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In today’s world of Facebook Ads affiliate marketing, cloaking is becoming one of the key tools to bypass the limitations of the advertising platform and reach your target audience. New and improved cloaking techniques are changing the game, making the process less costly and more efficient. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of cloaking services for affiliate marketing under Facebook ADS and explore their benefits.

Benefits of cloud cloaca

Easy to configure and use

In the past, creating a cloak required in-depth knowledge of programming languages, renting a server, and setting up complex tools. Today, however, cloud-based cloaking services offer intuitive interfaces so that even novices can set up and manage a cloak in a few clicks.

Automated analysis of traffic

Современные алгоритмы клоаки анализируют трафик в режиме реального времени, обеспечивая максимальную эффективность показов и учитывая постоянно меняющиеся параметры.

Обновляемые базы IP-адресов

Updated IP databases of bots and moderators are a key element of a quality cloaca. They allow affiliate marketers to stay ahead of ad networks and ensure stable performance of campaigns.

Detailed statistics

With modern cloaking services, users can get detailed traffic statistics, allowing them to optimize their campaigns based on accurate data.

Resource conservation

Cloud services eliminate the need to rent additional servers and hosting, providing fast and convenient access to cloaking.

Technical support

Most modern services offer technical support to help solve any problems or questions users may have.

Гибкая модель ценообразования

Many services work on a monthly subscription model or offer packages with lifetime support, which allows affiliate marketers to choose the most suitable option for them.

The market of cloaking services is constantly evolving and adapting to new conditions and requirements of advertising networks. Therefore, it is important to regularly test different services to always be one step ahead and maximize the use of cloaking opportunities.

20 best cloaking services for affiliate marketing under Facebook Ads

1. Cloaking.House

Description: A cloud-based service that offers solutions for fast and efficient traffic filtering. Its ease of customization makes it an ideal choice even for beginners.


  • Machine Learning technology for traffic filtering.
  • Compatible with various traffic sources including Facebook, Yandex, MT and TikTok.
  • Flexible filtering customization: countries, devices, OS, browsers, etc.
  • Ability to work with your own sites without the need for deep technical knowledge.
  • Detailed statistics on various parameters.
  • 7-day trial after registration.


  • From $30/month.
  • $20/month with annual payment.
  • 15% discount with promo code AFFTIMES15.


Description: Service specializing in Facebook, with the option of server or hosted installation.

  • Open source.
  • Up-to-date database of bots for different geographical regions.
  • Traffic filtering taking into account a variety of parameters.
  • Many ways to connect.
  • Work via API.
  • High-quality technical support.


  • $330 for a lifetime license, including free installation.

3. FairLab

Description: Premium service for filtering large amounts of traffic using neural networks.


  • Continuous development of the platform.
  • Compatibility mainly with Facebook and Google Ads.
  • Possibility to work via API.


  • Prices range from €499 to €1199.
  • There is a daily subscription option.

4. Cloak it

Description: A cloud-based cloaking solution, great for beginners due to its simplicity.


  • Flexible traffic filtering (by useragents, GEO, etc.).
  • A variety of integrations, including WordPress, iOS and Android.
  • Detailed statistics and the ability to create your own Black List.
  • Database of 800,000 IP addresses with daily updates.
  • Support for all advertising platforms.

Cost: $100 to $400 per month, depending on the number of campaigns and level of support.

5. Bhole.Space

Description: An easy to use cloud-based solution specializing in Facebook.


  • Despite focusing on Facebook, supports other traffic sources as well.
  • Attractive pricing.

Cost: Only $25 per month.

6. Hide.Click

Description: A cloaca designed specifically to work with Facebook and Google, with various integrations.


  • Does not limit the number of domains, clicks and campaigns.
  • Instant updates of bots and suspicious IPs.
  • A/B testing capability.
  • “PRO” subscription provides advanced features.

Cost: “Standard” – $145, “PRO” – $1495. Trial period is offered.


Description: A service originally designed for cloaking Google Ads, but also effective for Facebook.


  • The leading solution for Google Ads cloaking.
  • Intuitive customization.
  • Machine learning for bot detection.
  • Multiple filters to filter traffic.

Cost: $170/month unlimited. Trial version for 7 days.

8. NoIpFraud

Description: A service for detecting ford traffic that can also be used as a cloaca.


  • Flexible traffic filtering.
  • Suitable for all traffic sources.
  • Individual approach to pricing.

Cost: Need to check with technical support, which is very responsive.

9. Traffic Armor

  • This is: A flexible platform for traffic filtering.
  • Features: Support for all advertising networks including Facebook, unified blacklists, blocking search bots.
  • Price: From $129 per month, depending on the number of clicks.


  • This is: A tool for detecting freeloading traffic.
  • Features: Huge database, accurate user recognition, compatible with various CMS.
  • Price: $199 per month.

