Tools for business intelligence. This category represents our own rating. We took into account the popularity of analytic tools and gave our evaluation to each service.


Online Service Website for Business Intelligence from Tableau | Datify.Link

Tableau is a powerful tool for visualizing business intelligence data. ✅ The best service for fast and high-quality visualization of analytics data - Tableau ✅ Datify.Link

Microsoft Power BI is an analysis of data from one or more sources. ✅ You can create your own customized data set from those sources, and transform your results into beautiful, easy-to-create visualizations.✅ Datify.Link

Microsoft Power BI - анализ данных из одного или нескольких источников. Вы сможете создать свой индивидуальный набор данных на основе этих источников и трансформировать свои результаты в красивые и простые в создании визуализации. ✅ Datify.Link

Fast and easy analytics from FineReport | Datify.Link

FineReport is an intuitive Java-based interface. Thanks to this, the application can meet your needs for data integration, visualization, analysis, query, data management and input throughout the organization.✅ Datify.Link

Full control over data from Matomo | Datify.Link

Matomo - leading open source alternative to Google Analytics app, offering you complete control over your data and allowing you to easily collect it from websites, apps and the Internet. ✅Built-in privacy guarantees complete reliability and safety of all files.✅ Datify.Link

Hotjar Analytics Tool | Datify.Link

Hotjar is a unique platform for experienced internet marketers. ✅ This service has incredible functionality and many ways to get to know your users better, to visualize how they interact with your site.✅ Datify.Link

Tracking your website visitors from Smartlook | Datify.Link

Smartlook is a tool that analyzes visitors of your site. ✅ With this service, you can see how people interact with your site, what features they use, which pages are most often visited, and what is not in demand. ✅Datify.Link

GoAccess weblog analysis tool | Datify.Link

GoAccess monitors and provides real-time web server statistics. ✅ The best service for fast and high-quality visualization of analytics data - GoAccess ✅ Datify.Link

Simple website analysis tool from Open Web Analytics | Datify.Link

Open Web Analytics is a program that provides data of your competitors in comparison to your website. ✅ Datify.Link

Automatic action tracking from Clicky | Datify.Link

Clicky is unique complete information about the actions of visitors of your site. ✅You get real-time data on the number of visitors on the site or on a separate page, the number of clicks on links and the status of the site.✅ Datify.Link