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With the rapid development of mobile technologies and the general availability of the Internet on mobile devices, in 2023 mobile traffic has become one of the key assets in the world of online business.

Mobile traffic arbitrage is a strategy that allows marketers and entrepreneurs to make a profit by effectively buying and selling mobile Internet traffic.

The term “traffic arbitrage” means the purchase of mobile traffic at a low price and its subsequent monetization through advertising, sale of goods, services, etc. The main idea is to buy mobile traffic with the aim of further selling it at a higher cost. This process requires in-depth market analysis, search for effective sales channels and constant optimization to achieve profit.

Advantages of mobile traffic arbitrage:

  • Potentially high profits. If configured correctly, mobile traffic for arbitrage can generate significant profits, especially when successful campaigns are scaled
  • Flexibility and scalability. Mobile traffic arbitrage gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to control their own investments and scale their business in accordance with the results.
  • Market research. The practice of traffic arbitrage helps marketers gain a deep understanding of the market and consumer preferences, which can be useful for other aspects of the business.
  • Skill development. Traffic arbitrage requires analytical and marketing skills, so practicing it contributes to the development of professional competencies.
  • Global access. Since mobile traffic is available all over the world, this makes it possible to work with audiences from any country and region.

This article will take a closer look at mobile app traffic sources, mobile traffic arbitrage strategies, success factors, and key points to consider to successfully engage in this activity.

Criteria for selecting advertising networks for mobile traffic arbitrage

A competent choice of advertising networks is of paramount importance in the issue of arbitrage of mobile traffic, and involves taking into account the following factors of paramount importance:

Traffic relevance:

  • The target audience. You need to make sure that the advertising network provides access to the target audience relevant to the products or services you offer.
  • Geographical relevance. If your company is focused on specific regions, it is worth making sure that the network provides traffic from the regions of interest.

Traffic quality:

  • Quality control. Find out about the advertising network’s policies regarding traffic quality control and filtering of unwanted sources.
  • Fraud filtering. Review the network’s efforts to detect and prevent traffic fraud.

Price policy:

  • Traffic cost. Assess the cost of traffic in the advertising network you are interested in and compare it with your budgetary capabilities.
  • Forms of payment. Make sure the network offers convenient forms of payment that suit your preferences.

Availability of tools and analytics:

  • Management tools. Check the availability of tools to monitor and manage your campaigns, and make sure they are easy to use.
  • Analytics. Find out what analytics tools are provided to measure the performance of your campaigns.

Support and assistance:

  • Technical support. Be sure to evaluate the level of technical support provided by the ad network and its response to the request you submit.
  • Education. Research online training resources and activities to improve your competency.

Selecting the right ad networks for mobile traffic arbitrage is a factor that can determine the success of your strategy. Careful research and detailed analysis of networks will enable you to find the most suitable partners and maximize the profits received from your activities in this area.

Recommendations for choosing advertising networks and optimizing campaigns

Comparative analysis of advertising networks:

  • Market research. Conduct research to identify the ad networks that provide the most relevant traffic to your audience and goals.
  • Price comparison. Compare the cost of traffic and proposed payment terms in different networks to choose the most profitable options.
  • Quality control. Find out what quality control measures ad networks have in place and how they combat fraud.

Analysis of results and optimization:

  • Campaign monitoring. Regularly track the performance of your campaigns by analyzing key metrics such as ROI, conversions and CTR.
  • A/B testing. Such testing helps optimize advertising campaigns, improve their effectiveness and increase the profitability of mobile traffic arbitrage, based on the data and preferences of your target audience.
  • Budget optimization. Analyze your budget allocation across different campaigns and channels to maximize your profit margins.

Testing and scaling:

  • Testing new traffic sources. Regularly test new sources of mobile traffic, this will help expand your audience.
  • Scaling successful campaigns. Once successful campaigns are identified, the budget should be increased and scaled to generate greater profits.

Support and training:

  • Training and consultations. Take advantage of the training resources and advice provided by ad networks to improve your own knowledge and skills.
  • Technical support. Qualified and promptly provided network support can be vital in solving technical problems that arise.

Regular strategy updates:

  • Follow the trends. Always staying up to date with current trends and changes in mobile advertising is a prerequisite for effectively adapting your strategy.
  • Experiments. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies and approaches to discover the best practices for your business.
  • How successful mobile traffic arbitrage will be depends directly on choosing the right ad networks and continuously optimizing your campaigns. Constantly updating and adapting your strategy will help you achieve high efficiency and maximum profits.

Mobile traffic sources

You can generate traffic using:

  • banners adapted for mobile devices on the website;
  • contextual advertising ads;
  • advertising on social networks;
  • advertising launched while working with the application (it is often called mobile traffic arbitrage).

According to RichAds statistics, push notifications are triggered on mobile devices, which means they relate to mobile traffic arbitrage.

TOP verticals for mobile traffic arbitrage

The list of the best verticals includes the following niches:

1. mVAS offers

Of all the vertical options, mobile content apps are the most interesting. mVAS offers in affiliate marketing include all offers with mobile content that work on a subscription basis or one-time payments.

Direct offers, SMS billing and WAP clicks are also mVAS offers

2. Installations or installation of applications

A fairly promising area in the field of mobile offers are installers of various applications. These include entertaining games for mobile phones, antiviruses, VPNs, exercise tracking or healthy habits.

