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In the world of affiliate marketing, where choosing the right affiliate program can play a key role in success, Los Pollos stands out as one of the unique platforms. This article will immerse you in the world of Los Pollos, explain its advantages and disadvantages, and suggest alternatives that may be of interest to diversify your affiliate marketing portfolio.

About the Los Pollos affiliate program

Los Pollos is a multi-vertical CPA network founded on October 3, 2016. It offers a wide range of offers in various niches: from dating to cryptocurrency. The main feature of Los Pollos is their unique traffic monetization system. Using proprietary algorithms, they automatically select the most suitable offers for each visitor, improving the chances of conversion.

Benefits of Los Pollos

Los Pollos stands out due to its ability to accept and monetize any traffic, including mix traffic. The system’s average conversion ratio is 1:10, which is respectable in the industry. Detailed analytics are available for affiliates, including average eCPM by TOP GEO. Ease of integration with trackers and the ability to link your own domains also add advantages.

Disadvantages of Los Pollos

Not everything is perfect at Los Pollos. User reviews point out certain shortcomings, such as poor support in some cases and problems with certain types of traffic, such as Email spam and incentivized traffic. Also, some users express dissatisfaction with the company’s policy regarding lead shaving.

Features of Los Pollos

Los Pollos is distinguished by its approach to diversifying verticals. They offer a variety of smart links covering various niches from dating to gaming. In addition, improved conditions are provided for large partners with good traffic quality. Payments occur weekly without holding, which is a big plus for many affiliates.

Why alternatives to Los Pollos are needed

Although there are many benefits, it is important to have alternatives to affiliate programs to balance and reduce risks in affiliate marketing. The diversity of platforms allows affiliates to adapt to changes in the market, avoid dependence on one source of income, and explore new monetization opportunities.

More information about Los Pollos

According to user reviews, Los Pollos receives generally positive ratings for its support, technology and quality of offers. However, there are also negative reviews indicating problems with the company’s reliability and transparency. It is important to note that reviews may be subjective and reflect the user’s individual experience.

Alternatives to the LosPollos Affiliate Program


Datify.Link is a multi-niche CPA and Smartlink network operating since 2019. It offers a wide range of verticals including Dating (Mainstream/Adult), Adult Games, Cams, Sweepstakes, Gambling and Forex CPL. What sets Datify.Link apart is their modern functionality and the ability to choose from over 2,000 offers, making it attractive to affiliates looking for variety and flexibility in their campaigns.

Advantages of Datify.Link as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Large selection of offers: With over 2,000 offers, Datify.Link gives affiliates more options to monetize different types of traffic.
  • Flexibility in Offer Selection: The ability to select offers beyond the main offers in the smartlink rotation gives affiliates additional control over their campaigns.
  • Low Cashout Threshold: With a minimum payout threshold of just $10, Datify.Link makes earning money more accessible, especially for new affiliates.
  • Weekly payouts without delays: This provides quick access to earned funds, which is an important factor for many affiliates.

Disadvantages of Datify.Link as a Los Pollos Alternative

  • Young Company: Despite its growth and development, Datify.Link is a relatively new company on the market, which may cause some uncertainty among experienced affiliates.
  • Limited resources compared to larger networks: Datify.Link may not provide the same level of resources and support as larger, more established platforms.

Features of Datify.Link compared to Los Pollos

  • Modern Smartlink: Datify.Link algorithm uses advanced technologies to optimize traffic, which can lead to improved quality and monetization efficiency.
  • Wide GEO Coverage: Datify.Link accepts traffic from almost any country, making it accessible to affiliates from all over the world.
  • Personalized Support: Personalized account managers and 24/7 support provide affiliates with the help and guidance they need.
  • Variety of Payment Methods: Datify.Link offers a wide variety of payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, making it convenient for affiliates with different preferences.

Datify.Link is an attractive alternative to Los Pollos due to its modern functionality, wide selection of GEOs and offers. It is ideal for affiliates looking for flexibility in offer selection and innovative traffic monetization solutions. However, like any other platform, it has its own disadvantages and features that should be considered when choosing the right affiliate program.


Traffcore, founded in January 2021, is a smart linking platform designed to optimize the EPC and CR of your traffic. With over 10,000 offers, TraffCore covers a wide range of verticals, including dating, sweepstakes and cryptocurrencies. This platform is notable for its flexible daily payout systems and innovative technologies to improve the affiliate experience.

