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In the world of digital marketing, there are endless strategies and tools to help brands achieve their goals. One of the most effective and interesting strategies is traffic arbitrage through affiliate programs, or “affiliates”. This article is a guide to the best traffic arbitrage affiliate programs, looking at their features, benefits and how they can help you maximize your income in the world of digital marketing.

What are affiliate programs in traffic arbitrage?

Traffic arbitrage is the process of buying traffic on one platform and reselling it on another, the goal of which is to make a profit from the difference in cost. Affiliate programs, or “affiliates,” play an important role in this process. They are agreements between the product owner (advertiser) and the marketer (arbitrator), where the marketer promotes a product or service and receives a commission for actions taken through its advertising channels (e.g. purchases, registrations, subscriptions).

Using affiliate programs, affiliates can choose from a variety of products and services to promote, each with its own terms, commission rates, and requirements. This allows arbitrageurs to specialize in certain niches or experiment with different markets to find the most profitable opportunities.

Advantages of affiliate programs

1. Lots of Opportunities: There are literally thousands of affiliate programs, each offering unique products and terms. This variety of options allows affiliate marketers to find the perfect products for their audiences and advertising campaigns.

2. Flexibility: Affiliates offer a variety of payment models, including pay per click (PPC), cost per action (CPA), pay per sale (PPS) and many others. Arbitrageurs can choose programs that best suit their strategy and goals.

3. Low barrier to entry: To start working with affiliate programs, no significant investment is required. Most programs are easy to access and provide all the tools and resources you need to get started. This makes them an ideal choice for beginner affiliate marketers.

4. Data and Analytics: Affiliate programs usually provide powerful analytical tools that allow you to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, optimize them and increase profits.

5. Passive Income: After setting up an effective advertising campaign, an affiliate can continue to earn commissions with minimal maintenance effort. This creates the potential for passive income, where the money continues to flow even after the active work on the campaign is completed.

6. Support and Community: Most major affiliate programs offer excellent support and access to arbitrage communities where you can share knowledge, strategies and successes.

Traffic arbitrage through affiliate programs offers endless opportunities for those willing to learn and adapt. From choosing the right affiliate to optimizing your advertising campaigns, success in this field requires patience, analytical skills and creativity. But for those willing to put in the time and effort, affiliate arbitrage can be a source of significant income and even a full-time career in the world of digital marketing.

26 Best affiliate programs for traffic arbitrage


Datify.Link is a fast-growing affiliate program specializing in the mainstream, gay and adult dating verticals. With 1900+ exclusive offers from direct advertisers, Datify.Link covers a variety of niches including gaming, video chat, surveys and casinos, with worldwide coverage.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Wide range of offers: More than 1900 private offers for popular GEOs.
  • High Payouts: Rates per lead can reach over $7, which is higher than the industry average.
  • Technological solutions: Free Android applications for Facebook and UAC, an automated system for analyzing and selecting offers.
  • Daily payments without hold: Money is credited automatically to all popular payment systems.
  • Easy to set up: Managers will help you connect the smart link and set up the stream.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Restrictions for beginners: They work only with experienced webmasters, which can be an obstacle for beginners.
  • Moderation required: Submissions go through a moderation process, which may take time.

Affiliate features:

Datify.Link operates exclusively through a smart link, offering users the most relevant offers and minimizing the time spent on tests and audience search. The affiliate program also offers a referral program, allowing you to earn additional income from the income of attracted referrals.


TraffCore is a CPA affiliate platform focused on traffic monetization. A special feature is a traffic optimization algorithm developed with the help of machine learning experts, which provides high EPC rates and high-quality traffic.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Smart algorithms for traffic optimization: Improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns thanks to AI.
  • Wide range of offers: 10,000+ direct and exclusive offers around the world.
  • Daily payments: Regular accrual of income using convenient means of payment.
  • Referral program: Additional income from attracted partners.
  • Supports various traffic sources: Including Telegram and social networks.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Registration through a manager: The need to communicate with the manager via Telegram for registration.
  • Possible restrictions on access to offers: Some offers may require an additional request for access.

Affiliate features:

TraffCore uses innovative machine learning algorithms to optimize campaigns and select offers. The platform offers many verticals, including Adult Dating, Nutra, Mainstream Dating, Sweepstakes and others. Also a unique feature is the exclusive OhMyGirl BOT offer, which offers attractive conditions for webmasters.