3. Dating or dating through apps

Online dating programs are one of the most popular entertainment programs. Together with push notifications, dating brings good results. The campaign can pay off even with small budgets.


All major retailers have online stores or apps adapted for mobile phones. The mobile commerce industry is one of the most developing, so affiliate traders can earn enough money by encouraging potential clients to register in an eCommerce app or by redirecting them to websites.

5. Sweepstakes/Draws

Mobile traffic arbitrage with offers for giveaways and sweepstakes is a great option to start with, as it allows you to set up funnels with one click or using Pin Submit.

6. Content 18+

Mobile content offers for adults include various entertainment opportunities that include not only porn, but also the opportunity to organize a one-time meeting, start an affair, create videos and much more.

Types of mobile offers

There are 6 types of mobile offers available in affiliate marketing:

1. CPL (Cost per Lead) or payment per lead

Cost-per-action (CPL) offers are generally suitable not only for computers, but also for mobile devices. Users convert when they visit a landing page. Offer owners usually collect simple data about the user (for example, email or phone numbers).

2. Installations or application installations

A conversion is counted if the user downloads the application, and additional conditions are also possible, such as launching it or registering for it by creating an account.

3. Direct billing

This type of offer is for mobile phones only. The user must subscribe to regularly receive various content (desktop updates, weather forecasts, etc.) or obtain access to a specific service, for example, dating, VPN, some registries, etc.

Direct billing can be done using 1-click or 2-click conversion. In the first option, it is enough to confirm your subscription with one click of a button. In the second, the user must click another button to agree to a subscription, which appears on a new page after clicking the first one.

Direct billing offers only work if the user is using a 3G, 4G or 5G connection.

4. SMS billing, WAP click or Click2SMS

SMS billing also requires the user to subscribe to content, and there are no strict requirements for using an Internet connection – it can be 3G, 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi.

To confirm the conversion, the user must enter his phone number on the site and confirm his subscription by replying to the message received to the number, or receive a PIN code via SMS and enter it on the landing page.

5. Click2Call/IVR

Offers of this type are to convince the user to call a specific phone number. The payment may depend not only on whether the call took place, but also how long it lasted.

6. Subscribe to push notifications

This is one of the simplest mobile offers that help you make money on mobile traffic. A conversion is counted if users on the site subscribe to push messages.

The best affiliate programs for mobile arbitrage

Many affiliate programs offer good offers for mobile traffic.

The following are the best CPA networks with offers:

  • Lemonads,
  • Clickdealer
  • Mobidea,
  • Mobipium,
  • golden goose,
  • MyLead,
  • ProfitPixels
  • and Traffic Company.

Top 5 advertising networks for buying mobile traffic

Mobile app advertising networks provide many opportunities to successfully promote your online business and reach your target audience. The choice of a suitable advertising network depends on your goals, characteristics of the target audience and the allocated budget.

Each of the networks, which will be discussed below, has unique features for mobile traffic arbitration.

1. Google Ads

Google Ads has many tools for targeting and analyzing mobile traffic. You can use a variety of ad formats, including search ads, banners, videos, and more.

Google Ads is suitable for a wide variety of advertising types, including mobile app promotion, mobile search, YouTube and mobile app advertising.

Google Ads provides the ability to precisely target mobile devices and operating systems. You can optimize campaigns for mobile traffic, taking into account devices, networks and user locations.

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads provides the ability to create advertising campaigns with precise targeting based on user interests, demographics, and behavior. You can also use Instagram as part of the platform.

The advantages of advertising on Facebook include: an extremely large audience, a variety of formats (images, videos, carousels) and the ability to advertise mobile applications.

Using mobile optimization, developing mobile-friendly ads, and testing different creative elements will help you achieve the best results on mobile devices.

3. TikTok Ads

Today, TikTok is an extremely popular platform with a huge audience, especially among teenagers and young adults. It can be used extremely effectively to create creative and eye-catching advertisements, including banners and short videos. TikTok provides the ability to precisely target by interests and demographics.

To get the most out of mobile traffic on TikTok, you should use creative and entertaining videos that are optimized for mobile viewing. An effective solution is to test different targeting approaches to achieve the best results.

4. Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is an advertising platform that is extremely popular with a young and active audience that frequently uses mobile devices. The presence of functions such as filters and stories allows you to create interactive advertising.

The advantages of advertising on Snapchat include unique opportunities to interact with your target audience and various forms of advertising.

Experimenting with creative elements based on audience characteristics and mobile device usage will help you achieve great results.

5. AdMob

AdMob is Google’s mobile app advertising platform that provides powerful tools for monetizing mobile apps through advertising. Using it, you can display ads in applications on Android and iOS.

AdMob allows you to monetize your apps with ads, including banners, interstitials, and videos.

Analyze the characteristics of your app’s users to choose the most appropriate format to optimize monetization.


In 2023, mobile traffic arbitrage continues to be an important and profitable online marketing strategy. This dynamic segment of advertising is constantly evolving and changing, providing unique opportunities for entrepreneurs and marketers. For those who are willing to continually change, learn, and optimize, mobile traffic arbitrage can be a powerful tool for achieving your online marketing goals and successfully growing and developing your business.

If you are looking for ways to increase mobile traffic for your website, then the question is “mobile traffic, where to buy?” may be one of the first ones you need to consider.


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