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In the modern world of online advertising, the term “cloaking” has long been well known to professionals in the field of affiliate marketing. This technology allows you to bypass the restrictions of advertising platforms and get quality traffic even where it would seem impossible. In our review, we will familiarize you with the top 10 cloaking services that are designed specifically for affiliate marketing under the TikTok platform.

What does cloaca mean in affiliate marketing

Cloaca or cloaking is a technology widely used in affiliate marketing, especially on platforms such as Datify.Link. This technique replaces the content on your landing page depending on the viewer. Bots and moderators of the advertising network will see a legitimate site with medical publications, while real users who click on an advertising link will see a landing page with an offer to buy joint gel.

The main purposes of cloaking include:

  • Bypassing moderation of traffic sources, filtering out bots and hiding real content from moderators.
  • Protecting your advertising strategies from competitors and spy services.
  • Purchasing traffic from sources that are prohibited by the advertiser.

When used correctly, cloaking can protect your advertising strategies from competitors and spy services, help you bypass moderation of traffic sources and buy traffic from sources that are prohibited by the advertiser. Even though mainstream advertising networks and search engines oppose cloaking due to its ability to circumvent established rules and restrictions, the Datify.Link affiliate programs are neutral on this practice since their primary goal is to attract quality traffic.

Why cloaking TikTok

TikTok is a platform that ranks among the leading traffic sources for affiliate marketing. However, like many other platforms, TikTok has its own rules and restrictions on promoting certain verticals. Cloaking allows affiliate marketers to effectively work with TikTok, bypassing these restrictions and reaching their target audience without the risk of a quick ban. This is especially useful for promoting niches such as daiting, betting, cryptocurrencies and other “gray” verticals that are not officially welcomed on the platform.

Cloaking services not only help to hide the real content of your landing page from TikTok moderators, but also offer a number of additional features to protect your advertising campaign from competitors and spy services, which in turn helps to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and get a better ROI.

Features of traffic from TikTok

TikTok is a global platform for sharing short videos, and its unique structure offers good opportunities for affiliate marketers. TikTok’s recommendation system is able to automatically promote interesting content, increasing its visibility among the mass audience without additional advertising costs.

According to statistics, the number of TikTok users in Russia reaches the 8 million mark, and the average age of the target audience ranges from 13 to 25, which makes this platform an excellent source of youth traffic. Most users actively spend time in the app, on average more than 40 minutes a day, and regularly return to watch recommended videos. This audience profile makes TikTok an ideal platform for promoting products and services aimed at the youth segment of the market.

Promotion options other than TikTok

When working with TikTok, it is also important to consider alternative methods of promotion. One such method is to post links to your TikTok videos on other social platforms and forums. This approach requires more effort, as you need to draw users’ attention to your content on one network and then redirect them to TikTok to view a second promotional integration. But at the same time, it opens access to a wider audience and reduces the risk of getting banned on TikTok.

Placing links and comments with advertising content on various platforms can help to take the leading positions among other ads and provide a steady flow of traffic to your website or website. The main advantage of this method is the absence of the risk of banning that accompanies cloaking in TikTok. However, it is important to remember that many platforms do not welcome aggressive advertising campaigns and may restrict your access in case of excessive activity or mass placement of similar links and comments.

Placing links and comments with advertising content on various platforms can help to take the leading positions among other ads and provide a steady flow of traffic to your website or website. The main advantage of this method is the absence of the risk of banning that accompanies cloaking in TikTok. However, it is important to remember that many platforms do not welcome aggressive advertising campaigns and may restrict your access in case of excessive activity or mass placement of similar links and comments.

Best 12 cloaking services for affiliate marketing under TikTok

Cloaking House

Cloaking House is a product from the House holding company, which includes several projects in the field of advertising and affiliate marketing. This service is characterized by affordable prices for beginners: if you pay for a year’s subscription, the initial version of the service will cost only $20 per month. This makes it a more economical option compared to other services, such as Keitaro.

Cloaking House features:

  • A Machine Learning based self-learning system.
  • Protect traffic on various advertising networks including Facebook, Yandex, MT and TikTok.
  • Flexible customization of filtering by various parameters such as countries, devices, OS, browsers, etc.
  • Easy PHP integration for quick installation on your sites or platforms.
  • Detailed statistics on each click.

The plans vary in the number of active streams, and the starter plan costs $30 per month or $20 per month with an annual fee. If you use the promo code “CONVERSION”, you can get an additional 20% discount.


Adspect is another excellent service that includes both cloaking and tracker. The service works with various advertising platforms including Facebook, Google and TikTok and offers built-in solutions to protect against manual checks and anti-virus bots.

Особенности Adspect:

  • Extensive IP address database (1.6 billion IPv4 addresses and tens of thousands of IPv6 networks).
  • Built-in JS fingerprinting and machine learning technologies to analyze prints.
  • Automated without the need for redirects, with PHP or JS support.
  • Support for CloudFlare and other CDN services in proxy mode.
  • Wight page generators and the ability to copy sites to create your cloaking pages.
  • Timed link rotation and A/B testing to optimize your campaign.
  • Minute statistic updates for quick performance monitoring.

