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In the modern world, where digitalization is becoming an integral part of everyday life, virtual payment cards are coming to the fore as a convenient tool for managing finances. This is especially true in the world of online advertising, where fast payments, flexibility and reliability play a key role.

TikTok, with its rapid growth in popularity, was no exception. In no time, the platform has become a place where millions of users search for new trends every day, and brands and marketers are actively engaged in attracting audiences. But to successfully affiliate marketing on TikTok, you need to have the right tools in your arsenal.

Payment card requirements for TikTok: What do you need to know?

The TikTok payment system has its own characteristics. It requires a certain level of security, speed and reliability from cards used for advertising expenses. This is quite understandable: given the huge flow of transactions that pass through the platform every day, such requirements are a guarantee of protection for both users and the service operators themselves.

The first thing to consider is 3D Secure support. This technology allows you to further protect the card from unwanted transactions by requiring payment confirmation, for example, via SMS. Additionally, TikTok prefers cards that support international payments. This allows for global coverage of advertising campaigns.

Tips for choosing a service for creating payment cards for affiliate marketing on Tik Tok

Choosing the right service to create a payment card can be a decisive step in your advertising campaign. Based on feedback from arbitrators and personal experience, it is worth considering the following points:

  • Geographical affiliation. Some cards, especially those issued by foreign banks, may be preferable for affiliate marketing on TikTok. This is due to various factors, ranging from fees to the degree of trust the platform has in certain financial institutions.
  • Fast and easy replenishment. The speed and flexibility of card replenishment can be a decisive factor, especially during periods of peak advertising campaign activity.
  • Commissions and terms of service. Low commissions and transparent terms of service will allow you to maximize your advertising investments and avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Service reputation. Reputation plays a huge role in the world of financial services. Choose time-tested platforms that have good reviews and provide quality service.
  • Availability of additional functions. Some services offer additional tools, such as spending analytics or automated transaction notifications.

The right virtual card creation service is your key to an effective and safe advertising campaign on TikTok.

Top 9 services for creating payment cards for Tik Tok

Review of popular payment systems and electronic wallets for creating payment cards for TikTok


FuncWallet is a convenient electronic wallet for storing, exchanging and transferring crypto and fiat currencies, as well as creating virtual cards to pay for advertising on platforms such as TikTok.


  • Mass payments and payouts
  • Exchange crypto and fiat currencies
  • Favorable and affordable rates
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Pros:
  • Many currencies available
  • Ease of use
  • Planned launch of mobile applications
  • Favorable rates


  • Not detected


AnyBill specializes in issuing virtual cards to pay for advertising on TikTok, Facebook and Google.


  • 3 bins (Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay)
  • Free issue, maintenance and closure of cards
  • Single balance


  • High level of card trust
  • No hidden fees
  • Cards link well to advertising platforms


  • New bins are rarely released


Description: PSTNET is a modern payment solution for advertisers, providing special cards for payment on various advertising platforms.


  • Variety of cards and BINs
  • Many deposit methods, including cryptocurrencies
  • 3D-Secure for extra protection
  • PST Private service for users with large volumes of transactions


  • Low commissions
  • Flexible functionality
  • Affordable and safe replenishment methods
  • 3D-Secure for extra protection

Cons: Not found


YeezyPay offers virtual cards in collaboration with well-known payment systems such as VISA, Master Card and Mir. This partnership ensures that the map is widely accepted at the global level.


  • Free issue of the first card for new users.
  • Possibility of issuing an unlimited number of cards per user.
  • No fees for transfers between YeezyPay accounts.
  • Fund your account through a variety of methods, including cryptocurrencies.

Replenishment fee: 5% of the payment amount.

Minimum deposit: $500.

Manual transaction processing for enhanced security.

The YeezyPay system focuses on providing convenience, security and efficiency to its users.


Spendge is a service for receiving and managing virtual cards that provides users with unique unlimited spending options. This means that with Spendge cards there are no limits on how much you can spend.


  • A simple process of creating a card through your personal account.
  • Unlimited spread for free spending.
  • Ensuring the security and anonymity of payments.
  • Issue of a card costs 5 EUR.
  • Monthly card maintenance for 5 EUR.
  • Transaction fee: 2.5% of the payment amount.
  • Different deposit methods with different commissions.

Spendge is an excellent choice for users who are looking for flexibility in managing their funds and value transparency and security in their transactions.


Capitalist is a universal financial service that provides the ability to issue and manage virtual cards.


