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Nowadays, the Internet provides a huge number of opportunities for earning money and one of the main tools is traffic arbitrage. If you want to constantly be in the top, then you need to follow the latest trends and know where to get adult traffic. In this article, we will analyze the main points for successful traffic arbitrage for adult games, introduce you to adult affiliate programs and adult gaming offers.

What are games for adults (adult gaming offers)

Adult games are a growing type of interactive media products aimed at adults. Today, such games offer a variety of content that can satisfy almost any taste. The high demand for adult gaming offers makes this niche especially promising for arbitrageurs.

Who promotes such games (adult affiliate program and adult affiliate program)

The main participants in the promotion of games for adults are adult affiliate programs. They provide arbitrageurs with a lot of adult offers and the opportunity to earn money by attracting targeted traffic to them.

In order to work successfully in this niche, you need to correctly select traffic sources and skillfully use various technical tools, such as cloakers for arbitration.

Now that we have covered the basic terms and who is involved in the distribution of adult offers, let’s move on to tips for successful adult traffic arbitrage.

Tips for affiliates

When working with adult traffic arbitrage, it is important to consider several factors:

  1. Define your target audience and geography, as this will greatly help you find the most suitable adult gaming offers and adult gaming affiliates.
  2. Study the regulatory environment of the countries you want to target your adult traffic work.
  3. Find reliable adult affiliate programs that will provide you with relevant offers and assistance in arbitration.
  4. Choose adequate sources of adult traffic (this can be display advertising, direct referral, SEO and other methods).
  5. Analyze the results of your actions and correct in case of a low result.

By following these tips, you will be able to effectively identify the strengths and weaknesses of your work with adult gaming offers and make the most of the opportunities provided by the adult traffic niche.

Benefits of the Adult Games niche for an affiliate marketer

The niche of adult gaming offers is attractive to arbitrageurs due to a number of advantages, which we will discuss below:

  • High demand and user interest: Adult games are gaining popularity, and the ever-increasing demand for them can provide a stable income for an affiliate.
  • Variety of offers: Adult gaming contains a wide range of games, bets and offers, which allows arbitrageurs to have the opportunity to choose and diversify.
  • Great Affiliate Rewards: Compared to other niches, adult gaming offers much higher and more attractive rates for arbitrageurs, thus increasing the level of earning potential.
  • Continuous development and updating of games: The adult gaming market continues to develop and innovate to meet the tastes and interests of users, while maintaining a high demand for adult games.
  • Broad geography and availability: Adult gaming offers are available to users around the world, which gives affiliates the ability to target different geographic regions and work with different markets.

Features of adult gaming offers

Adult gaming offers have their own characteristics, which it is important for affiliates to understand for successful interaction:

  1. Promotion restrictions: Games for adults have certain restrictions when promoting in some advertising networks and platforms, so the affiliate must familiarize himself with the rules of the advertising platform before starting to work with the offer.
  2. Target Audience: Make sure you define your target audience correctly, as this affects the conversion and effectiveness of your advertising campaign. Usually, adult gaming offers a target audiences are adult men and women of certain age categories and interests.
  3. Technical tools: In order to successfully promote adult gaming offers, an affiliate must use technologies such as an adult traffic cesspool to bypass advertising platform restrictions and achieve a high conversion rate.
  4. Legal Compliance: It is important to understand the legal restrictions in the different countries where you intend to attract adult traffic in order to avoid possible fines and problems with law enforcement.
  5. Campaign optimization: Work on continuous analysis and optimization of your advertising campaigns to increase the effectiveness of your traffic and constantly improve your strategy.

Given these features of adult gaming offers and the advantages of a niche for arbitrageurs, you will be able to successfully work in this market and receive a stable and high income.

Where to begin? Step-by-step plan for working with adult gaming offers

Stage 1 – understand the product and audience

  • Research the adult gaming market: Do your research on the various adult gaming offers on the market. Try to identify those products that are most popular and attractive to users.
  • Define your target audience: Determine the main characteristics and interests of your target audience, such as age, gender, geographic location, gaming preferences, and adult content interests. This will help you better understand their needs and expectations for the product.
  • Research competitors: Analyze the work of successful affiliates and competitors to learn about the most effective marketing strategies and traffic channels they use when working with adult gaming offers.