Pin-Up Partners

Pin-Up Partners is a direct advertiser in the betting and gambling vertical for the Pin-Up product. The affiliate program stands out by offering a wide selection of GEOs, customized payment systems and licensed products with a high conversion rate.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Wide selection of GEOs: Provides the opportunity to work with different countries and audiences.
  • Payment models: CPA, RevShare and RS+ provide flexibility in choosing the optimal strategy.
  • Adapted payment systems and licensed products: Increase trust and conversion.
  • Possibility of early payments: Convenient for webmasters who need funds faster.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Specialization in certain verticals: May not be suitable for webmasters with other interests.
  • High competition: Popular verticals may be oversaturated with advertisers.

Affiliate features:

Pin-Up Partners is focused on betting and gambling, offering high-quality and licensed products. This allows webmasters to work with proven and reliable offers.


3Snet is a CPA network founded in 2016, offering pay-for-performance in CPA, RevShare, and Hybrid formats. The network specializes in narrow, highly profitable verticals such as gambling, betting, dating, loans, e-sports, offering more than 1,000 active offers for almost any GEO.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Large number of offers: More than 1000 active offers for various verticals.
  • Highly profitable verticals: Gambling, betting, dating and other profitable niches.
  • Flexibility in payment models: CPA, RevShare, Hybrid allow you to choose the most convenient model.
  • Global coverage: Offers for almost any GEO.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Can be difficult for beginners: A large number of offers requires understanding the market.
  • Specializing in Narrow Verticals: Not everyone will be suited to a limited selection of niches.

Affiliate features:

3Snet attracts attention with its wide coverage and specialization in high-profit verticals, providing many opportunities for experienced arbitragers.


Alfaleads is an international multi-vertical CPA network that provides more than 2,000 exclusive offers for various traffic sources. The network works with payment models CPA, CPL, CPS, RevShare, Hybrid, offering payments on a regular basis.

Affiliate benefits:

  • A large number of exclusive offers: More than 2000 offers for different niches.
  • Variety of payment models: Flexibility in choosing the appropriate model.
  • Support and localization of creatives: Assistance in creating and adapting advertising material.
  • Unique legal support service: A distinctive feature that provides an additional advantage.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Can be difficult for beginners to get used to: The vast number of offers requires market knowledge.
  • Need to understand different traffic sources: For maximum effectiveness, you need to know the specifics of each source.

Affiliate features:

  • Alfaleads has a unique approach to supporting its partners, offering not only a variety of offers and payment models, but also additional services, such as legal support and assistance in localizing creatives.


CatAffs is a direct affiliate program associated with online casino brands such as Daddy, CatCasino and Gama. The platform offers arbitrators the opportunity to work with over 2,000 slots from 18 different providers, covering a wide range of games and online gambling offerings.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Extensive Game Library: Over 2,000 slots from 18 providers provide a variety of offerings.
  • Direct association with famous brands: Increases trust and recognition among players.
  • International coverage: Attracts a wide audience from various countries.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Specialization in gambling: Limits opportunities for arbitrageurs who do not work in this niche.
  • Possible restrictions for certain regions: Some countries may have restrictions on gaming activities.

Affiliate features:

CatAffs is focused on providing quality and diverse gaming offers, making it an ideal choice for affiliate marketers specializing in gambling.

Profit Pixels

Profit Pixels is a multi-vertical network that offers offers in such niches as cryptocurrency, nutra, astrology, dating, finance and gambling. The network is open to both beginners and experienced arbitrageurs, offering in-house crypto/forex offers.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Wide range of verticals: From crypto to dating and finance, provides a variety of choice.
  • Welcomes Beginners: Suitable for those who are just starting their journey in traffic arbitrage.
  • In-house offers: Exclusive offers, especially in the crypto and forex niches.
  • High rating: Excellent user reviews and ratings indicate the reliability and quality of the network.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Wide range of offers: It can be difficult to choose the most suitable offers without prior experience.
  • Competition: Popular niches can be saturated with many affiliates.

Affiliate features:

Profit Pixels offers a unique set of offers with high earning potential, especially focusing on innovative and high-yield niches such as cryptocurrencies and forex.


