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In the age of technology, smartphones are not just devices, they have become a mirror of our daily lives, reflecting our daily habits, interests and even ambitions. Those miniature computers in our pockets open doors to a world of limitless possibilities, and the key to those doors is mobile apps. In this world, every click, every swipe matters, creating an echo in the ocean of the digital economy.

The Rocketing Growth of the Mobile Universe

The growth rate of the mobile industry is tremendous. In 2021, the number of app downloads grew by 5%, reaching an astronomical 230 billion. These aren’t just numbers, they are a reflection of profound changes in consumer habits and people’s daily lives. The average time users spend in apps has grown by 30% to 4.8 hours per day, up from 3.4 hours in 2019. This growth shows how mobile apps are becoming an integral part of our existence, covering more and more aspects of our lives.

With each passing day, this world is attracting more and more affiliate marketers eager to snag their share from this huge and growing market. Competition is fierce, turning every available slice of the market into a battleground. Those who just a few years ago were easily making money in this field are now facing real problems. And in this struggle for the user’s attention, every tool, every resource matters.

A Goldmine for Newbies and Veterans alike

Beginners enter this arena with the desire to quickly gather maximum profits while minimizing their expenses on domains, hosting, lendings development and more. However, not everyone can make it all the way to the top of the digital pyramid. This is where mobile affiliate marketing app services come to the rescue, offering solutions that can make this path much easier.

This evolution not only opens new horizons for affiliate marketers, but also offers the user a wider choice, making them the king of this digital kingdom. But which services are the leaders in this world of mobile affiliate marketing? The following sections will introduce you to ten such services, each one unique in its own way, and will help you master this world by offering innovative solutions and features.

15 Best Mobile App Rental Services for affiliate marketing

App Solution

App Solution mobile app rental service specializes in offering WebView apps for various verticals. Rental rates start at $0.04 per installation. Customers can contact the service via Telegram bot @AppSolution_bot. The platform cooperates with such systems as 1C, Bitrix, amoCRM, Vod@voz, iiko, Sberbank, Tinkoff, UKassa, Promsvyazbank, and App Metrica.

Technical support is available via the Telegram bot mentioned above. The service is focused on the Russian and European markets, with the main languages of communication being Russian and English. You can replenish the balance using Visa, MasterCard, or MIR cards. The minimum cost of the service is 250 rubles.

“App Solution” offers unique and stylish designs for WebView applications, especially emphasizing the aggressive casino style. After contacting the bot and carrying out a small integration procedure, customers can easily and quickly start using the service. The bot’s interface is intuitive, making it easy to rent applications even for those who have no experience with such services.

The procedure of “unsharing” applications takes only one minute, and when working with one cabinet – no more than 30 seconds. According to the service’s management, the fast results were achieved due to the team’s experience in developing mobile applications and the introduction of the new unsharing functionality.

For new users there are 14 days of free use of the service. After the trial period expires, the following tariffs apply:

  • $0.07 per installation for up to 10,000 installations per week;
  • $0.06 per installation for volume of 10 000 installations per week or more;
  • $0.05 per installation at a volume of 25 000 installations per week;
  • $0.04 per installation for 40,000 or more installations per week.

App Solution’s advantages include:

  • More than 2 years of experience in the app development market;
  • Low cost of services;
  • Large selection of apps (more than 10 available for rent);
  • Development of more than 700 apps specifically for gambling;
  • High conversion rate and app stability.

The team is confident in the high quality of their products and is ready to help clients with the distribution of their database to improve ROI. If you need stylish and modern WebView applications at an affordable price, “App Solution” can be a great choice.

Traffic Devils

Traffic Devils is a service specializing in affiliate marketing and app rentals, with prices starting from $0.38. Since 2021, the company has been offering its services on the CIS market. You can contact technical support via Telegram: @tdshop_support. The service offers secure transactions, and you can deposit via Capitalist, Monobank or USDT (TRC-20). The site provides information in English and Russian.

The range of activities of Traffic Devils includes gambling, betting, cryptocurrency, dealing, gut and finance. The service offers a wide range of tools and creative solutions for expanding an advertising campaign, including selling and renting accounts for various platforms and purposes.

