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Affiliate marketing has become a popular way to make money online, especially with the development of various affiliate programs and platforms. You might be interested to hear about one of the possibilities in this area – under-drain applications. In this article, we will talk about the use of such applications, their importance and popularity in modern traffic arbitrage.

Definition of the concept of “applications under the drain”

Applications for traffic sinking in arbitration are specialized applications or services on smartphones and tablets designed to participate in traffic arbitration and are designed to collect traffic or to drain traffic to affiliate programs or other sites for monetization. The issues of working with such applications and finding the most suitable candidates for traffic arbitration are discussed in this article.

The importance and popularity of such applications in modern traffic arbitrage

Traffic drain apps are essential tools for webmasters and affiliates. Firstly, they help you get a steady flow of relevant traffic from a specific audience, which can be useful for working with a CPA affiliate network in affiliate marketing. Secondly, such applications can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on finding and selecting quality traffic for arbitration.

It is important to note that the efficiency of working with applications for traffic draining may also depend on the prospective selection of suitable options and optimal interaction with them. In this article, we will figure out how to get the most out of interaction with traffic drain applications, study different types of traffic drain applications and how they work.

How traffic drain apps work

Analysis of applications under the drain

Overview of popular plumbing apps and their features

There are many trusted app rental services offering a variety of tools and verticals. Rarely, but there are applications for cryptocurrency and binary options – this is considered almost exclusive. Below is a list of such services with which you can interact on favorable terms. Keep in mind that not all services have a personal account, which limits the possibilities.

It is important to note that many services carry out preliminary moderation, and sometimes access is possible only by invitation. Always check reviews and service contacts to avoid problems.

  • Kit Store is a well-known portal specializing in gambling and betting applications. He has a good reputation, but sometimes there are problems with registration or communication with those. support.
  • is a private mobile app rental service that launched in 2020. Registration is possible only by invitation, which is not easy to get. Features: a large selection of applications with a good design, setting up push notifications and other options.
  • MagicApps is a relatively new service that accepts registration applications through a Google form. It will accept even beginners who are ready to get their first experience. A large selection of verticals is supported.
  • is a common mobile app rental service. To contact support, you must first register, which can cause problems.
  • CpaStore is a store for arbitrageurs offering applications for gambling, dating and betting, registration via Telegram.
  • AppGamblingStore is a relatively new service. He not only rents applications, but also offers to buy them and develop them for Android / iOS for a certain amount.

In general, it does not matter if you choose one of these services or several, the main thing is that they will help you complete your tasks.

As a rule, developers of such applications offer two main types of earnings:

1. For installing the application – the user is offered to install and run the application, for which the affiliate relies on a fee.

2. For performing certain actions in the application (purchases, logging in or registering, reaching a certain level in the game, etc.).

Examples of such applications:

1. “Cash’Em All” is an application where users can earn money by playing games. Revenues here are generated from advertising and in-app purchases.

2. “Mistplay” is a service that pays users to play mobile games. Revenue is also generated from advertising and in-app purchases.

3. “Sweatcoin” – an application that pays users for steps. Revenues are generated from advertising and partnership agreements.

Mechanics of loading traffic:

1. Creation of advertising campaigns: This can be done through social networks, contextual advertising or any other platform on which you want to drive traffic. Your ads should target a paying audience that is interested in installing new apps.

2. Optimization: It is important to constantly analyze and optimize your advertising campaigns. This will allow you to see which ads perform best and focus on them.

3. Technical: You need to use tracking systems and tags to know exactly where the traffic is coming from and which ads are performing well.

4. Profitability: In addition to increasing traffic, it is important for you to ensure its quality and profitability. That is, not all users who install the app will become active users or make in-app purchases. Your task is to find and attract just such an audience.

5. Copying Successful Campaigns: Analyze successful competitor campaigns and try to copy their mechanics and strategy in order to attract more users. All this is difficult, requires certain skills and time, but with the right approach can be very profitable.

6. Using Affiliate Programs: Many developers offer affiliate programs where you can earn a commission for every app install or action taken by a user on the app. You need to research various affiliate programs and choose the most profitable ones.

So, there is a lot of work, but with the right approach, experience and skills in Internet marketing, they can bring good profit.

Creating an application to drain traffic

You don’t have to be an experienced IT professional to create a quality app. Today, there are many online designers that allow you to create your own application without special knowledge. For example, MobiCommerce with rich features and functionality, iBuildApp with a Russian-language interface, or Apptuse, which makes it easy to create applications for iOS and Android.

An alternative would be to order the app through freelancing. Creating an application for Android will cost starting from $150, and a native application for iOS – from $400.

App rental

Some affiliate programs offer rental of already created applications. This approach allows you to access an already published application in Google PlayMarket or Appstore. The rental price starts from 5,000 rubles per day.

Get the app for free

The easiest option is to cooperate with an affiliate program. When working with a reliable affiliate program, you can get access to various verticals and top offers, individual promotional materials and all the functionality of the site. For example, Datify.Link provides free and no-rent apps that can be used to advertise dating projects on FB, UAC, TT.

Different types of under sink applications and their applicability in different verticals

In traffic arbitrage, there are different types of traffic drain applications, and each type may be better suited to certain verticals or market segments.

