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Keitaro is a popular traffic tracker that is widely used in internet marketing. It allows you to track traffic sources, analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimize traffic distribution. However, Keitaro also has alternatives that can suit users with different needs. In this article, we will take a look at the best Keitaro alternatives and their features.

What is a Keitaro tracker

Keitaro is a server-side traffic tracker that is installed on the user’s own server. It allows you to track traffic from different sources, analyze its quality and effectively distribute it between different offers or lendings.

Keitaro’s main features are:

  • Tracking traffic sources (networks, subnets, domains, UTM tags)
  • Filtering and distribution of traffic by various parameters
  • Automatic collection of postbacks
  • Wide possibilities to customize reporting
  • Integration with API of different services
  • Possibility to park domains

Keitaro uses its own click tracking system Clite and supports all popular ways of integration with advertising networks and platforms.

Why arbitrageurs love it

Arbitrageurs appreciate Keitaro for the following features:

  • Effective traffic filtering. Powerful filter settings allow you to filter out bots, proxies, and non-unique clicks. This improves traffic quality and conversion rates.
  • Flexible traffic distribution. Keitaro campaigns and streams allow you to flexibly customize traffic distribution rules. You can test different offers, balance the load and quickly change priorities.
  • Automate routine tasks. Keitaro can automatically collect postbacks, generate reports, and interact with APIs. This saves a lot of time for the arbitrageur.
  • Reliability and stability. Keitaro runs on the user’s own server. This guarantees high availability and reliability, unlike cloud trackers.
  • Integration and customization options. Through APIs, you can deeply integrate Keitaro with other tools and services, automate non-standard tasks.

Thus, Keitaro gives arbitrageurs a powerful and flexible traffic management tool with the widest opportunities for automation and business optimization.

Best alternatives to Keitaro tracker

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a popular cloud-based web analytics service from Google. It allows for detailed analysis of website traffic, sources of conversions, user behavior, and more.

The main advantages of Google Analytics:

  • Easy to install – just add the code to your website
  • Rich basic analytics functionality for free
  • Convenient and clear statistics in real time
  • Possibilities of segmentation and analysis of various indicators
  • Integration with other Google services

Disadvantages of Google Analytics as an alternative to Keitaro:

  • Limited free plan up to 10 million views per month
  • No traffic distribution and filtering options
  • Less flexible reporting options


Integration with other Google services, powerful analytics and data segmentation capabilities.


Free up to 10 million views per month, paid plans starting at $150 per month.

Google Analytics is optimal for analytics and project monitoring, but is inferior in traffic management and distribution capabilities.


Matomo (formerly Piwik) is a free open-source alternative to Google Analytics. It can be installed on your own server.

Matomo advantages:

  • Completely free to use
  • Self-installation on your own server
  • Rich web analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Integration with other applications
  • Greater control over and protection of data

Disadvantages as a Keitaro replacement:

  • Requires skills to configure on your own server
  • No built-in functionality for traffic distribution
  • Interface is slightly inferior to Google Analytics


Detailed analytics, personal data protection, integration with other applications.


Free, there is a paid version with extended functionality.

Matomo is a good choice for small projects where you need independent control over analytics.


AWStats is a powerful open source web analyzer with log traffic analysis capabilities.

AWStats advantages:

  • Full free version
  • Detailed reports and server log analysis
  • Flexible reporting customization
  • Analysis of GEO data and other parameters

Disadvantages for Keitaro replacement:

  • Rather complex initial setup
  • Outdated interface
  • No traffic distribution and filtering features


Flexible customization of reports, GEO data analysis, ability to expand functionality.


Free, there is a paid AWStats Enterprise with support service.

AWStats is optimal for administrators who need detailed analysis of logs and server statistics. For average users, the interface is inconvenient.


Feedjit is a real-time web analytics and statistics service implemented as SaaS.

Feedjit allows you to track and analyze in real time the traffic on the site, where visitors came from, from what devices they come, their location on the map and other indicators.


  • Easy to install via widget or SDK
  • Real-time data on visitors
  • Analytics at the individual page level
  • Traffic source and location information
  • Ability to segment data


  • Lack of traffic distribution functions
  • Not enough data for full-fledged analytics
  • Only one free widget in the basic tariff


  • Real-time analytics
  • Integration with mobile applications
  • Ability to export data


Free basic plan. Paid tariffs from $9 per month.

Keen IO

Keen IO is a platform for collecting, storing and analyzing data.

Keen IO allows you to flexibly customize data collection from different sources, store large amounts of data and analyze it for reporting and decision making.


  • Flexible data collection capabilities
  • Scalable big data warehouse
  • Powerful analytics and visualization tools
  • Ability to export data


  • No traffic distribution capabilities
  • Quite high cost
  • Requires big data skills


  • Real-time data analytics
  • Machine learning models
  • Integrations with multiple services


From $499 per month, there is a test period.


StatMoz – Measuring analytics from SimilarWeb.

The service displays unique statistics for any website using data from over 5 million websites and apps.


  • Rich unique analytics of any website
  • Ability to analyze competitors
  • Data on traffic sources and audience
  • Information about popular pages and content


  • No traffic management and distribution capabilities
  • Limited free access
  • No full-fledged analytics of a regular website


  • Mobile traffic and app analytics
  • Marketing insights about competitor sites
  • Ability to export data


Basic access is free, paid plans starting at $199 per month.