Stage 2 – testing offers

  1. Choose suitable adult affiliate programs: Submit registration requests to different adult affiliate programs and explore their offers. Choose the affiliate program that offers the most attractive conditions for work: high-quality offers, high rates, technical support and assistance in arbitration.
  2. Selecting and Testing Offers: Select a few adult gaming offers that match your target audience and interests. Run test advertising campaigns on a small sample of the target audience to evaluate their attractiveness and conversion.
  3. Analysis of results and determination of the most effective offers: Analyze the results of test campaigns of offers, and compare their conversions and profitability. Determine the most promising offers for further work and scaling your traffic.
  4. Optimizing Marketing Campaigns: After identifying the most effective offers, focus on optimizing your advertising strategy. This includes creating engaging and effective promotional materials, targeting the right audience segments, and tracking and analyzing the results of marketing campaigns for continuous improvement.
  5. Activity Scaling: After optimizing and analyzing the results, you should be ready to scale your work with the best adult gaming offers. Grow your traffic volume and continue to monitor and improve your advertising strategy as your business grows.

By following these steps and carefully studying the market, the audience and the product itself, you will be able to successfully work with adult gaming offers and receive a stable and high income from traffic arbitrage. Don’t forget to use technology tools like adult traffic cloakers to boost conversions and bypass advertising platform restrictions.

Where to get traffic for loading on adult games

You have to choose a variety of traffic sources for loading on the adult game. However, keep in mind that the effectiveness of each source can vary greatly depending on your target audience and advertising strategy. Here is a list of popular traffic sources available for adult traffic arbitrage:

  1. Display Advertising: Advertising on specialized platforms such as TrafficJunky, ExoClick and Ero-Advertising that allow adult content and allow banners or native ads to be placed on adult sites.
  2. Social Networks: Be careful when using social networks for adult traffic, as the most popular platforms have strict restrictions. You should consider alternative platforms and communities that allow adult content such as Twitter, Reddit, or specialized adult forums.
  3. Push notifications: Push notifications allow you to instantly deliver messages with your offer directly to the devices of your target audience. Many ad networks like PropellerAds or RichPush offer push notifications for adult traffic.
  4. Email marketing: If you have a specific subscription base of customers interested in adult content, email marketing can be a good way to get adult gaming offers to them. Send personalized offers and take into account the interests of the audience.
  5. Teaser Ads: Teaser networks such as MGID or AdNow allow you to post teasers, small images with a caption that appear on various sites. Some teaser networks allow adult content and can be effective in driving traffic to adult games.

What traffic sources to choose

In order to effectively arbitrate traffic to adult games, it is important to choose traffic sources that are most suitable for your target audience and strategy:

  1. Decide on the target audience and their interests to select the appropriate traffic sources.
  2. Use different traffic sources to determine the most effective channels for your offer.
  3. Analyze the results from each traffic source and determine which channels you want to continue with.
  4. Implement technical tools to improve the effectiveness of your advertising strategy and bypass advertising space limitations.

Thus, with the right approach to choosing traffic sources and their constant analysis and optimization, you will be able to submit adult traffic to adult games and maximize your earnings.

Top Traffic Sources for Growing Adult Games

Here is a list of the top traffic sources you can use to drive money for adult games. They include both affiliate networks and advertising platforms that offer specialized services and tools for working with adult traffic.

  1. is a CPA affiliate network that offers exclusive adult gaming offers and a wide range of advertising formats to drive traffic. offers favorable conditions for affiliates and professional support.
  2. PropellerAds is one of the largest ad networks that offers custom solutions for adult traffic such as push notifications, on clicks, interstitials and banners. Navigating the PropellerAds platform is easy and they offer a detailed traffic statistics report.
  3. ExoClick is a popular ad network that specializes in adult traffic. ExoClick offers a variety of advertising formats such as banners, native ads, videos, pop-ups, and more. They also have a large number of adult partner sites for advertising content.
  4. AdXXX is an adult advertising network with a wide geography and many advertising formats such as banners, pop-ups, video ads and more. AdXXX provides high bids and flexible targeting options.
  5. TrafficHunt is an ad network that specializes in monetizing adult traffic. TrafficHunt offers a variety of ad formats including banners, pop-ups, direct links, and more. They also provide an intelligent targeting system for maximum conversions.
  6. PlugRush is a global advertising network with a wide range of advertising formats such as banners, push notifications, native ads and videos. PlugRush specializes in adult traffic, and has an extensive partner base to attract a large amount of adult traffic.

