
  • helps to supplement the statistics due to the detailed study of the target and geo;
  • in addition to Facebook and Insta, you can watch ads on LinkedIn.


  • no free accounts, but 1000 free views for one account.

The cost of a paid subscription is $149.

Spy-service was created in 2018, and it immediately got customer support. It helps to find the necessary references among 15+ million references and 5+ million accounts from 15+ countries of the world.

Today it is a tool with not the most powerful functionality, but thanks to its advantages, it stands out even among the big players:

  • filters pull up ads not only by geo and location in the search results but even by the size of the images used;
  • simple and complete statistics that can be used for targeting;
  • there is a free account – although it gives only 100 search queries, it does not cut filters, impressions and networks. You can also choose an account and make a trial subscription for $7 to evaluate how convenient it will be to work with the service.

What are the drawbacks:

  • not so flexible and full functionality of settings – some competitors from the list can get several times more information about the work of competitors;
  • the basic subscription for $49 severely cuts functionality. For example, after 10+ platforms, only ads from Facebook remain when the free version has FB, Insta, Google, and other sources.

The cost is from $49 to $399/month.

A spy service designed to spy on competitors on Facebook. Contains image, video, and carousel ads for both desktop and mobile.

Why you should pay attention:

  • there is a database of millions of advertisements registered in 21 countries;
  • the system is flexible, and gives only the necessary data;
  • you can collect ads and get accurate competitor analytics in a couple of clicks.

What might not work:

  • there is no free or trial account, payment must be made right at the time of registration.

The cost is from $97/month (if you pay for 12 months at once) to $147 (monthly payment).

One of the few spy platforms available not only in the browser but also in the application. To register, you need to enter your details and confirm your email.

Benefits for affiliates:

  • quick access to 10+ million advertisements from both small stores and world-famous brands;
  • flexible filter settings;
  • you can save the desired creatives in one click.

In addition, users can use the tool for free – after registration, the default account is Free with the ability to “pump” it to Premium.


  • users of Free-accounts have not been shown ads for the last two months;
  • in a paid subscription, round-the-clock support is available only in the Business package for €249.90.

The cost of Premium access is from €29.90 to €249.90.

Spy service was created in 2016. For six years of work, it has collected 15+ million advertisements selling push and pop-ups. Anstrex users get the latest information from 120+ thousand advertising accounts from 100+ countries worldwide.

Why users choose:

  • even in the Free package, there are 6+ million shopping ads from 10+ thousand sellers;
  • convenient work with the platform using the extension for Google Chrome;
  • automated monthly reports on competitor activity.

What is missing:

  • collects only desktop data, no mobile data.

The cost is $69.99. But now they have a Beta test of new features, so for now, Free access for all users.

Or, as it is also called, Ara Pro is a spy program for Facebook whose distinguishing feature is the minute-by-minute updating of advertisements (the developers claim that the service database is updated up to 1440 times a day).

The main advantages of the service:

  • users see both desktop and mobile ads of competitors;
  • minutely updates of bases and libraries of creatives – it’s really about “keep abreast”.

There is a demo mode (this is a plus), but it dramatically cuts the functionality. Demo users have access to only 17% of all advertisements and only 20 creative impressions.


  • there is not much information in filters and settings compared to the services above;
  • use by multiple users is prohibited.

The total price is $79. Another uniqueness of the service is “daily access” to complete functionality for $12.

A spy tool with a powerful and flexible system of settings and filters that help you find the right references among one million+ advertisements from 18+ countries worldwide.

Benefits noted by users:

  • convenient and visually pleasing platform interface;
  • automatic integration with third-party services;
  • email notifications after task completion.

Separately, you can note the ability to create your subscription plan.


  • no trial period or free account;
  • too complicated for beginners at the beginning of work;

The cost is from $7 to $230. The price depends on how long the functionality will be available to the user. For example, for $7, you get only 1 GB in the cloud and one week of searching for advertisements. And for $230 – 25 GB in the cloud and two weeks in the search.

Spy tool was created in 2015. It is unique in that, thanks to partner networks, it provides users not only paid but also Free accounts with an additional $2300 to the account in the service for finding creatives from partners.


  • 16.9 million advertisements and contacts of 26+ thousand advertisers are available for users;
  • very flexible and functional search filter;
  • advertising accounts from 20+ countries are available.

In a subscription for $1499, the user gets an “assistant” who personally monitors the niche leader and highlights his results. This information will be helpful if you need to partner with the best.

Among the shortcomings is a somewhat complicated system for issuing results. And a high maximum price relative to other services.

The cost is from $97 to $1499 per month.


Today it is difficult to imagine the full-fledged work of an affiliate marketer without spy services. After all, the more routine processes are automated, the more efficiently the specialist performs essential tasks.

To choose the most suitable spy tool for your company, just read the review, and compare the pros and cons. As a bonus, three additional tips will help you make the right choice and save money when buying:

  • it is worth choosing a service not only by the number of ads but by the speed of updating the databases – this is the only way to keep up with the target audience and make more sales;
  • it is better to start with services that offer free accounts or trial access;
  • after choosing a tool, you should look at its detailed review on the Internet. Often, you can find discount promotional codes from partners and save 10-90% when buying access.

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