  • Support for residents of any country.
  • The main currency of the card is euro.
  • Possibility to make payments anywhere in the world.
  • Quick issue and reissue of the card for 3.5 euros.
  • Up to 5 cards per person.
  • Monthly payment for using the card is 3 euros.
  • Multi-stage transaction protection.
  • The ability to make bulk payments and receive transfers from legal entities from different jurisdictions.
  • Top up your balance without commission via bank transfer.
  • No personal identification required.

Capitalist is suitable for both businesses and individuals, providing a flexible and secure environment for conducting financial transactions.


YeezyPay is a modern virtual card service that works with global payment systems.


  • Support for payment systems VISA, Master Card, and Mir.
  • Free issue of the first card. Reissue for $5.
  • Unlimited number of cards per person.
  • No commission for transfers between accounts.
  • The replenishment fee is 5%.
  • The minimum deposit amount is $500.
  • Possibility of replenishing your account using various methods, including cryptocurrencies.
  • Manual operation for safety.

YeezyPay cards are widely used for a variety of financial transactions, including payments to partners, transfers to betting companies, payments to suppliers and many others.


Brocard is a modern payment system, that opened in 2020, offering its customers instant issuance of virtual cards without any verification. The service guarantees complete anonymity without requiring personal identification, which makes it convenient for those who value their privacy.

Main advantages:

  • Quick card issue without checks.
  • Complete anonymity.
  • Maximum management flexibility: the ability to suspend or renew the card, change the owner and set limits.
  • Optimized for teamwork: You can distribute roles and budgets among team members.
  • High level of security thanks to two-factor authentication.


  • Withdrawals may take up to 14 days.
  • The cost of the card after 50 free ones is $2.

How to apply for a virtual Brocard card:

  • Go to the official website.
  • Click “Registration”.
  • Fill out the registration form.
  • Wait for the confirmation and gain access to your personal account.


4×4 is an innovative payment system that provides virtual cards for various needs. The service offers convenient card management, teamwork and integration with popular advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Main advantages:

  • Free virtual card testing.
  • Convenient mobile card management.
  • Low card issue cost of $2.
  • Support for replenishing your account through various payment systems.
  • Teamwork with the ability to distribute roles and connect subaccounts.


  • Commission 7.5% of card expenses.
  • Automatic blocking of the card if there is no activity for a month.

How to apply for a 4×4 virtual card:

  • Go to the official website of the service.
  • Click “Register” and fill out the registration form.
  • Select a suitable virtual card in your personal account and submit an application to receive it.
  • After reviewing the application, the manager will contact you to confirm the card issuance.

Protecting virtual cards and successfully interacting with TikTok

Virtual payment cards have become an integral part of the modern world. But with their proliferation, the number of security risks also increases. It is important not only to know how to use this tool, but also how to protect it from threats. Additionally, if your job involves affiliate marketing and advertising on TikTok, you’ve probably encountered a number of challenges. Let’s figure out how to minimize risks.

Payment card protection: How to avoid blocking on TikTok

Understanding TikTok’s Policies

First of all, you should remember that TikTok has its own security and control system. Payments may be blocked due to suspicious activity or violations of the terms of use. Read and understand TikTok’s payment policies to understand what actions may raise suspicion.

Stable payments

Constantly changing payment cards or making large payments in a short period of time, you may arouse suspicion from the system. If you have a stable list of cards, use them consistently and don’t make sudden jumps in payment amounts.

Two-factor authentication

As mentioned earlier, systems like Brocard offer two-factor authentication. This is an additional layer of protection that will help prevent unauthorized access to your funds.

TikTok account verification

Check your TikTok account regularly for unusual activity. If you notice anything strange, please contact support immediately.

FAQ about affiliate marketing cards on TikTok

Where to make a free card for affiliate marketing on TikTok?

If you are looking for free options, you should pay attention to services that provide the opportunity to issue your first cards without additional payments, such as FuncWallet. This is a great option to get started with the TikTok platform.

Which cards are best to use for TikTok?

The specific card you choose depends on your individual needs and budget. It is important to consider fees, functionality offered, and additional services. FuncWallet could be a great choice.

What affiliate marketing cards on TikTok can be issued virtually?

In modern conditions, most services provide the ability to virtually issue cards. Funcwallet allows customers to apply for virtual cards through its official website. The application process is quite simple and requires a minimum of effort: just register on the site, fill out the necessary information and follow the instructions to receive the card.


The virtual card market is constantly evolving, and new products are emerging to meet the needs of affiliates. Be careful when choosing a card, consider your needs and the specifics of working with TikTok. Remember that the right card can be your key to successful and safe work in the world of affiliate marketing. We hope that this article will help you make the right choice!

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