Clients can purchase different types of accounts, depending on their needs:

  • Autoregisters: programmatically created profiles for advertising campaigns.
  • Setups: customized accounts to run ads, saving users time.
  • Twitter and Discord accounts: suitable for crypto activity and long-term farming.
  • Farms + FP/BM: manual farms for the financial planner or business manager, ideal for running ads.
  • ADS farms: accounts with a passed ad ban, ready to run ads.
  • Google ADS: accounts for familiarity with Google advertising with good cookie fattening.

It is recommended to use anti-detect browser and private mobile proxies for accounts, following the rule “1 account = 1 IP address” to avoid blocking.

Traffic can be customized for different platforms such as Facebook, Google UAC, PPC, Tik-Tok, IN-APP, ASO and influencer marketing. If there are any issues or technical difficulties, Traffic Devils’ support team is available 24/7 to help resolve issues.

Traffic Devils, despite its relative newness to the market, is already highly ranked due to its wide range of services and adaptability to customer needs. At, you can choose and pay for the right account package for your advertising campaigns.


TD APPS is an app rental service from the Traffic Devils arbitration team from CIS. The cost of access starts at $350. The service works with TikTok and Facebook platforms, supporting the Android operating system. The main focus is on gambling and betting. The service offers free CPI (cost to install the app) and a minimum campaign budget of $0.08. Telegram is used to contact technical support: @td_soft. Replenishment of the balance is made via USDT-wallet.

TD APPS offers more than 563 apps to attract traffic to various advertising platforms. A user who pays $350 gets access to all products, as well as the ability to communicate with the project team in chat.

To register it is necessary to:

  • Visit the website ( and click “Contact Us”.
  • Send a message to the manager in Telegram.
  • After agreeing on the terms, transfer $350 to the specified USDT-wallet.
  • After payment verification, get access to private chats with instructions and links.

Prepayment of $350 guarantees 3,500 installs. If more than 20,000 or 35,000 installs are accumulated in a week, the cost drops to $0.08 and $0.07 per install, respectively. A minimum of 500 installs must be secured daily.

App features:

  • Transfer metrics across apps to attract similar audiences.
  • Pop-up Push notifications to increase user engagement.
  • Daily app invitations via Facebook.

Once access is granted, the user can choose the right app, set up an ad campaign and start attracting traffic. The service is ideal for aspiring traffickers, offering an automated process and support from the Traffic Devils team to increase profits from affiliate programs.


MagicApps is a platform for automating work with mobile applications. With its help, you can promote various software products in social networks and advertising platforms. The service is suitable for webmasters and affiliate marketers, offering a personalized approach.

Registration and Access:

  • Visit the official website, click on the registration button.
  • Fill out the questionnaire with information about the product, vertical, desired number of installs and traffic source.
  • Provide your contact details and submit the questionnaire for moderation.
  • Once approved by the moderators and paid, you will get access to the functionality to your mail.


  • Control panel with tools.
  • A window for customizing your work.
  • Sections “My streams”, “Statistics”, “Push”, “Billing”, “Rascharka” and “Help”.

Main Functions:

  • My Streams: View streams, installs, deletes, and finances.
  • Statistics: Analyze installations by date and country.
  • Push: Set up push notifications for mobile apps.
  • Billing: Top up your account and view transaction history.
  • Unshare: Unshare your app to your advertising account.
  • Help: Help center with instructions on how to use the service.

MagicApps has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy to set up and analyze mobile campaigns. However, please note that there is no test mode to familiarize yourself with the functionality, and the waiting time for account moderation can be long.

NSQ Market

NSQ Market is a service that offers rentals of gambling apps for Android. The cost starts at $0.05 per installation, and the minimum budget is $100. The service supports both Russian and English languages, and has no trial period.

Main Benefits:

  • Transparent Payment: Payment for installations is clear and transparent.
  • Easy Integration with TDS: Integration with your system will be easy and fast.
  • Fast Support: You will be provided with fast technical support.
  • Creative Designs: Unique and attractive app designs.
  • Long-lived Apps: Apps have a long life span, with the ability to migrate audiences.
  • Universal Naming: A single name for all apps.

Volume Discounts:

  • Up to 10,000 installs in a week: $0.08 per install.
  • From 10,000 installations: $0.07 per installation.
  • From 25,000 installations: $0.06 per installation.
  • Over 40,000 installations: $0.05 per installation.