These advertising platforms and affiliate networks offer effective tools and solutions for arbitrating adult traffic to adult games. To succeed in this niche, define your target audience, develop an attractive advertising strategy and test different traffic sources, taking into account the specifics of the adult gaming offers you have chosen.

Using the cloaca for adult gaming

Cloaking is a method used by affiliate marketers to hide their real promotional materials or offers from search engines, ad network moderators and competitors. It allows you to show alternative, “white” content instead of adult gaming offers to moderators and verification systems, thus bypassing their restrictions and blocking. In the case of adult gaming, cloaking can be especially useful for successfully attracting traffic without violating the rules of ad networks.

Top popular cloaks

There are many cloaks on the market, but below are some of the most popular and commonly used adult gaming offers:

  1. Adspert Cloaker: Adspert Cloaker is one of the most famous and trusted cloakers. It has a wide range of functionality and allows you to customize cloaking according to various criteria, such as geolocation, device type, and operating system.
  2. JustCloakIt: This Cloaker offers an extensive set of customization options and supports most platforms including Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more. JustCloakIt helps you bypass moderation and protect your campaigns from competitive controls.
  3. FraudFilter: FraudFilter focuses on protecting advertising campaigns from fraud and offers. This cloaker provides an intuitive interface and many settings for maximum flexibility in bypassing moderation and verification systems.
  4. Cloakerly: Cloakerly is another popular cloaker that is suitable for working with adult gaming offers. It provides the ability to customize campaigns by a variety of parameters, including targeting by IP addresses, userAgent, and others.

Choose a cloaker that best meets your requirements, has convenient functionality and supports the advertising networks and platforms you need. Successful use of a cloaca can significantly increase your conversion rate and protect your advertising campaign from unwanted attention from moderators and competitors.

In order to understand that the selected 18+ game will “go in” and be popular among the audience, it is recommended to go through several steps:

  • Market research: Analyze the current situation in the adult gaming market. Study the popularity and success of competing games, as well as user reviews of them. Identify the most in-demand genres and types of content among your target audience.
  • Target audience analysis: Assess how the selected game matches the interests, preferences and expectations of your target audience. Consider age, gender, location, and other demographic factors, as well as constantly analyze the behavior and feedback of the audience on the selected game.
  • Testing: Run test advertising campaigns aimed at attracting traffic to the selected offer. Monitor and analyze the results, and look for hints on how the offer is in demand at the moment. Evaluate how successful the conversion and user engagement are.
  • Compare results with peers: Compare your test results with similar 18+ games on the market. This will help you understand how successful your offer will be in comparison with competitors.
  • Constant optimization: If your test run showed that the game is in demand and interesting to the audience, continue to optimize and improve your promotion strategy. This includes creating quality promotional materials, identifying the most effective traffic sources, and targeting the right audience segments.

Considering all of the above factors, you will be able to understand how successful the 18+ game you have chosen will be and will be able to interact with your potential customers effectively.

Tips for driving traffic to adult games

  • Understand Your Target Audience: To effectively drive traffic to adult games, it is important to know who your target audience will be and understand their interests and needs.
  • Choosing the Right Traffic Sources: Choose the right traffic sources from the “Top Traffic Sources to Drive Adult Games” based on your audience and budget.
  • Testing offers: Test different games for adults to determine which one will hit your target audience. This will help increase conversions and earnings.
  • Analysis and optimization: Constantly analyze the results of your advertising campaigns and optimize traffic to get the highest possible conversion and profit.
  • Use of technical tools: Implementing tools like adult gaming cloaks and popular cloakers can help increase conversions and avoid advertising restrictions.


Traffic arbitrage for adult games can be a profitable business if you approach this process competently and systematically. Define your target audience, test offers, optimize advertising campaigns and use technical tools such as adult traffic cloacas and arbitrage cloakers. This will allow you to successfully drive traffic to adult games and receive a stable and high income from your work.

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