CPA.House is an affiliate network that began its public work in 2020. The network offers exclusive offers from direct advertisers in niches such as gambling, adult and nutra, with more than 600 offers in the catalog and the constant addition of new offers.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Exclusive Offers: Direct agreements with advertisers provide unique and advantageous offers.
  • Diversity of niches: Gambling, adult and nutra provide a wide range of monetization opportunities.
  • Constantly updating offers: New offers are regularly added to the catalog.
  • Availability for different countries: Offers cover many GEOs, allowing you to work with different markets.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • New to the Market: Being relatively new, CPA.House may not have the same reputation as more established platforms.
  • Minimum payout amount: $50 or €50 may be a high threshold for new arbitrage traders.

Affiliate features:

CPA.House focuses on providing high-quality and exclusive offers, constantly expanding its catalog and offering affiliates new opportunities to monetize traffic in various niches.


iMonetizeIt is a Smartlink and CPA platform that offers its users unique tools including free tracker, apps, and offers in various verticals such as Dating, Sweepstakes, iGaming, XGames, Nutra, Niched Dating. The platform attracts webmasters with its global reach and variety of offerings.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Free Tools: Provides free tracker and apps for the convenience of users.
  • Diversity of Verticals: A wide selection of niches provides many opportunities for monetization.
  • Worldwide Geo: Accepts traffic from all countries, increasing your earning potential.
  • Smartlink technology: Automatically optimizes offers for the user’s audience.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Can be challenging for beginners: A large number of tools and offers require time to learn.
  • High competition: Popular verticals can attract many affiliates.

Affiliate features:

iMonetizeIt is distinguished by its technology solutions that help simplify and automate the traffic arbitrage process, making it more efficient and profitable.


MyLead is a multi-vertical network with more than 4,000 offers in various niches, including goods, nutra, dating, crypto, finance, gambling and sweepstakes. The network operates on the CPS, CPA, PPI, CPL, COD models and provides webmasters with the necessary technical tools for analytics and automation of traffic management.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Large number of offers: More than 4,000 offers in various niches.
  • Technical tools: Content lockers, HideLink cesspool and other solutions for optimizing work.
  • Smartlink: Offers Smartlink offers in almost every popular vertical.
  • Low payout threshold: Payouts start at $20, making the network accessible to beginners.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Multiple Offers: Can make it difficult to choose the most profitable offers without prior experience.
  • It takes time to learn the tools: Beginners may need time to learn how to use all the tools provided.

Affiliate features:

MyLead stands out for its technical solutions and a wide range of offers, providing partners with everything they need to effectively and multifunctionally work with traffic.


Goldlead offers arbitrageurs high rates in popular payment models such as CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI and Revshare. The platform receives traffic from more than 20 sources and offers offers in several verticals, including Dating, utilities/soft, sweepstakes, iGaming, with geographic coverage around the world.

Affiliate benefits:

  • High Rates: Offers some of the highest rates on the market.
  • Variety of payment models: Allows you to choose the most profitable model for monetization.
  • Wide Selection of Verticals: Covers many popular and profitable niches.
  • Global Reach: Receives traffic from all over the world.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Having to navigate multiple offers and traffic sources: Can be overwhelming for newbies.
  • High competition in popular verticals: Increased optimization and testing may be required.

Affiliate features:

Goldlead stands out for its high stakes and wide range of offerings, making it an attractive choice for arbitrageurs looking to maximize their profits in a variety of niches.


AFFSTAR is an affiliate program with in-house offers in the verticals of information products, goods and interiors. The platform accepts traffic from the CIS countries and Latham, with the exception of incentivized traffic, and operates on a CPA and RevShare payment model. A special feature of AFFSTAR is instant withdrawal of funds without commissions.

Affiliate benefits:

  • In-house offers: Provide high conversion and stability.
  • Wide selection of verticals: Infoproducts, products and guts cover the various needs of the audience.
  • Instant withdrawal of funds: Money is available to webmasters without delays or commissions.
  • Coverage: They accept traffic from the CIS countries and Latam.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Limited geographical coverage: The main focus on the CIS and Latham may not be suitable for all arbitrageurs.
  • Restrictions on traffic types: Prohibiting incentivized traffic may limit some strategies.

Affiliate features:

AFFSTAR stands out for its exclusive offers and instant payouts, making the platform attractive to affiliate marketers who work in relevant geos and prefer quick financial transactions.