Pricing for Adspect starts at $300 for a basic plan, making it a more expensive option than Cloaking House, but with more functionality and features for professional cloaking.


CLOAK IT is a traffic filtering and cloaking service that works with most traffic sources including FB, G ads and TikTok. The service offers a new version with an improved interface and optimized script, making it fast and efficient.

With Machine Learning and Smart Cloaking technologies, CLOAK IT helps filter out unwanted traffic such as bots and spammers. Costs start at $70 per month, and there’s a promo code FBKILLA for 40% off, as well as an additional 50% off annual plans.

AlterCPA One

AlterCPA One is a cloud-based traffic filtering service that protects ad campaigns and websites from bots, spam and other unwanted visits. The service offers various tools for teamwork, blacklist management, and a universal API for checking visits and orders. It comes with a tracker with support for smart split tests and statistics on targets.

To use the service, you need to add your site, specify a target site and a suitable spammer plug, then use the suggested insertion methods to customize the traffic filter. Rates start at $70 for one ad campaign per month, $120 for 15 campaigns and $280 for 100 campaigns per month.


IM KLO is an excellent choice for those who want to cloaking in TikTok. The service offers a developed database of search bots, IP addresses and unwanted visitors. But, since it is not a cloud-based service, you will need to set up your own server and install the script in the root of your domain. In case of any problems, you can contact tech support, which is considered one of the best on the market. After purchase, you will have access to chat with the developers for consultation. A lifetime subscription for January 2022 costs $330 with up to 30% off. IM KLO has integration with trackers like Keitaro and automatically updates the IP address databases of bots and moderators.


Keitaro is originally a tracking service, but is also used for cloaking due to its large bot database (over 500 thousand IPs) and various functionalities. The price starts at 25 dollars per month, but you will need to prepare your own server to work with the service. Keitaro offers various redirect options, stream rotation, more than 30 built-in filters and its own lendings editor.

The service automatically generates reports and provides detailed statistics that can be exported. In addition, Keitaro can be integrated with various traffic sources and payment models, has over a hundred templates to work with various platforms, including TikTok, Google and Yandex. Keitaro is suitable for both individual affiliate marketers and teams, offering user creation with different levels of access. A one week trial version with basic features is available before purchase.


Zeustrak is a cloud-based cloaking service that allows a whole team to work in one profile. The service has the ability to set different access levels for the team, as well as support in Russian. Zeustrak has a well-designed blacklist with IP addresses of bots and other unwanted users. The service offers advanced filtering settings, including the ability to add your own addresses. There is a free plan with a limit of 10 thousand events per month, which is suitable for working with Facebook and Google advertising accounts. The built-in analytical tool will help analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


HideClick is a cloaca with a large database of IP addresses that works well with Google, Facebook, Yandex and VK. The service offers three pricing plans: basic for $145, advanced for $245, and professional for $1,495. HideClick offers various integration options, supports PHP, JS redirects, and offers unlimited domains, clicks, and ad campaigns. There is an option to take advantage of a free 3-day trial before paying.

CPA Tracker

CPA Tracker is a tracker with cloaca functions, which can be suitable for beginners due to a completely free plan. The service helps to manage transitions, make templates, analyze the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and take into account each visitor. Technical support is available around the clock, but only from the paid tariff for 2500 rubles per month. In case of a limited budget, you can discuss issues in the VKontakte group.


Bhole.Space is a simple cloud-based cloaca ideal for beginners, especially for Facebook affiliate marketing. The service offers simple setup and attractive pricing: $25 per month for the ability to run 25 campaigns and set up up to 10 domains. There’s also a weekly subscription for $8.5 and a free trial for 3 days.

To hide a link you will need to link a domain, insert a link to a white site for bots and moderators, and insert a link to an offer page for regular users. Bhole.Space features include support for SSL certificates, WhitePage validation, automatic removal of inactivated domains, detailed click-through statistics and shortening of long links.


TrafficArmor is a cloaking service that offers flexible filtering functions: you can filter by IP, user agent or a combination of both methods. The service has a large database of proxies, VPN services, bots and moderator IP addresses. It is also possible to add certain users to the blacklist manually. The peculiarity of this service is that payment is made not per month, but for the number of clicks.

For example, the base plan includes 32,500 clicks for $129, while the maximum plan offers 750,000 clicks for $599. TrafficArmor is suitable for cloaking in any ad networks and helps to filter out frod traffic, not only by hiding pages with offers.

Fraud Filter

Fraud Filter is a tool for filtering ford traffic, which can also be used for cloaking. When a visitor enters a website, the service creates its “fingerprint” and automatically evaluates it according to certain parameters. Bots, moderators and other unwanted users are redirected to a white page, while the target audience is shown an offer.

The cloaca database is updated in real time, making IP changes invalid to bypass filtering. The price of this service is fixed at $199 per month. Fraud Filter is compatible with various content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Google Tag Manager and Shopify and is suitable for hiding links in 130 ad networks.