How to Get Started:

  • Contact NSQ Market Managers.
  • You will be set up a chat with tech support and given access to a telegram bot for further work.


  • A new system of push notifications that come under a specific offer.
  • All notifications, including new applications and bans, will automatically come to the Telegram bot, which will simplify your management process and save time.

iRent Market

iRent Market is an iOS app rental platform designed to help launch and optimize advertising campaigns. It costs $3 to create a single link on the service.

Here are its main features and benefits:

  • Link Generation (JustLink): Create unique traffic tracking links to help collect visitor data without linking directly to the app.
  • User warming: Create landing pages that help you capture your visitor’s attention and increase conversions.
  • Optimize Ad Campaigns: Automatically optimize campaigns using Facebook and TikTok pixels to improve ad results.
  • Cloaca and White Page: Automated cloaca helps to successfully pass moderation, making the offers more attractive to visitors.
  • Push Notifications: Create customizable notifications to increase user engagement on the app.
  • Advanced Statistics: Track all important metrics in your personal account.

How to get started:

  • Register on the website or via Telegram bot.
  • Refill your balance via crypto wallet or Capitalist.
  • Find a suitable app in the “My Apps” section and create a link.
  • Specify the necessary parameters for traffic analytics, choose a GEO and configure cloaca settings.
  • Set up preloading and choose the type of game draw on the landing page.
  • Create fluff in the selected languages.
  • Add the generated link to your ad campaign.

iRent Market is a great choice for those who want to optimize their ad campaigns for iOS, improving conversion tracking and bypassing the limitations associated with the latest iOS versions.


PWA.GROUP is a service that turns ordinary websites into applications without the need to know programming. Here’s what you need to know:

Creating apps:

  • The service helps you create web apps that work on mobile devices and computers, even without internet.
  • You can easily make mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Hosting and Launching:

  • Cloud hosting and quick app launch are included in the service.


  • Track how people are using your app, how much time they spend and more.

Push notifications:

  • Send notifications to users to keep them up to date with news and updates.

Integration with other services:

  • Integrate with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other popular services.

Technical Support:

  • Get help with app development and bug fixing from the support team.

User-friendly Interface:

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface with sections for managing apps, viewing stats, finance, etc.


  • Different rates from $20 to $129 depending on how many apps you want to create and activate.


  • Fast loading, security, task automation and offline capability.

PWA.GROUP is ideal for those who want to expand their online business and improve customer interaction by creating modern web applications without the headache of coding. is an iOS app rental service that will help affiliate marketers and webmasters advertise their offers through apps, which users tend to trust more than random websites. Here’s a simple explanation of its features and capabilities:

Adding Push Notifications:

  • Users can customize their push notifications in the app. Just go to the generator after linking the app and specify the notification details.

Cloaking and White Page:

  • If you need to advertise offers that may be banned by the platform, use cloaking. The app can be sent under cloaking and the bot will set up a standard white page. If you have your own white page, just add a link to it.

Disabling cloaking:

  • If cloaca is not required, you can disable it. For testing purposes, you can temporarily disable cloak by adding the no_cloak=1 parameter to justlink.


  • Easy Setup: A full manual and bot will help beginners to quickly understand the service.
  • Low Price: Renting the app costs only $2, making the service affordable.
  • Cloaking and Custom White Page: Features cloaking and custom white pages for advertising offers.


  • Pay for Testing Tools: Some testing tools are paid, which can be frustrating for those who were expecting free use. is a handy service for iOS app rentals and advertising offers. It can be used to advertise a variety of offers, including those that require cloaking, with a low starting price and simple instructions for beginners. It is a good tool for automating ad campaigns with the ability to easily customize push notifications and pre-landing pages.


Excelsior is a mobile app rental service that helps affiliate marketers increase conversion rates when attracting traffic from Facebook and TikTok. Here are the features the service offers:
Audience Transfer:

  • Excelsior uses analytics tool AppsFlyer to collect data on users who have installed and opened the app. This helps improve ad optimization and increase conversion to deposit by 10%-30%.

Push Notifications:

  • Push notifications are sent to users thrice a day, which helps to increase user conversion to action.

Gamble Design:

  • Aggressive app design helps to increase conversion from click to install as well as deposit.


  • Excelsior regularly monitors and improves its app reviews to maintain high rankings and conversion rates.

