Why do affiliates often choose Adult traffic? The answer is profitability!

However, not all so simple. Where the ROI reaches 200-400+%, the risks increase proportionately. The right choice of network plays a crucial role in the success of advertising campaigns. Therefore, we have prepared an overview of the top advertising network that convert perfectly and help you make a good return on adult traffic.

Ad network for Adult traffic: basic information

Choosing the right ad network is the key to high ROI, the choice of an intermediary who negotiates with site owners on placing 18+ ads.


  • numerous offers and advertising formats, and if one does not work, then the other will be popular;
  • easy choice of the target audience;
  • many offers for any GEO;
  • personal managers who select the best offers for traffic;
  • many networks have regular guaranteed payouts;
  • availability of advanced tools for campaign optimization;
  • the ability to track campaign activity and statistics.

It is also worth considering that adult is the most competitive area. According to Statista, at least two adult sites are in the top 20 most visited sites in the world, with 2+ billion visits per month. For comparison, Twitter (9th line) has 2.4 billion visits.

Advertising networks offers

The following offers are considered the most expensive and converting ones:

  • content of a sexual nature;
  • goods for adults – toys, potency increases, and other intimate products;
  • provision of intimate services.

Advertising verticals

Profitable and popular verticals for advertising are:

  • dating;
  • webcams;
  • nutra;
  • betting;
  • lotteries;
  • gambling;
  • cryptocurrencies;
  • finance;
  • binary options.

The first and main step, which does not even determine the size of the profit, but whether the traffic starts to “flow” at all, is the choice of a site with high-quality traffic, flexible settings, and good rates. Below are the TOP 5 advertising networks with the best offers.

5 Best Ad Networks

Let’s take a closer look at the offers of the five most famous platforms that work with adult traffic.


This is an innovative advertising company that works with adult sites. The platform provides advertisers and publishers with two channels: Ad Exchange and Ad Network. The network posts more than 12 billion ads daily, and the data on the platform is updated every minute. Webmasters are offered lower minimum payouts than most similar platforms (€20/USD for Paxum and cryptocurrencies, €200/USD for wire transfer). There are 20 ad formats to choose from. Also, the system blocks bot traffic, click farms, malware and viruses.

Exoclick offers desktop and mobile traffic on a CPM model. There is a wide choice of ad formats for monetization, access to real-time statistics and 24/7 customer service. You can also take advantage of the 5% referral program.


  • work with ads without malware and viruses;
  • weekly payments;
  • favorable cost per thousand impressions;
  • flexible targeting options;
  • data and statistics analysis;
  • a large amount of traffic.


  • communication with the support service only by e-mail;
  • few premium adult sites.
Minimum payment $20
Payment frequency Weekly, Monthly
Payment method PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer
Payment Model CPS, CPM


TrafficJunky is a multi-platform ad network specializing in buying and selling adult traffic for all GEOs, operating systems (OS), and device types. It has 150 million daily visitors and 4.6 billion daily ad impressions. The ad network works directly with PornHub, RedTube, Tube8, and YouPorn. The platform features a user-friendly user interface, innovative targeting options, and pay per 1,000 impressions.

The service has very convenient functions:

  • bank of creatives;
  • wide settings to optimize the price of traffic;
  • a list of affiliate programs that accept adult traffic;
  • setting up advertising campaigns by keywords and targeting by time;
  • limiting the frequency of impressions to prevent ads from becoming not popular.


  • a huge amount of traffic from the best adult sites;
  • significantly improved system of automation of advertising campaigns;
  • a large selection of tools for optimization;
  • intelligent bidding system CPM;
  • simple user interface.


  • CPM only;
  • high CPMs for some ad spaces.
Minimum payment $50
Payment frequency Weekly
Payment method Visa, MasterCard, Paxum, Crypto, and Wire Transfer
Payment Model CPM


Tacoloco is an ad network that works with adult traffic (works best with the dating vertical) and provides push traffic with minimal fees and flexible settings. The platform has 1 billion impressions daily and a minimum CPC of $0.001. Instant payments are available around the clock and 100% of ad views, a convenient notification interface, quick setup, and campaign launch.

