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The world of Facebook traffic affiliate marketing is constantly evolving, it is impossible to fight without tools that create a competitive advantage. However, the Facebook Ads Library provides just such a tool. Let’s get into the details.

The Ads Library is a public Facebook resource that contains information about paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Its main goal is to make advertising transparent and understandable for users.

By learning what the Facebook ads library for affiliate marketing is, you will be able to view all of the ad content that is valid on the said platforms, whether you are targeted for that Ad or not. It’s important to note that using the Facebook Ads Library for affiliate marketing is especially handy as it provides useful insights into active ad campaigns.

Facebook library: pros and cons

Benefits of the Facebook Ads Library for affiliate marketing

1. Savings. Using the tool is absolutely free;

2. Transparency: The Facebook Ad Library provides clarity around ads, which helps affiliates better understand which ads work and why;

3. Large audience. Facebook has more than two billion users worldwide, and among this mass, advertisers can find their target audience using the Facebook ad library;

4. Targeting the target audience. The Facebook library functionality allows advertisers to select their audience based on the interests, behaviors, and demographics of users;

5. Speed of operations. Advertising materials enter the database immediately after moderation, while in the case of other specialized services, it may take several days to download ads.

Disadvantages of the Facebook Ads Library

  • Lack of automation, which means the need to manually search for ads and manually adjust filters every time;
  • Providing limited information. The advertiser independently provides information about their ads, and it is not always detailed enough for affiliates who monitor competitors;
  • Search problems. There is a possibility of applying filters multiple times, but still getting null results. Due to the fact that this process is manual, it is not always convenient to call it efficient;
  • Results inconsistency. For example, when searching for “fitness” for the geographic area of Ukraine, we can get promotional materials not only from Georgia, but also from Bulgaria, and also from Russia. Unfortunately, that’s how Facebook works;
  • Limited access. Some advertisers may experience limited access to the Facebook Ads Library, especially if they are not political advertisers;
  • Changing the rules. Facebook’s advertising policy and rules change regularly, which may affect who uses the service.

How to get into the Facebook Ad Library

Here is the specified address will lead you to the vault. The interface has support for many languages, including Russian and Ukrainian (this service may have different names, such as Facebook ads library, FB library, and so on).

We set up the geographic location and advertising category. For geography, you can select only one country. Categories are divided into “all advertising” and “social”, that is, political advertising. We are interested in the second category.

In the input line we specify the keywords.

For example: Ukraine, all advertising, fitness (when using Russian and Ukrainian languages, the results will be different). At the same time, a drop-down list of top pages corresponding to this keyword will appear in the line.

How to use the Facebook Ads Library for affiliate marketing

Advertising affiliate marketing means buying and selling traffic or advertisements for profit. This may include placing ads at a lower price and selling them at a higher price on another platform or location. Using the Facebook Ads Library in an affiliate marketing context can be useful for analyzing the competitive landscape, identifying successful ad campaigns, and defining strategies.

Facebook advertising library how to use, let’s figure it out:

Ad Research: Use the Facebook Ads Library to find ads that perform well in your niche or area of interest. Analyze ad elements such as headlines, copy, images, and targeted actions to understand what grabs your audience’s attention.

Gathering information about the target audience: Examine the ads in the Facebook Library to determine which groups of users may be interested in these ads. This can help you target your ads more precisely and get higher conversions.

Analysis of advertising strategies: Analyze which types of advertising are most successful. This may include ad types, formats, call-to-action methods, and so on. Apply these strategies to your advertising campaigns.

Market price comparison: If you plan to use affiliate marketing to buy and sell ads, compare the cost of advertising on Facebook with prices on other platforms or elsewhere. Choose the most profitable options for selling traffic.

Testing and Optimization: As with any promotional activity, testing and optimization are key steps. Run small test campaigns, analyze the results, and make data-driven adjustments to your strategies.

Compliance with policies and restrictions: When using the Facebook Ads Library and engaging in arbitration, it is important to comply with the platform’s policies and rules. Violation of the rules may result in account blocking or access restriction.

Remember that successful affiliate marketing requires careful analysis, constant monitoring and adaptation to changes in the advertising environment.

Search methods for creatives in facebook ads library

Now that we know how to use the Facebook Ads Library to affiliate marketing traffic, we can dive deeper into creative search methods. Searching for creatives in the Facebook Ads Library can be quite helpful for researching successful advertising strategies and creating your own effective ads. Here are a few methods for finding creatives in the Facebook Ads Library:

  1. Keyword and Niche Search: In the Facebook Ads Library, you can use keywords related to your niche or product to find ads related to those queries. This will help you find competitors and successful campaigns to inspire you.
  2. Search by domain and domain zone. You can get interesting results by using domain as a search keyword.
  3. Search for Gambling creatives on the example of Kazakhstan and the domain.
  4. Search for creatives through a competitor’s Facebook page.
  5. Platform filter. You can view ads that are active and distributed across multiple platforms or only on a specific platform.
  6. Geographic Filtering: If you’re interested in a specific geographic area, you can use filters to find ads in specific countries, regions, or cities. This will allow you to tailor your advertising strategies to your local needs.
  7. Comparison by Ad Formats: You can search for specific ad formats such as videos, images, carousels, and more. This will help you understand which formats are the most popular and effective in your niche.
  8. Time Filtering: You can limit your ad search by time range to see the most relevant ads or analyze changes in ad strategies over time.
  9. Partner and Competitor Analysis: If you know specific companies or brands that advertise successfully on Facebook, you can search for them in the Ads Library and study their advertising approaches.
  10. Sorting results: Depending on your goal, you can sort your results by different parameters, such as popularity, activity, or newness.

Remember that when using information from the Facebook Ads Library, it is important not to copy the content directly, but to use it for inspiration and analysis of successful strategies.

View advertisements through the filter by platform.

You can view ads that are active and distributed across multiple platforms or only on a specific platform. Here is a list of platforms for which ads from the Facebook Ads Library are available:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Audience Network
  • facebook messenger

Using this filter will allow you to understand:

  • How advertisements are adapted for various platforms and whether they are adapted for them at all.
  • What types of advertising to consider for your own campaign.

Example: If none of your competitors advertise on Messenger, you can take the risk and try this channel to stand out.

Also pay attention to the method of interaction with local residents. People are more likely to respond to your ads if you connect with them on a more personal and local level.

Search for Gambling creatives on the example of Kazakhstan and the domain.

We select the country Kazakhstan, and add to the keys. And we do a filter by language.

View ads through a competitor’s Facebook page.

  1. Go to your competitor’s Facebook page.
  2. In the left sidebar, go to the “Page transparency” tab.
  3. Click on “View All”.
  4. Then select “Go to Ads Library”.

Now you have open access to all advertisements of this brand.

View all advertisements without searching by key

The Facebook Ad Library does not provide the ability to view all creative content; search is available only by keywords. However, the method described here will help overcome this limitation.

In the ad library section, we set up the required country and ad types.

Insert “invisible space” into the search field. Copy this space and paste it here: 👉 “⠀”. A regular space will not work here!

At this stage, we will already see some creatives. But only a small part, and then they will be basically for all geos.

You can select a language in the filters, as a result we get a selection by GEO and language.

View details and download creatives

Click on See Ads Details and you will get this picture:


The Facebook Ad Library is an effective resource for improving the performance of your advertising campaigns. This library enriches ad content and maximizes ad impact. It also serves as a market analysis tool that allows you to monitor the actions of competitors and anticipate their next steps. Experiment and increase the effectiveness of your advertising strategy.

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