Advantages of Traffcore as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Wide Selection of Offers: With over 10,000 offers, TraffCore provides more diverse opportunities for affiliates, especially in niches such as cryptocurrencies and sweepstakes.
  • Weekly Payouts: This feature provides flexibility and convenience for affiliates, allowing them to receive their earnings faster.
  • Innovative Smart Linking Algorithms: TraffCore uses advanced algorithms to maximize EPC and CR, which can increase campaign profitability.
  • Facebook support and account assistance: TraffCore actively works with traffic from Facebook, offering help and support in this direction.

Disadvantages of TraffCore as an Alternative to Los Pollos

  • Young Platform: As a new player in the market, Traffcore may not have the same degree of credibility or established reputation as older platforms.
  • Limited history of success: The lack of a long history of success may cause some doubt among affiliates accustomed to more proven and reliable networks.

Features of TraffCore compared to Los Pollos

  • High level of technological innovation: TraffCore invests significant resources in developing cutting-edge technologies for traffic optimization.
  • Emphasis on daily payouts: This makes TraffCore an attractive choice for affiliates who need quick access to their funds.
  • Lower minimum payout amount: With a minimum payout amount of $10, Traffcore is accessible even to affiliates with lower traffic volumes.
  • Integrated Facebook Support: TraffCore actively supports affiliates using Facebook as a traffic source.

TraffCore offers modern technologies and convenient working conditions for affiliates. Although this is a relatively new platform, it has already proven itself thanks to its wide range of offers, innovative smart link algorithms and daily payouts. Thus, Traffcore is a worthwhile alternative to Los Pollos for affiliates looking for new opportunities and tools to monetize traffic.


Paysale, founded in February 2013, is a CPA network with over 2,000 exclusive and direct offers. The main verticals of the offers include dating (in all niches), casino/betting, shopping, travel, nutra and cryptocurrencies. Paysale offers smart links for each category and has a TDS function that allows you to add parameters to a track link or register a postback, as well as park a domain.

Benefits of Paysale as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Wide Range of Offers: Over 2,000 exclusive and direct offers allow affiliates to choose from a wide range of verticals.
  • Diversity of verticals: Paysale offers offers in various niches, including dating, casino, shopping and cryptocurrencies.
  • Flexible Traffic Tuning: Smart links and TDS features allow affiliates to fine-tune and optimize their campaigns.
  • All GEO support: Paysale accepts traffic from all countries, making it universal for affiliates from all over the world.

Disadvantages of Paysale as an Alternative to Los Pollos

  • Monthly Payouts: Paysale pays out once a month, which may be inconvenient for affiliates who prefer more frequent payouts.
  • High Minimum Payout Amount: Minimum payout amounts start at $100, which may be high for some affiliates.

Features of Paysale compared to Los Pollos

  • Focus on exclusive and direct offers: Paysale offers unique offers that may not be available in other affiliate programs.
  • Variety of Payout Methods: Paysale provides a variety of payout methods including WebMoney, ePayments, Paxum, PayPal and Wire.
  • Advanced Tracking and Customization Technologies: Includes capabilities for detailed campaign customization, which is a significant advantage for more experienced affiliates.
  • Support for various dating niches: Special attention is paid to various niches in the dating industry, making Paysale an attractive choice for affiliates working in this field.

Paysale is an experienced player in the CPA network market with a wide range of offers and advanced traffic configuration technologies. This platform is especially suitable for affiliates looking for exclusive offers and diversity in verticals, as well as those who value flexible campaign settings. At the same time, the monthly payout cycle and higher minimum payout amount may be considered disadvantages compared to other affiliate programs such as Los Pollos.


AffiliateCube is an international CPA network launched in 2005. Over the years, the network has expanded significantly, offering traffic from various countries around the world. The network generates millions of leads and pays out nearly a million dollars in commissions every month. Payments are made every two weeks through platforms such as PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, EPESE, Bank Wire Transfer. AffiliateCube offers a range of services for webmasters and advertisers, including advanced statistics, transparent analytics, promotional materials and effective tools for traffic monetization.

Advantages of AffiliateCube as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Long experience: AffiliateCube has been operating since 2005, which indicates its stability and reliability.
  • Global Audience Reach: The network attracts millions of leads worldwide, offering great reach for international traffic.
  • Advanced Statistics and Analytics: AffiliateCube provides detailed statistics and analytical tools that are essential for effective campaign management.
  • High and stable payouts: The network is known for its high payouts and stability in financial matters.

Disadvantages of AffiliateCube as a Los Pollos Alternative

  • Less frequent payouts: Payouts are made every two weeks, which may be less convenient compared to Los Pollos’ weekly payouts.
  • High Minimum Payout: Starting at $100, which can be a barrier for affiliates with less traffic.