Ease of operation:

  • The service is fully automated, which saves time and simplifies the process of setting up and analyzing advertising campaigns.

Registration and Personal Cabinet:

  • Registration is simple and includes entering email, password and username in Telegram.
  • In the personal cabinet you can view statistics and available applications.

Rates and free testing:

  • Fees depend on the number of installations and start at $0.1 per installation.
  • New users can test the service for free with 1000 installations.

Excelsior offers many features to improve campaign conversions, including audience transfer, push notifications, aggressive design, and feedback management. With a user-friendly personal account and favorable rates, as well as the option of free testing, Excelsior becomes an attractive choice for affiliate marketers.


CPA.STORE is an app rental marketplace especially useful for affiliate marketers in the gambling industry and other niches. Here are the highlights about this service:

App catalog:

  • A lot of developers offer their apps for rent. You can choose an app based on various parameters: style, vertical, traffic source and price per install.

Quality Control:

  • CPA.STORE guarantees the quality of each app, making sure that it is stable and has the correct functionality, including sending push notifications and the correct operation of the offerers.

Easy customization:

  • Create campaigns and streams right in the service without having to leave its interface. The link manager will help you quickly organize all the offers.

Personalized Pushes:

  • Send personalized push notifications tailored to a specific offer, increasing the chances of conversion.

Analytics and Tracking:

  • Built-in analytics and tracking tools can help you better understand the effectiveness of your campaigns.


  • The service uses advanced technologies to minimize traffic loss and maximize campaign optimization. For example, Smart saved url and Webview quick launch technologies


  • Prices for app rentals start at $0.04 per install, making the service more affordable in comparison.

CPA.STORE is a convenient app rental marketplace with a wide selection, quality control and simple tools to set up and analyze your ad campaigns. With low prices and advanced technology, the service offers significant benefits for affiliate marketers looking to improve their advertising campaigns.


Wildwildapps is a service for renting apps in the gambling industry like for online casinos, betting shops, poker rooms and other gaming platforms. Here are its key features and benefits:

Ease of use:

  • The user-friendly interface helps you manage and customize the applications easily.


  • The system is automated, so you don’t have to do your own app development – it’s all ready to go.


  • Wildwildapps provides high quality apps, which ensures reliability and security in their use.

Quick Start:

  • Ready-made apps allow you to launch your gambling business in no time.

Support and Updates:

  • Ongoing support and updates to the apps ensure their stable performance.

Resource Saving:

  • Wildwildapps solves the problem of lack of technical resources and staff, saves time and money on app development and testing.


Easy Startup:

  • Start your online gambling business in just a few hours.

Ready-made solutions:

  • A wide range of ready-made applications customized to each client’s needs.


  • Apps protect users’ personal data and other security protocols.

24/7 technical support:

  • Get help at any time of the day or night.

Flexible rental terms:

  • Choose pricing plans based on your needs.

Marketing support:

  • Assistance in finding partners and organizing advertising campaigns.

How to get started

  • Write to a special TG channel with your contact information.
  • Get access to the bot for customization.
  • Once the customization is complete, get diplinks and pack links.
  • Contact the managers through the “Quick Start” section of the website, for further instructions.

Wildwildapps offers a convenient and reliable service for those looking for gambling apps for rent. With its help, you can quickly launch your business in the gambling industry, saving time and resources on app development and support. With flexible rental terms and ongoing technical support, users can focus on their business rather than technical aspects.

Gambling Apps Store

Gambling Apps Store is an online store where you can find gambling apps. The main features and advantages of the service:

No registration:

  • You can start using the store without creating an account. Just log on to the site and explore the collection of apps.

Reviews and links:

  • Each app is accompanied by a detailed review and a link to the official website, which will help you understand if it is suitable for you.

Easy search:

  • Apps are categorized by casino, sports betting, poker, lottery games. This will help you find what you need quickly.

Most apps are free:

  • Many apps are free to download, making the service accessible to everyone.

Rating system:

  • You can see other users’ ratings for each app, which helps you make an informed choice.

How to use the service:

Selecting an app:

  • Find an app you’re interested in and click the “Review” button for details.


  • Go to the bottom of the page, select your device’s operating system and click the download button.

Getting Info:

  • On the review page, you’ll find all the information you need about the app: features, deposit/withdrawal methods, and available support options.