Lead Magnet

Lead-Magnet specializes in Russian-language training programs and offers offers for more than fifty countries. The platform allows traffic from any source, but with restrictions on push notifications, pop-ups and other methods. Designers regularly update and update promotional materials, and payments are made weekly.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Specialization in educational offers: A unique niche with high potential.
  • Traffic from any source is allowed: Versatility in attracting users.
  • Updated promotional materials: Constant updating and testing of creatives.
  • Weekly payments: Regular and convenient withdrawal of funds.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Restrictions on some traffic sources: Limits the ability to use certain acquisition methods.
  • Possible payment delays: If low-quality traffic is suspected, a hold of up to two weeks may be imposed.

Affiliate features:

Lead-Magnet stands out for its unique emphasis on educational offers and provides webmasters with support in the form of high-quality and relevant promotional materials, as well as flexible payment terms.


M1 is an affiliate network that has been operating in the affiliate market since 2013 and offers more than 700 exclusive offers in the white goods and nutra verticals. The network serves traffic from 72 geographies, including Latin America, Europe and the CIS.

Affiliate benefits:

  • A large number of exclusive offers: Provides a wide choice for traffic monetization.
  • International coverage: Working with 72 geos provides huge opportunities for scaling.
  • Long-term experience in the market: Stability and reliability thanks to long-term work in the industry.
  • Variety of verticals: White goods and nutra offer many strategies for making money.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Features of working with geo: It is necessary to take into account the specifics of each market for effective work.
  • High competition: Popular niches can attract many affiliates.

Affiliate features:

M1 stands out for its international reach and large number of exclusive offers, offering webmasters many opportunities to monetize traffic in various geographies and verticals.


KMA.BIZ is a leading affiliate program in the nutra vertical, launched in 2013. The company offers more than 110 products of its own production and a wide selection of geographical locations to attract traffic. Provides all the necessary tools for successful work of affiliates.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Own production: High-quality products with proven conversion.
  • Wide choice of GEOs: Working with different countries and audiences.
  • Available tools: All necessary tools are provided for effective traffic flow.
  • Low payment threshold: 2000 rubles, 40 $ or 40 €.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Specialization in nutra-verticals: May not be suitable for affiliate marketers working in other niches.
  • High competition: Popular verticals can attract many affiliates.

Affiliate features:

KMA.BIZ stands out for its own quality products and provision of all the necessary tools for successful work, making it a popular choice among arbitrage traders in the nutra-vertical.


RocketProfit is a product network with more than 150 diverse in-house offers in the verticals of physical goods and interiors. They provide master accounts for arbitration teams and help with the translation and adaptation of promotional materials. Traffic is accepted from all popular sources, including Facebook, Google, YAN, MyTarget, SEO, own sites and teaser networks.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Variety of offers: Wide selection of products and content for monetization.
  • Support for arbitration teams: Master accounts and individual rates for each employee.
  • Help with promotional materials: Adaptation and creation of individual turnkey bundles.
  • Diversity of traffic sources: Accept traffic from a wide range of channels.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Difficulty for beginners: The versatility and wide range of services can be challenging for beginners.
  • Potential traffic restrictions: Some traffic sources may have restrictions.

Affiliate features:

RocketProfit is distinguished by its individual approach to each partner and the provision of a wide range of tools for working with traffic as efficiently as possible.


Adtrafico is an international CPA network with more than 2000 offers in three main verticals: sweepstakes, dating and mobile billing. The network accepts all types of traffic, except bot, spam, motivated and fraud, and pays out without holds to popular payment systems on a weekly basis.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Large selection of offers: 2000+ offers in popular verticals.
  • International Reach: Receives traffic from all over the world.
  • Weekly payments: Regular and timely financial transactions.
  • Accepts a variety of traffic: Flexibility in choosing traffic sources.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Restrictions on traffic types: We do not accept bot, spam, incentivized or fraudulent traffic.
  • Can be difficult for beginners: A large number of offers requires analysis and selection.

Affiliate features:

Adtrafico stands out for its international offers and wide range of accepted traffic, making it a convenient choice for affiliate marketers working in various niches and geographies.

Let it cash

Let it cash is an iGaming CPA network that offers a powerful tracking platform for ease of use and traffic monetization. The network has its own solutions, including free PWA and Webview applications, as well as in-house SMS/Viber/WhatsApp mailing services for additional traffic monetization.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Powerful tracking platform: Provides convenient tools for tracking and analyzing traffic.
  • Free applications: PWA and Webview applications for any traffic source.
  • Additional monetization: SMS/Viber/WhatsApp mailing services increase your earning potential.
  • Referral program: 5% of the income of attracted partners.
  • Payments on request: Possibility of receiving money on any day.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Specialization in iGaming: May not be suitable for affiliate marketers working in other niches.
  • May take time to master the platform: New users may need time to fully understand all features.