Features of AffiliateCube compared to Los Pollos

  • Long-term presence in the market: More than 18 years of work in the CPA network market speaks of the reliability and experience of AffiliateCube.
  • Extensive services for webmasters and advertisers: AffiliateCube offers a wide range of tools to optimize and monetize traffic.
  • Supports various payment systems: AffiliateCube offers flexibility in withdrawal methods.
  • Transparency and accessibility of statistical data: The platform provides detailed information about each click and conversion, which is useful for analyzing and optimizing campaigns.

AffiliateCube is a reliable and experienced CPA network with global reach and advanced tools for webmasters and advertisers. Its long-term presence in the market and stable payouts make it an attractive alternative to Los Pollos, especially for affiliates operating internationally and looking for a reliable platform with advanced analytical tools.

MyBonusTraffic (MyBonusDating)

MyBonusTraffic, also known as MyBonusDating, specializes in monetizing foreign traffic in the dating niche. Based on the concept of dating and dating, this affiliate program is ideal for international traffic, especially from Western countries. The main advantages include highly specialized topics, receiving traffic from all over the world (excluding Russia and the CIS), and three earning models with high rates per lead.

Advantages of MyBonusTraffic as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Dating Specialization: Narrow specialization allows you to optimize campaigns for higher conversions in this niche.
  • Global Reach: The program accepts traffic from many countries, providing ample opportunities for international traffic.
  • High commission rates: Particularly favorable conditions for leads from the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.
  • Flexible Earning Models: Various models are offered, including registration and sales commissions, giving affiliates the flexibility to choose the optimal monetization strategy.

Disadvantages of MyBonusTraffic as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Limited choice of verticals: Specializing in dating limits your ability to leverage other types of traffic.
  • Minimum Payout Amount: The $50 payout threshold may be high for affiliates with lower traffic volumes.

Features of MyBonusTraffic compared to Los Pollos

  • Narrow Specialization: MyBonusTraffic focuses exclusively on dating traffic, which can provide higher efficiency in this niche.
  • Various Earning Models: Multiple monetization models are offered, allowing affiliates to adapt to different types of traffic and markets.
  • Payments to various payment systems: Flexibility in choosing payment methods (Webmoney, Bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer).
  • Referral program: An additional source of income that allows you to earn money by attracting new partners.

MyBonusTraffic represents a strong alternative for affiliates specializing in dating traffic, especially those who work with an international audience. This affiliate program offers competitive rates and a variety of monetization models, making it attractive to affiliates looking for a specialized and profitable experience in the dating niche. However, the limited selection of verticals may make it less versatile than more comprehensive programs such as Los Pollos.


Perform is an industry veteran with 18 years of experience, offering offers in various niches including gambling, e-commerce and finance. Most of the offers are unique. Webmasters need to submit an application and wait for the manager’s approval, describing the traffic sources and providing relevant screenshots.

Advantages of Perform as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Long experience in the market: 18 years of work speaks of the stability and reliability of the platform.
  • Wide selection of offers: More than 2000 unique offers in different niches.
  • Global Reach: Receives traffic from all over the world.
  • High-quality support: Users note the high-quality work of technical support.

Disadvantages of Perform as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Approval Process: Requires submitting an application and waiting for approval, which may take time.
  • Documentation Requirements: You must complete a W8 tax form to withdraw funds.


Leadbit is a product affiliate program that focuses on men’s and women’s products and weight loss products. Affiliates receive a percentage of each confirmed application, which is processed by the call center. The program offers round-the-clock support, high payments and a personal manager for each partner.

Advantages of Leadbit as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Specialization in product offers: Particularly suitable for affiliates working in the niches of men’s and women’s products, weight loss products.
  • Personal Manager and 24/7 Support: Provides personalized support and assistance to affiliates.
  • High payments for confirmed applications: Motivates affiliates to perform high-quality work with traffic.

Disadvantages of Leadbit as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Niche limitation: Fewer verticals compared to Los Pollos, limited to product offerings.
  • The process of connecting to offers: You need to fill out a form and contact the manager, which may take additional time.


AWIN is a large CPA network founded in 2000, which works primarily with English-speaking countries. Covers a wide range of offer verticals, including goods, travel, finance, dating, mobile traffic, hosting and gambling. When registering, you must fill out an extensive questionnaire and undergo verification.

Advantages of AWIN as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Wide range of verticals: Offers more than 16,500 offers in a variety of niches.
  • Global Reach: Receives traffic from all over the world, which expands opportunities for affiliates.
  • High rankings: Has earned a high reputation in the affiliate marketing industry.

