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Greetings! Today we are going to talk about one of the most important tools for affiliate marketing – bank cards. The success of the whole project often depends on how reliable and convenient your payment card is. Unfortunately, affiliate marketers have various problems with cards. Let’s understand what can be encountered and how to avoid it.

I tried to describe in as much detail as possible the typical difficulties that webmasters have to deal with. Of course, the list is not exhaustive, but it will give you a general idea of potential pitfalls. And most importantly – now you know what to expect and will be able to find a reliable solution in advance. Good luck!

What problems affiliate marketers have with bank cards

Limitations on transaction amounts

One of the common problems affiliate marketers face is various limits on transaction amounts. Many banks and payment systems set limits on the maximum amount of payments per day, month or year.

This can seriously hinder those who work with large budgets and pay for advertising on several accounts from one card. You will either have to look for a bank with higher limits, or use several payment systems at once, which is not so convenient.

Geographical limitations

Some banks prohibit linking a card to your account if your IP address is detected as belonging to another country. This can happen if you are traveling or using a VPN. As a result, you can’t pay for advertising.

To avoid such problems, you should choose cards that can be used from anywhere in the world without restrictions.

Restrictions on the type of spending

Banks sometimes prohibit the use of cards for online advertising and online business. They may consider such transactions suspicious or high-risk. As a result, it will not be possible to pay for an advertising campaign with such a card.

Therefore, it is important to check with the bank in advance whether payments to advertising platforms and payment systems are not prohibited. And choose cards without such restrictions.

High currency conversion fees

If the currency of your bank card differs from the currency in which you need to pay for advertising, you will have to convert the funds. Banks often charge a high commission of up to 5-7% for this. This significantly increases advertising costs.

It is better to have a payment card in the main currency of settlement to avoid unnecessary conversion fees.

Sharp currency fluctuations

When paying for advertising in a currency other than the currency of your card, you need to take into account the risk of sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate. For example, if the dollar rate suddenly rises and you pay in roubles, the losses can be quite tangible.

To minimize the risks due to exchange rate fluctuations, it is better to work in the main currency of your financial flows.

Card blocking due to suspicious transactions

Unfortunately, card blocking is quite common in affiliate marketing. Banks may block a card if they notice suspicious activity – frequent or large transactions, a sudden deviation from the usual spending pattern.

To reduce the probability of blocking, you should distribute payments between several cards and banks, if possible.

Problems with refunds

Some banks and payment systems have complicated refund terms if a transaction is canceled or a refund is required. Sometimes the process takes weeks. And in some cases, you may not be able to get your money back at all.

To be sure of the refund, you should choose a reliable payment solution with positive feedback on refund operations.

As you can see, there are a lot of typical problems and pitfalls when using cards for affiliate marketing. The main thing is to be aware of potential risks and use only proven, reliable payment solutions. This will minimize problems and allow you to focus on the most profitable business. Let’s move on to my list of the 20 best payment solutions for issuing bank cards for affiliate marketers.

Top 20 best bank card issuing payment processors for affiliate marketers


FuncWallet is a service for issuing virtual bank cards that allows you to quickly and easily get a payment means for affiliate marketing. Convenient cabinet, simple registration process, favorable tariffs – these and other advantages make FuncWallet one of the best solutions for affiliate marketers.

Service Features:

  • Possibility to issue cards in EUR, USD
  • Intuitive cabinet
  • High transaction limits
  • Fast verification and card issuance
  • Convenient mobile application
  • Round-the-clock support

Benefits of the service:

FuncWallet is convenient because it allows you to get a ready and reliable payment solution literally in minutes. Registration takes 1-2 minutes, card issuance is instant, you can start working immediately. There are no limits on the number of created cards. The service is also characterized by favorable tariffs and high transaction limits.