The Gambling Apps Store is a convenient resource for those looking for gambling apps. You’ll easily find the apps you’re looking for here thanks to easy sorting by category, and you can read detailed reviews before downloading an app. The large selection of free apps makes this store a great choice for all gambling enthusiasts.


WelcomePartners is a service for experienced webmasters working with affiliate programs, especially in the casino industry. To join, you need to have some experience and provide proof of successful campaigns. Here are the highlights:

Webmaster Requirements:

  • You need to have basic experience and a minimum of three successful campaigns.
  • Prepare a resume, specifying traffic sites and confirming your previous work (links to sites or screenshots of last month’s stats).

What you get:

  • Once approved, you get access to a fully functioning application with a unique code to attract new players. You earn either a portion of the player’s losses or for each player referred.

Pros of the service:

  • Webmasters can work with the casino and not worry about where the traffic is coming from (be it Facebook or adult sites).
  • No additional investment is required, except for the cost of advertising campaigns.

Cons of the service:

  • It can be difficult for newbies to start earning without a team.
  • The service is more focused on groups of employees (webmaster, designer, SMM manager), offering them free access to all the resources of the service.

Thus, WelcomePartners is a service for more experienced webmasters who are ready to work with affiliate programs in the casino industry. It can be a great solution for those who have a team and experience in running successful advertising campaigns. is a service that helps you easily create and launch PWAs (progressive web applications), especially useful for advertising campaigns in the areas of gambling, betting and cryptocurrencies. Here are its key aspects:

Quick PWA creation:

  • Go to “My PWAs,” click on “Create New.”
  • Choose a domain (you can use the suggested one or your own).
  • Choose a design from the list or upload your own.
  • Fill in the basic settings: application name, author, category and so on.
  • Finalize the technical settings, specifying links to the offerer and other parameters.

Advantages over webview apps:

  • Easier to update, without the risk of ban and long wait for moderation.
  • No opportunities to leave bad reviews, which helps keep good conversion rates.
  • Easier and cheaper to get, unlike webview apps which can cost from $600 and require moderation.

Convenience for affiliate marketers:

  • Easy to launch traffic from Facebook, for example, with the ability to quickly change domains if needed.
  • Built-in cloaca to protect against moderation and bots.
  • Push notification scheduler and the ability to optimize ad campaigns for two events at once: deposit and install.


  • 1 active PWA app – $15.
  • Adding or changing a domain is $10.


  • Automatic translation of all text blocks to the right GEO, review and description templates, dual and overall optimization to improve conversions.

The service offers a convenient and efficient way to work with PWA, especially for affiliate marketers, with convenient pricing and functionality that make it a favorable choice over its competitors.

TheAFF Apps

TheAFF Apps is an extension for gambling affiliate marketing from affiliate network. The service demonstrates a low cost of apps and an active affiliate program, which makes it interesting for beginners.

How to connect:

  • Communicating with a moderator and mentioning the promo code “prilki22” opens free access to the functionality for 5 days.


  • Unique naming: Apps have a unique name, which sets them apart from others in the gambling industry.
  • Optimized Push Notifications: Change the content and graphics of the push notifications every month or depending on GEO and current events.
  • Weekly payment: Payment for app access is made every Monday automatically.
  • Automatic analysis of game rooms: Helps to determine the user portrait to offer current versions of apps.
  • Free affiliate pour: In case of using an offerer from, the cost of the install becomes zero.


  • No audience base: It is necessary to attract audience from scratch or through other channels.
  • No anti-fraud system: If you have problems with statistics, you need to contact the support team to sort out the situation.

TheAFF Apps is a fairly simple and affordable service for those who want to get started in gambling affiliate marketing, with some unique features and a simple signup process.

Wise Investment: Is it worth renting mobile apps?

Affiliate marketing on mobile apps is a kind of art that requires not only knowledge and skills, but also investment. This world beckons both beginners and experienced professionals, promising golden mountains with the right approach. But what is the price of entry into this world, and what is needed to successfully navigate its turbulent waters?

Chances and Challenges: The Maze of Competition

Today’s mobile app market resembles a densely populated maze, with each new player striving to find its way to success. However, the current level of competition and the constant influx of those wishing to curb its resources make every available piece of digital space the subject of fierce competition.