Affiliate features:

Let it cash stands out with its technology solutions, offering a comprehensive set of tools to maximize traffic revenue in the iGaming vertical.


Rafinad is a financial CPA network with white offers in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The platform offers convenient options for withdrawing money, its own gift marketplace, and organizes competitions for webmasters.

Affiliate benefits:

  • White offers: Working with financial offers that have a high level of trust.
  • Own gift marketplace: Motivation and additional benefits for webmasters.
  • Competitions: Opportunity to win valuable prizes and earn extra money.
  • Convenient withdrawal options: Flexible options for receiving earned funds.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Limited geographical coverage: Focuses mainly on Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
  • Specialization in financial offers: May not be suitable for arbitrageurs in other verticals.

Affiliate features:

Rafinad is distinguished by its specialization in financial offers and offers additional motivational elements, such as a gift marketplace and competitions, making cooperation more attractive.


Zeydoo is an affiliate network with more than 10 in-house products in the verticals of smart surveys, lead generation, utilities, sweepstakes and mobile applications. Offers WW offers, unlimited caps and 24/7 support. The network provides stability of offers and ample opportunities for monetization.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Large selection of in-house products: Unique and exclusive offers.
  • Diversity of verticals: Wide range of niches for monetization.
  • International Reach: Receives traffic from all over the world.
  • 24/7 support: Always ready to help and answer questions.
  • Stability of offers: Offers reliable and long-term earning opportunities.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Experience may be required: To successfully work with a variety of offers, it is desirable to have a certain level of knowledge and experience.
  • High competition: Popular verticals can attract many affiliates.

Affiliate features:

Zeydoo stands out with its proprietary products and international reach, offering webmasters diverse and consistent traffic monetization opportunities.

Masons Partners

Masons Partners is an affiliate program created by the Masons Traffic arbitrage team. It provides 24/7 support and offers in more than 20 geographic locations, providing a complete infrastructure for successful bays.

Affiliate benefits:

  • 24/7 support: Help and advice always available.
  • Wide selection of GEOs: Offers for more than 20 different regions.
  • Complete infrastructure: Everything you need for efficient traffic flow.
  • Experienced Team: Knowledge and skills of the Masons Traffic arbitration team.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Focus on specific GEOs: May not be suitable for markets outside the specified 20+ locations.
  • May require experience: For maximum effectiveness, knowledge and experience in traffic arbitrage is preferred.

Affiliate features:

Masons Partners attracts webmasters with its comprehensive approach and ongoing support, making the platform especially attractive to affiliate marketers seeking to work effectively in different geographic regions.

4RABET Partner

4RABET Partner is a direct advertiser of the 4RABET bookmaker and the online casino of the same name. Specializes in the Indian market and offers payouts up to $100 per lead and 50% on RevShare. The affiliate program provides professional tools for work and deep expertise in a given GEO.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Specialization in the Indian market: Deep expertise and tailored solutions.
  • High payouts: Up to $100 per lead and 50% on RevShare.
  • Professional Tools: Support and tools to maximize your results.
  • Direct advertiser: Greater stability and reliability of offers.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Specialization in one market: Limiting work to the Indian market only.
  • May require specialized knowledge: To work effectively, an understanding of the Indian market is required.

Affiliate features:

4RABET Partner stands out for its specialization in the Indian market and offers high payouts and quality tools for working with this GEO, making it an ideal choice for specialized arbitrageurs.


Whale is a direct NUTRA advertiser with SS and Trial offers. Offers more than 300 private offers for work in Tier 1 and 2 GEOs. The platform actively cooperates with all TOP teams and supports developing teams in the internal vertical.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Exclusive offers: More than 300 private offers with TOP payouts.
  • Wide GEO coverage: Offers are available in Tier 1 and 2 regions.
  • Support and analysis: Personal senior manager and 24/7 technical support.
  • Flexible payment terms: Payments on request and incentive conditions for launches.
  • Various promotions and competitions: Additional earning opportunities and motivation.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Specialization in nutra-verticals: Limits the choice for affiliates in other niches.
  • High competition: Working with top teams can create a high level of competition.

Affiliate features:

Whale stands out for its exclusive offers and active support of arbitration teams, offering high payouts and flexible conditions for working in the intra-vertical.