Service Fees:

  • Card issue – free of charge
  • Maintenance – 2% of turnover
  • Minimum payment – 3 EUR
  • Maximum payment – 15 000 EUR
  • Card currencies – EUR, USD


PSTNET is a popular service for obtaining virtual and physical debit cards. It allows affiliate marketers to conveniently and profitably manage finances for advertising campaigns. The key advantages are low fees, a large selection of cards, and compatibility with advertising platforms.


  • Low commission of 2% on replenishment
  • Various ways of recharging, including cryptocurrencies
  • Possibility to get a card without KYC
  • Wide range of cards, including premium BINs
  • Compatibility with Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok


The ability to choose the best card option, convenient tools for teamwork, low commissions – all this makes PSTNET an attractive solution for affiliate marketing.


  • Top-up fee: 2%
  • Card issuance fee: from $1


MyBrocard provides a convenient service for obtaining Visa and Mastercard virtual cards, optimized for affiliate marketers. The main advantages: simple authorization via social networks, the ability to combine cards into groups, a single balance.


  • Quick registration via Google/Facebook
  • User anonymity
  • Unified balance and statistics on all cards
  • Group creation and access to cards in a team
  • 50 free cards for the team


The convenience of combining and managing cards in one place makes this service a good solution for affiliate marketers working in teams.


  • 50 free cards for the team
  • Cost of additional card: $2


ePayService provides virtual Mastercard cards, which after verification can be used for any purpose, including affiliate marketing. Main advantages: high transaction limits, low fees, ease of use.


  • Full user verification
  • High purchase limits up to $15,000
  • 2 types of cards: Single and Multi
  • Possibility to order a physical card
  • Free service


High transaction limits, no fees, and ease of use make these cards an attractive option for affiliate marketing in the “white” segment.


  • Card issuance – free of charge
  • Maintenance – free of charge
  • Top-up fee – 0%


AdsCard is a convenient service for obtaining virtual cards optimized for affiliate marketing. Key advantages: the possibility of mass issuance of cards, no commission for replenishment, low cost of registration.


  • Unlimited number of virtual cards
  • Free card maintenance
  • Registration for 2.5$
  • No commission for replenishment
  • Replenishment via WebMoney


The ability to flexibly manage multiple cards for ad campaigns makes AdsCard an attractive option for affiliate marketers.


  • Registration: 2.5$
  • Card issue: free of charge
  • Replenishment: no fee


Capitalist provides reliable VISA and Mastercard plastic cards for affiliate marketing. Advantages: wide compatibility, high trust on the part of platforms. But there are limitations on the number of cards and identification is required.


  • VISA and Mastercard plastic cards
  • High level of platform trust
  • Limited to 5 cards
  • Identification required
  • Available for white niches only


Reliable and versatile high-trust cards for white-hat niche affiliate marketing.


  • Card issuance: 3.5€
  • Maintenance: 3€
  • Top-up fee: 3%


Zambulay offers virtual cards from different countries for affiliate marketing and advertising. Registration via Telegram. There is team functionality. Cards cost from $10 to $100.


  • Registration via Telegram
  • Cards from different countries
  • Availability of BINs and 3D protection
  • Team capabilities
  • Individual tariffs


Convenient functionality for teams, cards with protection, the ability to choose the right country – these factors make the service attractive for affiliate marketing.


  • 1 card free
  • Cards cost from $10 to $100

Stellar Card

Stellar Card is a virtual card service focused on affiliate marketing teams. It is distinguished by a large selection of unique BINs, convenient functionality, and a high level of service. Suitable for any advertising networks.


  • Unique private BINs
  • Total card balance
  • Fast replenishment in crypto
  • Advanced functionality for teams
  • Personal management


A large selection of unique BINs, convenient team functionality, high level of service are the key advantages of Stellar Card.


  • Cards are free of charge
  • Top-up fee: 2%


FlexCard offers virtual Visa cards with fast unlimited issuance for affiliate marketing. Main advantages: low card price, many reliable BINs, professional support.