Disadvantages of AWIN as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Complicated registration process: Requires a detailed application form and verification, which can be a barrier for new affiliates.
  • Lack of Russian-language support: May be a problem for affiliates who do not speak English.


MaxBounty is a Canadian CPA network operating since 2004. It offers offers in verticals such as finance, real estate, gaming, dating and health products. It is difficult to get into the ranks of MaxBounty partners, but the network attracts with its high standards and a $1000 bonus for beginners whose monthly profit exceeds $1000 during the first 3 months.

Advantages of MaxBounty as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • High quality standards: A strict verification process guarantees the high quality of the network and its offers.
  • Newbie Bonus: An attractive offer for affiliates who can generate significant traffic.
  • Diversity of verticals: Offers offers in a variety of niches, which provides ample opportunities for monetization.

Disadvantages of MaxBounty as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Complicated entry process: Requires time and effort to go through the verification process.
  • High Minimum Payout: The $100 minimum can be high for new affiliates.


Affcredit is a well-known CPA network specializing in financial offers, with additional offers in the areas of beauty and health, dating, coupons, e-commerce and mobile traffic. Registration involves filling out a 10-field questionnaire about activities, including work verticals and traffic sources.

Advantages of Affcredit as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Wide selection of offers: More than 2000 offers in various niches.
  • Stability of payments: Affiliates note the regularity and reliability of payments.
  • Operational support: High-quality support and responsive managers.

Disadvantages of Affcredit as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Registration Difficulty: Having to carefully fill out an application form can be a barrier for new affiliates.
  • Lack of Russian-language support: The lack of Russian-language support may make it difficult for some affiliates to operate.


Affmy is an international CPA network with an emphasis on exclusive dating offers. The network has more than 5 years of experience, with special emphasis on offers for countries with high purchasing power, Asia and Western Europe. The network uses artificial intelligence-based smartlink to optimize traffic.

Advantages of Affmy as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Exclusive dating offers: High stakes in the dating market.
  • Innovative technologies: Application of AI and machine learning to optimize traffic.
  • Detailed real-time statistics: Provides affiliates with the ability to quickly make changes to campaigns.

Disadvantages of Affmy as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Limited Offer Selection: The focus on dating offers may limit opportunities for affiliates in other niches.
  • Higher Minimum Payout Amount: The $100 threshold may be high for affiliates with lower traffic volumes.


ClickDealer is an affiliate network operating since 2012. It offers a wide range of offers in various niches, supporting major monetization models including CPC, CPL, CPI, CPA and CPS. You can register with ClickDealer after filling out a questionnaire and approval by managers, who contact candidates to confirm the validity of the application.

Advantages of ClickDealer as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Large number of offers: More than 11,000 offers in various niches.
  • Real-time statistics: Provides up-to-date data to track campaign performance.
  • 24/7 support: Reliable technical support and managerial assistance.

Disadvantages of ClickDealer as an Alternative to Los Pollos

  • High Payout Threshold: The minimum payout of $500 may not be available for new affiliates.
  • Approval Required: The approval process may take additional time.


LeadDealer is a universal CPA network with Russian roots, offering offers in such areas as games, e-commerce and dating. Registration online includes manual review of the application by managers and the ability to speed up the process through communication on Skype.

Advantages of LeadDealer as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Variety of offers: Providing more than 700 offers in different verticals.
  • Low payout threshold: Minimum payout of 500 rubles, available for beginner affiliates.
  • Russian-speaking support: Support and communication in Russian.

Disadvantages of LeadDealer as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Payout Issues: Reviews from some affiliates indicate delays in payouts.
  • Slow account verification: Delays in the registration verification process.


DMSAffiliates is a comprehensive CPA network founded in 2017. The network offers almost 400 offers in various fields, including finance, gambling and dating. Affiliates direct traffic to relevant landing pages and receive rewards for targeted user actions.

Advantages of DMSAffiliates as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • Availability of campaigns without verification: Simplified registration process and quick start of monetization.
  • Wide selection of offers: A large number of offers in popular niches.
  • Skype support: Availability of prompt support to resolve emerging issues.

Disadvantages of DMSAffiliates as an Alternative to Los Pollos

  • Relatively low selection of offers: Fewer offers compared to some other major affiliate networks.
  • Lack of Russian-language support: Restriction for Russian-speaking affiliates.


Lemonads is a universal affiliate program offering more than 700 offers in areas such as dating, apps, e-commerce, finance and gambling. Registration involves answering questions about preferred niches and geographic preferences, after which the account is reviewed by a manager.

Benefits of Lemonads as an alternative to Los Pollos

  • High rates for offers: Attractive conditions for affiliates.
  • Stable payments: Reliability and regularity of payments.
  • Loyal technical support: Effective assistance in solving problems and issues.