MetaCPA is an affiliate program specializing in nutra offers with direct advertisers in Latin America and Asia. The network offers high rates and responsive manager support, and the minimum payout threshold is $50.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Specialization in nutra offers: Wide selection of high quality offers.
  • Direct advertiser: Greater stability and reliability of offers.
  • High rates: Offers with favorable monetization conditions.
  • Responsive managers: Support and assistance at any time.
  • Minimum payout threshold: Payouts start at $50.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Geographical limitation: Specializing in Latham and Asia may not be suitable for all arbitrageurs.
  • Gut Focus: May not be in line with the interests of affiliates in other verticals.

Affiliate features:

MetaCPA stands out for its specialization in internal offers and direct advertisers in certain geos, offering high rates and responsive manager support.


LuckyOnline is an affiliate network with original product offers in the interior vertical of the COD niche. The network is a direct advertiser with more than 50 offers in 20 categories and is active in the regions of Europe, the CIS and Latin America. The network has its own 24-hour call centers, ready-made connections, detailed traffic analytics and a profitable loyalty system for partners.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Author’s product offers: Exclusive offers in the nutra-vertical.
  • Wide GEO coverage: Work with various regions, including Europe, CIS and Latam.
  • Own call centers: Provide high-quality order processing.
  • Detailed Analytics: Helps optimize and improve campaigns.
  • Loyalty system: Additional bonuses and rewards for active partners.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Specialization in nutra: Limits the choice for affiliates in other verticals.
  • Experience May Be Required: A certain level of knowledge and experience is desirable to perform effectively.

Affiliate features:

LuckyOnline stands out for its signature offers and active work in various geographic regions, offering a comprehensive set of tools and support for successful traffic monetization.


ARAY is an affiliate program specializing in the nutra and binary options verticals, as well as offering offers for gambling & betting. The network provides exclusive offers and actively works with all TOP teams, supporting developing teams in the internal vertical.

Affiliate benefits:

  • Exclusive offers: Developed together with advertisers for high conversion.
  • A large number of offers: 300+ offers with TOP payouts.
  • Motivational conditions: Percentage of withdrawals to stimulate launches.
  • Personal senior manager: Internal market analysis and qualified assistance.
  • 24/7 technical support: Constant traffic monitoring and assistance at any time.
  • Payments on request: Flexibility in financial transactions.

Disadvantages of an affiliate program:

  • Specialization in certain verticals: May not be suitable for affiliate marketers outside of nutra and binary options.
  • High level of competition: Working with TOP teams can increase competition.

Affiliate features:

ARAY is distinguished by its exclusive offers and motivational conditions, offering qualified support and flexible financial conditions for successful work in the nutra-vertical.

How we compiled the top best affiliate programs for arbitration

Compiling the top best affiliate programs for traffic arbitrage is a responsible task that requires careful analysis and selection. We will tell you how we approached this process and what criteria we took into account when choosing affiliate programs.

Step 1: Analysis of verticals and geography

The first step was to analyze the verticals in which affiliate marketers can work most successfully. We took into account popular verticals such as nutra, tovarka, sweepstakes, iGaming and others. We also took into account that arbitrators can choose the geography to work in, so we included affiliate programs that provide offers in different regions, including Latin America, Europe, the CIS and others.

Step 2: Analyze ratings and reviews

We examined the ratings of affiliate programs on various resources and forums, and also studied reviews of affiliates and webmasters who worked with these affiliate programs. Ratings and reviews helped us understand which affiliate programs have a good reputation in the arbitrage community.

Step 3: Analysis of conditions and payments

We carefully studied the terms of cooperation with each affiliate program, including payment models, minimum payments, availability of holdings and other financial aspects. This allowed us to evaluate how profitable it is to monetize traffic from each of them.

Step 4: Communication with managers

We contacted affiliate program managers to learn more about their offerings, support and customized collaboration opportunities. Communication with managers helped us understand how ready the affiliate program is to support affiliate marketers and webmasters.

Step 5: Benchmarking

Based on the information collected, we conducted a comparative analysis and selected the top affiliate programs for traffic arbitrage. We took into account the diversity of verticals, geography, conditions and reputations to provide arbitrators with the most objective and useful list.

How do arbitrageurs make money on affiliate programs?