Tacoloco provides a high quality of delivered traffic thanks to its database of PUSH subscribers, which guarantees a good conversion, and the push notification format guarantees high conversion rates. The platform has flexible targeting settings: GEO, device type, and operating systems.


  • minimum rate;
  • convenient format for working with notifications;
  • quick approval of the campaign;
  • easy setup of PUSH networks;
  • wide GEO coverage (400+ countries);
  • setting the time and frequency of displaying ads;
  • detailed summary statistics.


  • limited number of verticals for advertising;
  • the presence of bots in push networks.
Minimum payment $100
Payment frequency 24/7
Payment method PayPal, Credit card, Bank transfer
Payment Model CPC


The international advertising network TrafficStars works with goods for adults, cryptocurrency, and the financial vertical. The grid has 5 billion unique impressions per day. The platform offers premium traffic from the biggest companies in the adult industry, including xHamster, PornHub, Spankbang, GotPorn. The system has a high level of anti-fraud (monitoring and protection of transactions). For each client, personal managers are allocated, detailed reporting is provided, A/B testing, and the service is compatible with OpenRTB.

Available formats:

  • static banners;
  • popunder;
  • preroll for video;
  • native advertising;
  • X Pre-Roll and IM Slider for video;
  • classic push notifications and In-Page Push.
  • full-screen interactive ads.
  • TrafficStars uses high technology, including five data centers that provide 50,000 impressions per second.


  • machine learning that automatically improves your campaigns through neural networks;
  • real-time analytics and statistics;
  • personal manager for each client;
  • a wide range of advertising formats;
  • high cost per thousand impressions;
  • automatic payments.


  • strict requirements for the design of banners;
  • no referral program.
Minimum payment $100
Payment frequency Weekly, Monthly
Payment method PayPal, Paxum, Bank Transfer
Payment Model CPM, CPC, DCPM и CPMV


AdMaven is the leading direct traffic ad network with unique technology to serve ads that are not recognized by ad blockers and therefore increase efficiency by 20%. More than a billion impressions per day provide GEO in all possible parameters, and traffic is allowed to flow to almost any vertical, including adult sites.

Popular bids are quite low; they start at $0.0002, while the recommended bid for expensive GEOs is usually in the range of $0.004 to $0.006 per view. Push notifications are cheaper than other networks, ranging from $0.001 to $0.14 per click.

25,000 publishers and advertisers use the AdMaven network. Targeting is configured by IP, time, categories, demographics, browser, language, and retargeting. There is also an orientation to the OS and Internet provider. Daily impressions on the platform are about 1 billion. There is a 5% referral program, and the service is also integrated with The Optimizer platform.


  • available rates;
  • protection against malicious software;
  • buying traffic in an accelerated mode;
  • built-in recommendations;
  • personal manager.


  • no real-time support;
  • incomplete visualization of analytics for reports.
Minimum payment $50
Payment frequency Every 15 days
Payment method PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer
Payment Model CPA, CPM, CPC


Ad networks have been and remain an effective tool for working with traffic arbitrage. There are a huge number of options for successful arbitrage, we considered 5 top networks. The review contains ad networks that work with different formats and verticals of advertising, and you can choose a platform to send traffic to different offers.

By placing ads through networks, the webmaster receives a huge traffic flow, and easy management of various campaigns can quickly adjust display settings, accurately select sites according to the required parameters and monitor real-time statistics. The use of advertising networks is profitable due to the wide range of possibilities. For example, many offers for any GEO, the ability to track campaign activity, and the presence of personal managers who help choose the most profitable offers for traffic. This increases the success of the campaign and, as a result, financial success.

Try different platforms, test formats, and payment models, and choose the right offers. This is the only way to achieve high profit!


Boost your earnings with top-converting offers in dating, sweepstakes, gambling, and crypto!