Why can an account be banned

Tic Toc refers to loyal platforms, allowing you to create multiple accounts from a single device. However, there are certain rules, violation of which can result in a shadow ban or even a lifetime account lockout. Here are some reasons for blocking:

  • Advertising of illegal substances: For example, advertisements for casinos, sports betting, or 18+ material.
  • Re-uploading a video: Tic Toc’s algorithm may consider re-uploading the same video as copyright infringement or spam.
  • High activity: Too many subscriptions, likes and comments in a short period of time can be considered as spam.
  • Copyright Infringement: Uploading other people’s videos to your profile without permission may result in a ban.
  • Lots of content complaints: If many users complain about your content, the account may be blocked.

To avoid being blocked, it’s worth knowing Tik Tok’s limits: up to 500 likes, 200 subscriptions, 300 comments and no more than 5 hashtags per day under one video.

How to drive traffic from Tic Toc.

Not all users can set up an advertising account in Tic Toc, but there are ways around this limitation:

  • Advertising via Yandex.Direct (Yandex.Direct): This is a reliable method that allows you to show ads up to 15 minutes between videos in the user’s feed. You can also place a direct link for the audience to click through.
  • Commenting: Posting interesting comments under popular videos can attract traffic.
  • Account Promotion: Creating popular content and following Tik Tok trends will help attract new audiences.
  • Advertising with bloggers: This may require an investment, but it is effective. You can ask the blogger to post a link on your profile or invite your audience to link to your account.
  • Running ads in Tik Tok ADS: If you have access to the advertising cabinet, you can run a 60-second commercial in the feed. However, manual registration in the advertising cabinet can be complicated and there is a risk of your application being rejected.

Thus, there are many ways to attract traffic from Tik Tok, and each user can choose the most suitable method for himself.

Tips on setting up TikTok cloak for affiliate marketers

Cloaking on TikTok can be an effective way to bypass strict advertising policies, but it requires the right setup. Here are some tips for affiliate marketers to make sure your cloaking campaign is effective.

Selecting the right wight

  • The white (or white page) is what the moderators and bots of the ad network see.
  • This page should match the theme of your creative and the geo-targeting language of your campaign to pass moderation without any problems.

Setting the same meta tags

  • Meta tags are important because they are displayed on some ad networks when you add a link to your site.
  • If the meta tags on the wythe and on the actual page are different, it may make moderators suspicious.

Watch out for pixels

  • If you’re using analytics from ad systems, make sure you set up the pixel correctly.
  • Don’t use standard code on pages where conversions are made so the pixel doesn’t track down the sources of the conversion.

Prepare for a possible lockdown

  • Cloaca is not a guarantee that your account won’t be banned.
  • Do not deposit large amounts in advance and do not use your main account for cloaking to avoid large losses in case of blocking.

Study the instructions from the cloaca services

  • Study the manuals and manuals thoroughly before setting up the cloaca.
  • If there are unclear points, don’t hesitate to ask support for help. It is better to spend more time studying than to risk getting banned because of a misunderstanding.

By following these tips, you will be able to set up your TikTok cloaca more effectively, reducing your risks and increasing the likelihood of successful moderation.


What is cloaking and why do you need it in TikTok?

Cloaking is a technique that allows different versions of a website to be shown to different users. In TikTok it can help to hide advertising materials from moderators and bots of the platform, allowing to show them only to real users.

What are the main services that offer cloaking services for TikTok?

Some of the popular services for cloaking in TikTok include IM KLO, Keitaro and TrafficArmor. They offer different features and pricing plans for affiliate marketers.

What is wight (white page) and how to get it right?

A wight is the version of a website that is shown to moderators and bots on an ad network. The correct wight should match the theme of your creative and the language of the geographic area you are targeting to make sure your site passes moderation.

What are some ways to attract traffic from TikTok?

There are several ways to attract traffic from TikTok, including setting up ads through Yandex.Direct, commenting under popular videos, promoting your account through popular trends and hashtags, and collaborating with popular bloggers.

How to avoid account lockout when using cloaking in TikTok?

To minimize the risk of being blocked, you should carefully set up cloaking, do not deposit large amounts in advance, do not use your main account for cloaking, and keep a close eye on all updates and TikTok’s requirements for advertising content.


Cloaking on TikTok is an effective tool for circumventing the platform’s strict advertising policies, allowing affiliate marketers to reach their target audience. However, as with any other tool, it is important to use cloaking responsibly and in accordance with the platform’s rules and regulations to avoid possible account blocking and fines.

There are several services and approaches to cloaca customization that can help you achieve your TikTok marketing goals, but thorough research and testing is always recommended to determine which ones will work best for your specific situation.

Don’t forget about the support and training offered by cloaking services as well. They can be a valuable resource for improving your skills and understanding of how cloaking works on TikTok. Successfully utilizing cloaking can greatly improve your chances of achieving high levels of engagement and conversion on this dynamic social network.

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