Clean Slate or Ready-made Solution: The Arbitrator’s Dilemma

Affiliate marketers face a dilemma: learn to program and build their own applications or invest in off-the-shelf solutions. In theory, creating technically uncomplicated, automatically generated apps (e.g. via Unity) may seem attractive, but practice makes a difference. Passing moderation in Google Play and App Store becomes a serious obstacle. And this is where the question of investment feasibility comes into play.

Renting as a Simple and Effective Solution

Renting ready-made mobile apps offers a solution to this dilemma. Not only is it cheaper than self-development, the price of which can reach up to 5 thousand dollars, but it is also faster and more convenient. A subscription to a ready-made app can be paid monthly or tied to the installation cost, providing flexible options for different budgets and strategies.

Where to Look for Off-the-Shelf Solutions?

The Internet is full of sites with automated application delivery and independent sellers offering their products via messengers. However, the second option is less reliable and requires confidence in the reliability of the seller.

The Eternal Struggle: Android vs. iOS

The audience of Apple product users is extremely attractive in terms of solvency, but interacting with it requires more experience and knowledge. Newbies with a minimal budget are advised to start with Android, mastering the features of working and moderation on this platform before moving on to the more closed and strict iOS platform.

Daytrading, gambling, and other classic verticals are great starting points for newcomers with limited resources. These niches offer simple and time-tested earning models.

Smart Investment: Is it worth it to rent mobile apps?

Affiliate marketing on mobile apps is a peculiar art that requires not only knowledge and skills, but also investment. This world beckons both beginners and experienced professionals, promising golden mountains with the right approach. But what is the price of entry into this world, and what is needed to successfully navigate its turbulent waters?

Routes to Success: Your Starting Positions

In the world of mobile affiliate marketing, your route to success begins with choosing an app approach. The path you choose will largely determine your chances of success, as well as the level of investment required to achieve your goals.

1. Creating an App from Zero

  • Advantages: Absolute independence, ability to customize the app to your liking.
  • Disadvantages: Time, cost and technical skills.

2. Using Affiliate Network Plugs

  • ПAdvantages: Proven solutions, minimum hassle.
  • Disadvantages: Additional costs, lack of uniqueness.

3. Renting Apps

  • Advantages: Relative cheapness, wide choice, competitive environment among suppliers.
  • Disadvantages: Dependence on vendor, possible customization limitations.

Buying versus Renting: The Light and Dark Sides of Digital Assets

Acquisition App.


  • Cost Savings: Comparison with development costs reveals clear benefits.
  • Finished Product: The application is ready to use from the moment of purchase.
  • Access to Source Code: Ability to modify to your needs.
  • Push Notifications: A tool to keep the user’s attention.
  • Pay per Install: More profitable way of monetization compared to subscription.
  • Moderation: Facilitates the process of publishing on marketplaces.


  • Risk of Ban: Locking a developer’s account is always hanging in the air.
  • Difficulty with Updating: Every update is subject to moderator review.
  • Fraud Risk: Finding an honest seller can be a challenge.
  • Quality Check: Lack of technical skills or access to code can hide the real state of the product.

App Rentals

App rental stands up as the most affordable and secure channel to enter the world of mobile affiliate marketing. This option offers the opportunity to gain experience and learn the market with minimal investment before making more serious bets on your digital assets.


In today’s world, mobile apps have become an indispensable tool for business, affiliate marketing and customer engagement. The market offers a plethora of services for renting, creating and optimizing apps for various verticals, including gambling, betting and other spheres. In our review, we looked at 15 services, each with its unique features and offerings for different categories of users – from beginners to professionals.

Pricing varies from free offers to significant amounts, and the choice of a certain service largely depends on the user’s individual needs and budget. Some services offer exclusive bonuses such as promo code discounts, free trial periods or additional recharge bonuses.

An important aspect is geographical location and the ability to work with certain regions. Some services are focused on working with the Russian-speaking segment, while others have a wider geographical coverage.

Technologies such as Progressive Web Applications (PWA) offer new opportunities for businesses and affiliate marketers, making it easier to create and deploy applications.

Choosing the right service requires careful analysis and possibly comparing different platforms based on functionality, cost, usability and customer support.

Boost your earnings with top-converting offers in dating, sweepstakes, gambling, and crypto!