  • Low price cards starting at $2
  • Many verified BINs
  • Fast unlimited issuance
  • Professional support
  • Profitable referral program


Low price, fast card issuance and professional support are the key pros of FlexCard for affiliate marketing.


  • Card price from $2
  • Top-up fee from 3.5% is a virtual card service with advanced functionality for managing advertising budgets in a team. Allows flexible customization of rules and limits.


  • Built-in rules for cards
  • Ability to assign roles and limits
  • Team access control
  • Spending control from your personal account
  • Access to financial reports


Advanced functionality to manage advertising budgets as a team is a key advantage of


Works in private mode. Conditions are negotiated individually.


Spendge is a platform for issuing virtual cards with low fees for affiliate marketers. Key advantages: low recharge rates, the ability to create an unlimited number of cards, total balance.


  • Low fees for replenishment from 1.5%
  • Possibility to create an unlimited number of cards
  • Common balance for all cards
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Cashback up to 60% for users


Low fees, the convenience of multiple cards and a shared balance make Spendge a favorable solution.


  • Registration: free of charge
  • Deposit fees: from 1.5%


Wallester offers a convenient solution for issuing virtual cards focused on affiliate marketing teams. It is distinguished by the availability of a free package of cards, European BINs, and the possibility to purchase your own BIN.


  • Free package of up to 300 cards
  • European BINs with high level of trust
  • Possibility to buy your own BIN
  • Quick and easy registration process
  • Prompt support in Russian


Free cards, European BINs and the ability to purchase your own BIN make Wallester an attractive solution.


  • Free package: up to 300 cards
  • Paid packages: from $49 per month


Anybill provides a convenient service for mass issuance of Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay virtual cards for affiliate marketing. Advantages: easy registration, instant card creation, support.


  • Easy and fast registration
  • Instant issuance of the required number of cards
  • Support for Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay
  • Prompt user support
  • No tariff plans


The simplicity, speed of card issuance and support make Anybill a convenient affiliate marketing solution.


  • Card issue: free of charge
  • Top-up fees: from 3%


4×4 offers reliable Visa and Mastercard virtual cards for affiliate marketing. It is distinguished by a free test period, detailed reports in the cabinet, and support for cryptocurrencies.


  • Test period of card usage
  • Support for cryptocurrencies when recharging
  • Detailed reports on expenses in the cabinet
  • Issuance in 15 minutes after registration
  • Blocking of inactive cards


The opportunity to test cards, convenient cabinet and support for cryptocurrencies are the key pluses of the service.


  • Card issue: $2
  • Top-up fee: 5%


Ezzocard allows you to buy Visa and Mastercard virtual prepaid cards for affiliate marketing without user identification.


  • Purchase of cards without identification
  • Visa and Mastercard support
  • Choice of 23 card options
  • Card denomination from $5 to $200
  • Payment with cryptocurrency, Perfect Money


The ability to quickly buy an anonymous virtual card for affiliate marketing is a key benefit of Ezzocard.


  • Card price: from $5 to $200
  • Fees: none


EPN.NET offers a convenient service for receiving virtual cards with the possibility to choose a bank, card type, location. It is suitable for paying for advertising and online purchases.


  • Choice of bank, type and location of the card
  • 2 types of cards: universal and for advertising
  • Replenishment with cryptocurrency
  • Verification required
  • Restrictions on use


Flexible settings at card issuance is the main advantage of EPN.NET.


  • Monthly service: from $10
  • Card issuance: free of charge


LeadingCards offers bank cards from 12 issuers to pay for advertising and online purchases. Features a variety of cards, support for cryptocurrencies.


  • 12 card issuers from different countries
  • Debit and credit card issuance
  • Support for cryptocurrencies when recharging
  • Registration through support
  • Restrictions on use in the Russian Federation


A wide range of cards of different issuers is the key advantage of the service.


  • Card issuance: $6
  • Monthly maintenance: $5


PayWithMoon sells virtual cards, but with restrictions on use. Suitable for small purchases, but not for advertising.