  • Sweepstakes and gaming: gaming applications and content consumption services (such as video and music) are the main sources of traffic for arbitrageurs operating in this segment.
  • Finance & Insurance: Apps related to loans, investments and insurance are the top traffic source for arbitrage success in this vertical.
  • Dating: Dating apps and social platforms can be used to drive traffic to offers related to dating and social initiatives.

Benefits and Limitations of Drain Applications

The use of applications to drain traffic has its advantages and limitations.


  • A huge number of users to attract your offers.
  • The ability to attract specialized traffic from certain industry verticals.
  • Reducing the time and effort spent on finding and selecting quality traffic for arbitration.
  • There are many ways to monetize traffic.


  • A competitive environment that requires constant effort to work effectively with drain applications.
  • The need for constant analysis and optimization to ensure maximum effectiveness of the arbitration campaign.
  • The ability to work only with those verticals of the industry that applications are focused on.

Thus, the use of apps for draining in traffic arbitrage can be an effective solution for webmasters and arbitrageurs, but it requires a competent and competent approach to choosing apps, strategies for draining traffic and monetization.

Drain App Strategies

Market research and selection of suitable applications for draining

Initially, you need to research the market and go through the stage of selecting applications to successfully drain traffic. Define your main goals and consider intelligence objectives such as:

  • Studying current trends and ways to monetize traffic.
  • Analysis of the market and current opportunities available for your niche.
  • Choosing the right apps and services to drain traffic based on your vertical.
  • Analysis of competitors and determination of the most effective monetization models

Studying competitors is an important step in developing a strategy for working with applications for traffic drain. Your analysis should include:

  • Evaluation of the success of competitors in your field.
  • Determination of the most effective practices and monetization models used by competitors.
  • Identifying opportunities to improve and uniquely offer your campaign.

Creation of attractive and converting offers for applications under the drain

Your success in traffic arbitrage largely depends on how attractive and converting your offers will be. Pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Development of offers focused on the target audience and their needs.
  • Creation of promotional or exclusive offers to increase user interest.
  • Regular updating and innovation of offers to keep your offer up to date.
  • Landing page optimization for maximum conversion

Check how well your landing pages are performing:

  • Structuring landing pages to improve user experience and loading speed.
  • Offering engaging content to keep visitors engaged and engaged with the page.
  • Placing bright and action-inducing CTAs (call to action) that increase the likelihood of conversions.

Testing and optimization of work with applications under the drain

Finally, keep an eye on traffic arbitrage and test for optimization:

  • Monitoring of performance indicators and KPIs.
  • Setting up and testing various campaigns, strategies and targeting.
  • Implementation of feedback and improvement of interaction with users.

Following the aforementioned traffic drain app strategies will allow you to get the most out of your marketing efforts and collaborate effectively with affiliate programs and platforms in traffic arbitrage.

Possible problems when working with applications under the sink

1. Low conversion

Issue: Conversions on sink apps can be lower than expected, which can result in wasted time and costs.

Solution: Optimize offers, improve targeting, and offer more action-packed landing pages. Test different approaches and clean up problematic traffic sources to increase conversions.

2. High user churn

Problem: Traffic can have a high churn rate due to low user satisfaction with the offer or content.

Solution: Focus on improving the user experience and offer additional benefits and advantages to the audience. Develop loyalty and reward systems to retain users.

3. Violation of platform rules and policies

Issue: Dealing with apps under the drain can lead to accidental or intentional violation of the rules and policies of the platform, which entails fines and problems.

Solution: Make sure you strictly follow the guidelines of each platform you partner with and audit your campaign to ensure compliance and prevent unwanted consequences.

4. Fake traffic

Issue: Some traffic sources may use fake users, bots, and other manipulations to mislead affiliates.

Solution: Use monitoring tools and systems to filter fake traffic and cooperate only with reliable and trusted partners and platforms.

5. Low quality of users

Problem: Drained apps can attract users who do not meet the expectations and requirements of the affiliate.

Solution: Review and optimize targeting by creating comprehensive user portraits. Analyze data and adjust your strategy to attract quality traffic.

6. Restrictions in scaling

Problem: Scaling traffic and profits in arbitrage can be a complex and resource intensive process.

Solution: Consider collaborating with new partners, attracting additional traffic sources and developing your own applications to attract more traffic.

7. Abrupt changes in platform algorithms

Problem: Platform algorithms can change regularly, which can reduce the effectiveness of arbitrage campaigns.

Solution: Stay up to date with algorithm updates, news and updates from the industry. Be prepared to adapt and change traffic arbitrage strategies to meet changing platform requirements or conditions.


Working with applications to drain traffic is a promising and sought-after direction in traffic arbitrage with the right strategy and approach. However, it is worth remembering the possible problems and solutions associated with this type of activity.

The main problems that can arise when working with sink apps include low conversion, high user churn, violation of platform rules and policies, fake traffic, poor user quality, scaling limitations, and abrupt changes in platform algorithms.

To solve and minimize the effect of these problems, it is important to develop and adapt your strategy based on market, competitor and audience analysis, optimize landing pages and offers, and actively monitor and test your work with applications.

With the right approach to traffic arbitrage using sink apps, you will be able to increase your conversion, attract high-quality users and successfully scale your business, ensuring stable growth and income from cooperation with affiliate programs and platforms.

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