Disadvantages of Lemonads as an Alternative to Los Pollos

  • Verification required: Possible delay in accessing full functionality after registration.
  • Lack of Russian-language support: May be problematic for Russian-speaking affiliates.

How to Choose the Best Los Pollos Affiliate Program Alternative

Choosing an alternative Los Pollos affiliate program depends on a number of key factors that must suit your needs and monetization strategy. Here are the main criteria to consider when choosing:

1. Specialization and Offer Verticals

Match your traffic: Choose an affiliate program whose offers best match your traffic sources and audience.

Diversity of Niches: If you work in different niches, choose a network with a wide range of verticals.

2. Terms and Payout Rates

High rates: Look for programs that offer competitive rates in your target niche.

Regularity and payment methods: Make sure that the payment schedule and the proposed withdrawal methods are convenient for you.

3. Ease of Use and Support

User Interface: It is important that the platform is intuitive and easy to use.

Quality of technical support: Having high-quality and responsive support can make your work much easier.

4. Technologies and Tools

Innovative technologies: Platforms that use advanced technologies (such as machine learning for smart links) can offer more efficient monetization.

Analytics and Statistics: Having detailed analytics will help you optimize your campaigns and increase your profitability.

5. Reputation and Reviews

Reviews from Other Affiliates: Read reviews and recommendations from other affiliates to get a real feel for the affiliate program.

History and Reliability: Check how long the affiliate program has been in existence and how reliable it is in terms of payouts.

6. Geographic Coverage

International presence: If your traffic is international, choose programs with global reach.

Local Features: For localized traffic, preference should be given to networks with a strong presence in the relevant region.

7. Special Conditions

Bonuses and Promotions: Some networks offer additional incentives, such as bonuses for new affiliates or increased rates for high traffic volume.

When choosing an alternative to Los Pollos, consider whether the affiliate program suits your unique needs and goals. Don’t be afraid to experiment with several programs to find the conditions that work best for you. Success in affiliate marketing often depends on the right combination of niche, offers and affiliate program, as well as your ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Los Pollos Affiliate Program Alternatives

1. How are Los Pollos alternatives different from the program itself?

Alternatives to Los Pollos may differ in niche specialization, payment terms, technologies used, geographic coverage and level of support. Some networks may offer higher rates, more specialized offers, or more advanced analytical tools.

2. What factors are important when choosing an alternative to Los Pollos?

It is important to consider the specialization and verticals of offers, terms and payout rates, ease of use and support, innovative technologies, reputation and reviews, as well as geographic coverage.

3. Can I work with several affiliate programs at the same time?

Yes, you can work with several affiliate programs at the same time. This can help maximize your income by giving you access to a variety of offers and allowing you to compare results.

4. What types of payouts do Los Pollos alternatives offer?

Different affiliate programs offer different payment methods, including PayPal, bank transfer, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney and others. Payment terms vary depending on the affiliate program.

5. How can I find out about the reliability of a particular affiliate program?

Review reviews from other affiliates, evaluate the history and reputation of the program, and check for information on timely payouts. You can also turn to affiliate forums and communities for feedback and recommendations.

6. Do I need to undergo verification to participate in alternative affiliate programs?

In most cases, you must go through a verification process, which may include verifying personal information, traffic sources, and affiliate marketing experience. Verification requirements vary depending on the affiliate program.

7. What benefits do Los Pollos alternatives offer for beginners?

Some alternatives may offer lower payout thresholds, simpler traffic requirements, and user-friendly training materials, making them more suitable for new affiliates.

8. Does geographic location affect the choice of an affiliate program?

Yes, geographic location influences your choice, as some programs may be more effective in certain regions or offer offers that are more suitable for certain geographies.


In our search for alternatives to the Los Pollos Affiliate Program, we have discussed many options, each with their own unique features and benefits. From highly specialized platforms to universal networks with a wide range of offers, the choice is so diverse that every affiliate will be able to find a suitable option.

Choosing the right affiliate program is the key to successfully monetizing your traffic. Consider the specialization of offers, payment terms, user-friendliness of the interface, quality of technical support, as well as the technological equipment of the platform. Don’t forget about reputation and reviews, as the experiences of other affiliates can provide valuable insights into how an affiliate program works.

We hope that the information provided will help you in choosing the most suitable affiliate program that will become a reliable source of income and support in your affiliate endeavors. Success in affiliate marketing requires patience, flexibility, and a willingness to experiment, so don’t be afraid to try new platforms and strategies. Good luck in your traffic monetization efforts!


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