  • Prohibited use for advertising
  • Limited compatibility with services
  • Quick registration
  • Deposit only BTC
  • Individual commission


Quick to get a card, but with significant restrictions on use.


  • Card price: individual
  • Top-up fee: individual


GCTransfer provides Visa and Mastercard virtual cards, as well as the ability to make international transfers.


  • Visa and Mastercard virtual cards
  • 2 tariff access plans
  • Registration via Telegram
  • Full access to mobile banking
  • Payment in EUR only


Access to international transfers and the ability to obtain virtual cards are the main pluses of the service.


  • Rate plans: from $349


DigitasCards allows you to purchase American Express virtual prepaid cards on one of the plans.


  • Prepaid American Express cards
  • 4 tariff plans with different functionality
  • Limits on the number of cards and recharge volume
  • Cards in US dollars only
  • Wallet refill for 2.49-2.99%


Ability to purchase anonymous American Express prepaid cards.


  • starting at $49 a month
  • plus a card fee of $35-50

How to choose a bank card issuing service for affiliate marketing

Choosing a reliable service for receiving virtual bank cards is extremely important for successful affiliate marketing. There are several key criteria to consider when choosing a suitable payment platform:

  • Security of storage and use of funds. The service should guarantee the protection of your finances and have a compensation system in case of fraud.
  • Convenient ways of replenishment, including the acceptance of cryptocurrency. This will allow you to quickly and profitably replenish your balance.
  • Transparent system of commissions and tariffs. It is important to calculate all the costs of card maintenance in advance.
  • There are no hard limits on the amount of transactions and account balance. This will give flexibility in financial management.
  • A wide choice of BINs (bank accounts) from different countries. The more there are, the less risk of blocking.
  • User-friendly interface and reporting for analyzing expenses and statistics. Time saving on routine operations with cards.
  • Positive reputation of the service and reviews of real users. This is an indicator of reliability.
  • Round-the-clock technical support for users. The ability to quickly solve problems that arise.

By comprehensively evaluating card issuing services according to these criteria, you can choose the optimal payment platform that will provide efficient and secure affiliate marketing.

Which cards are better for affiliate marketing with Facebook and Google Ads

When working with Facebook, Google Ads and other advertising networks, it is best to use virtual cards issued by banks from the United States and Western Europe. This is due to the fact that:

  • Advertising networks first of all check the first 6 digits of the card number (BIN), which contain information about the issuing bank and country.
  • Banks from the USA and Western European countries are the most trusted. Their cards are less likely to be blocked in affiliate marketing.
  • Such banks have far fewer blocked and “flagged” BINs by dubious clients.
  • The algorithms of advertising networks are less likely to suspect cards from these regions of fraud compared to, for example, Asia or Eastern Europe.

Thus, turning to services that provide virtual cards of American and Western European banks, you can minimize the risks of account blocking and increase the efficiency of affiliate marketing.

How to reduce the risk of card blocking when affiliating marketing?

While it’s impossible to completely eliminate blockages, there are a few ways to mitigate the risks:

  • Use cards whose BIN coincides with the geolocation of the account in the advertising network.
  • Slowly increase campaign budgets without increasing them dramatically.
  • “Warm up new cards with purchases in other services before using them in advertising.
  • Use high-quality mobile or resident proxy services when managing advertising accounts.
  • Do not use one card to pay for more than 5 advertising campaigns, it is better to use 1-2 campaigns per card.
  • Periodically update the pool of cards used by different banks.
  • If possible, pay for advertising from a personal bank account, not only with virtual cards.

Compliance with these rules will minimize the risks of blocking virtual cards and accounts in advertising networks when working on affiliate marketing.


To summarize, we note that choosing a reliable payment platform is of key importance for successful affiliate marketing. Cards from the USA and Western Europe enjoy the greatest trust of advertising networks, so their use reduces the risk of blocking. By adhering to the above recommendations, you can minimize the likelihood of problems with virtual cards and increase the efficiency of affiliate marketing.

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