11. BinomoCloaker

  • This is: A free service for cloaking.
  • Features: Free, 7 parameter filtering, Facebook pixel support.
  • Price: Free.

12. DzhaClo

  • This is: A cloaking solution for Facebook.
  • Features: Unlimited clicks, detailed statistics.
  • Price: 1499 rubles for the test version and 2999 rubles for unlimited.

13. Just Cloak It

  • This is:  A platform for traffic filtering.
  • Features: Support for different trackers, daily database updates, fast IP blocking, A/B-testing.
  • Price: From €399 to €1999 for different number of campaigns or €219 to €1099 for a certain number of clicks.

14. Leadcloak

  • This is: A well-known service that attracted the attention of Facebook.
  • Features: Excellent filtering, cloud-based solution, A/B testing capability.
  • Price: From $99 for 24,500 clicks to $1299 for 1.25 million clicks.

15. Binom

  • This is: Tracker with cloaking features.
  • Features: ISP provider databases, support for various VPS, customizable user rights.
  • Price: From $69 to $199 depending on placement, 30 days to try.

16. Keitaro

  • This is: A well-known tracker with cloaking capability.
  • Features: Built-in bot database, creation of traffic distribution rules, API access.
  • Price: Three tariffs from $25 to $70 per month.

17. AdsBridge

  • This is: A lead tracker suitable for cloaking.
  • Features: Traffic filtering by 20+ parameters, bot-filter function.
  • Price: From $29 to $799, 14 days to try.

18. PeerClick

  • This is: Cloud tracker.
  • Features: Protection from SPY services and bots, functional extensions depending on the tariff.
  • Price: From $0 (for 100 thousand clicks) to $455 (for 30 million clicks).

19. CPA Tracker

  • This is: An old and well-known tracker in the CIS.
  • Features: Simple setup, used for teaser networks.
  • Price: 2500 rubles per month, the first 3 days are free.

20. Zeustrack

  • This is: Hybrid tracker with the possibility of non-redirect cloaking, great for Google and Facebook.
  • Features: Extensive lists of blocked IP addresses, customizable filter lists and templates.
  • Price: Varies from €499 to €899, with a free version option.

Tips for affiliate marketers to successfully cloaking Facebook Ads

Cloaking is a complex and demanding task, especially when it comes to a big platform like Facebook. In order to successfully cloaking Facebook Ads and minimize the risk of getting blocked, it is recommended to follow certain tips.

1. Constantly update IP and User Agents blacklists

Why it’s necessary: Facebook continuously updates its bots and moderators. Using outdated IP lists can lead to your ads being exposed.

How to do it: Follow the updates of well-known cloaking services, subscribe to specialized forums and communities where affiliate marketers share the latest data.

2. Testing before launching a campaign

Why: Even if you are confident in your cloaking setup, there is always a risk of making a mistake.

How to do it: Before you launch your ad campaign, test from different devices and IP addresses. This will help ensure that real users are seeing what they need to see and Facebook bots are not.

3. Avoid overly aggressive ads

Why: Overly aggressive or deceptive ads can raise suspicion even if cloaking is working correctly.

How to do it: Create ads that meet Facebook’s standards and don’t violate their policies. If you have doubts about the content of an ad, it’s best to revise it.

4. Real-time monitoring of campaigns

Why: Quickly identifying problems will help you react and prevent potential blocking.

How to do it: Use monitoring and analytics tools to keep track of your campaign performance. Check metrics and audience response several times a day.

5. Diversity and diversification

Why: If you use the same strategy or ad account for all of your campaigns, you increase your risk of getting blocked.

How to do it: Create multiple ad accounts, use different cloaking methods, and change ad strategies. This will make it harder for Facebook moderators.

6. Stay on top of changes

Why it’s necessary: Facebook is constantly updating its algorithms and policies. Being aware of current trends and changes will help you adapt.

How to do it: Subscribe to Facebook’s newsletters, participate in specialized webinars and training courses.

Remember that despite all precautions, cloaking is always a risk. Use these tips as a guide, but always be prepared for possible changes and adapt to new conditions. Successful cloaking requires not only knowledge and skills, but also flexibility and the ability to react quickly to a changing situation.


Facebook Ads cloaking stands at the intersection of innovation, creativity and technical prowess. With an ever-changing medial landscape and increasingly complex control algorithms, choosing the right Facebook cloaking tools can play a key role in the success of an ad campaign.

We’ve reviewed a number of the best cloaking services for Facebook Ads, each with their own features and benefits. Choosing a specific tool depends on your individual needs, budget and level of expertise.

Don’t forget the importance of constant monitoring, adaptation, and most importantly, training. Technology and methods are changing, and only those affiliate marketers who are willing to evolve with the industry will achieve long-term success.

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