Traffic arbitrageurs can make money from affiliate programs using various strategies and methods. Here are some of them:

1. Selecting a vertical and offer

Affiliates choose the vertical and specific offers that best suit their traffic and skills. This could be Nutra, Tovarka, sweepstakes, iGaming and many other verticals.

2. Launch of advertising campaigns

Arbitrageurs create and launch advertising campaigns on various platforms, such as social networks, search engines, teaser networks and others. They use various types of advertising, including banners, text ads, videos, and other formats.

3. Campaign optimization

Arbitrageurs constantly optimize their advertising campaigns by analyzing data and results. They can change target audiences, budgets, creatives and other parameters to achieve the best results.

4. Data analysis

Affiliates carefully analyze data from their campaigns to identify successful strategies and optimize their efforts. They can use analytics tools to track conversions, ROI, and other metrics.

5. Scaling

Once affiliates find successful strategies, they can scale their campaigns by increasing budgets and traffic volumes. This allows them to increase profits.

6. Cooperation with affiliates

Arbitrageurs can collaborate with affiliate programs, gaining access to exclusive offers, high rates and support. Affiliate programs can provide special conditions and tools for successful traffic monetization.

7. Experimentation and innovation

Arbitrageurs often experiment and look for new innovative methods of traffic monetization. They can test different strategies and platforms to find the best ways to make money.

All these methods allow arbitrage traders to make money from affiliate programs and achieve successful results in the world of traffic arbitrage.

Frequently asked questions about affiliate programs for traffic arbitrage

When working with affiliate programs for traffic arbitrage, questions often arise. We’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions and provided answers to them.

1. What is an affiliate program and how does it work?

An affiliate program is a mechanism of cooperation between advertisers and affiliates (partners) who can monetize traffic and attract customers to advertisers. Affiliates receive commissions for actions taken by referred customers, such as purchases, registrations and other conversions.

2. What verticals are most popular for traffic arbitrage?

Among the most popular verticals for traffic arbitrage are nutra, tovarka, sweepstakes, iGaming, finance, dating, and others. The choice of vertical depends on the experience and preferences of the affiliate.

3. How to choose a suitable affiliate program?

To select a suitable affiliate program, arbitrators should take into account a number of criteria, including the program’s reputation, terms of cooperation, payment models, geography of offers, and others. It is also important to pay attention to reviews and ratings of programs.

4. What payment models are used in affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs can use various payment models such as CPA (cost per action), RevShare (revenue share), CPL (cost per lead), CPI (cost per app install) and others. The choice of model depends on the specific program and goals of the arbitrator.

5. Is there a minimum payout amount and how does it work?

Yes, many affiliate programs have a minimum payout amount. Arbitrators must reach this amount before they are paid. Minimum payment amounts may vary from program to program.

6. What traffic sources can be used for arbitrage?

Arbitrageurs can use a variety of traffic sources, including social networks, search engines, teaser networks, contextual advertising, as well as their own websites and applications. It is important to follow the rules and requirements of affiliate programs when choosing traffic sources.

7. How to ensure security during traffic arbitration?

Traffic arbitrage security includes protection against fraud, using safe traffic sources, monitoring advertising campaigns, and ensuring data confidentiality. Arbitrageurs can also work with proven affiliate programs.

8. What are the main risks in traffic arbitrage?

The main risks in traffic arbitrage are loss of budget, low conversion, account blocking and unforeseen changes in the rules of affiliate programs. Arbitrageurs must be prepared for risks and have strategies to mitigate them.

9. What tools are useful for traffic arbitrage?

For successful traffic arbitrage, useful tools are analytical platforms, tracking systems, specialized services for traffic monetization, as well as tools for creating and optimizing advertising campaigns.

10. How to get started with the affiliate program for arbitrage?

To start working with an affiliate program, an arbitrator should register in the program, select offers and traffic sources, create advertising campaigns and start monetizing traffic. It is also important to study the program rules and follow them.


In this article, we looked at the world of affiliate programs for traffic arbitrage, providing detailed information about the best affiliate programs, the specifics of their work, advantages and disadvantages. Traffic arbitrage is an effective way to monetize Internet traffic by attracting customers to advertisers and receiving commissions for it. It provides many earning opportunities, but also comes with risks that need to be taken into account. It is important to be informed and professional in this area, follow changes in the industry and choose reliable partners for cooperation.

We hope that this article helped you better understand the world of traffic arbitrage and make the right choice when working with affiliate programs.


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