New Relic Insights

New Relic Insights is a performance monitoring and data analytics platform.

New Relic Insights collects a variety of data on application performance, infrastructure, and user activity. It allows you to store large amounts of data and analyze it using BI tools.


  • Real-time application performance monitoring
  • Storage of large volumes of telemetry data
  • Powerful data visualization and analytics tools
  • Identify correlations and trends from the data


  • High cost of enterprise plans
  • Focus on application monitoring rather than web analytics
  • Lack of traffic distribution functionality


  • Predominantly for DevOps and QA teams
  • Integration with multiple services and data
  • Powerful time series analytics


From $149 per month, there is a 30-day trial.


Revealytics is a server-side traffic tracker with advanced analytics capabilities.

Revealytics combines tracking, traffic distribution and web analytics features. It allows flexible management of traffic flows, as well as detailed analysis of traffic sources, user behavior and other metrics.


  • Combination of tracker and analytics capabilities
  • Flexible reporting tools
  • Analyze UTM tags, referrers, geo-data
  • API for integration and automation


  • High cost of corporate tariffs
  • Requires installation on your own server


  • Data segmentation capability
  • Real-time analytics
  • Integration with web chats and messengers


From $199 per month, there is a trial period.


TrackingDesk is a server-side traffic tracker focused on arbitrage and webmastering.

TrackingDesk has extensive capabilities to filter, distribute traffic and automate routine tasks. Ideal for arbitrage, affiliate and advertising.


  • Powerful traffic filtering and distribution functionality
  • Automatic postback and statistics collection
  • Easy customization of rules and conditions
  • Integration with third-party services


  • Expensive tariffs for large projects
  • Requires installation on your own server
  • Less analytical capabilities


  • Specialization in arbitrage and webmastering
  • User-friendly interface
  • Possibility of clustering


From $99 per month, can be tested for free.

Snowplow Analytics

Snowplow is a platform for collecting, processing and analyzing data.

Snowplow allows you to collect data from various sources, structure it and upload it to a repository for further analytical processing. The platform is customizable and flexible.


  • Collecting data from multiple sources
  • Data structuring and enrichment
  • Big data warehouse for analytics
  • Flexibility and wide integration possibilities


  • High complexity of customization
  • Requires big data skills
  • No out-of-the-box solutions for web analytics


  • Open source
  • Microservice architecture
  • Ability to process unstructured data


Free with open source, subscriptions starting at $3000 per month

Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics is a sophisticated web analytics tool with many features.

Ruler combines the functions of collecting and analyzing web analytics, UTM tags, data from CRM and other sources. It allows you to solve non-standard analytical tasks.


  • Analyzes UTM tags, web analytics, and other data
  • Strong data visualization capabilities
  • Integrations with major databases, CRM, ERP
  • Flexibility to solve complex analytical tasks


  • Very high cost
  • Difficulty of customization for inexperienced users


  • Orientation to large businesses
  • Possibility to combine data from different systems
  • KPI monitoring and reporting


From $5000 per month, requires demo.


Webtrends is an enterprise platform for web analytics.

A powerful platform for collecting and analyzing data on the digital behavior of a company’s customers. Used by major brands.


  • Behavior analysis and audience profiling
  • Measuring marketing effectivenes
  • Integration with mobile app data
  • CX segmentation and personalization


  • Very high price
  • Excessive functionality for smaller companies


  • Focused on large businesses and brands
  • Omnichannel customer journey analysis
  • Machine learning and AI


On demand, starting at $10,000 per month.

Nihuo Web Log Analyzer

Nihuo is a free open source tool for analyzing web server logs.

Nihuo allows you to analyze and visualize data from web server logs to get statistics about traffic, traffic, content and other website performance metrics.


  • Free to use (open source)
  • Analyze Apache and Nginx logs
  • Visualization of statistics in convenient graphs
  • Export reports in different formats


  • Requires skills in working with Linux servers
  • No ready SAAS solution
  • No traffic distribution


  • Easy integration into the infrastructure
  • Ability to customize source code
  • Modular application architecture


Free under the GPLv2 license.


FireStats is a web service for analyzing site logs and statistics.

FireStats allows you to download logs from the server and get on their basis various reports and visualized statistics about traffic and behavior of site users.


  • Ease of use
  • Automatic log analysis
  • Convenient visual presentation of data
  • Daily email reports


  • Limited free plan
  • No advanced customization options
  • No traffic distribution features


  • Automatic GEO data detection
  • Tracking of server errors and crashes
  • Ability to API access to data


Free and paid plans starting at $9 per month.


LinkTrackr is a service for collecting and analyzing link statistics.

LinkTrackr is designed to track link clicks and conversions to evaluate traffic efficiency. Allows you to customize traffic distribution and filtering rules.


  • Automatic collection of statistics on links
  • Traffic distribution and filtering capabilities
  • Integration with database and API of third-party services
  • Convenient visualization of reports


  • Narrow specialization only on link analysis
  • No general web analytics data


  • Automatic calculation of ROI on links
  • A/B testing of links
  • Possibility to customize functionality


From $29 per month, can be tested for free.


Adalyz is a tool for analyzing and optimizing advertising campaigns.

Adalyz allows you to connect ad accounts from Google, Facebook, TikTok and other networks, automatically collects data about your ad campaigns and provides powerful tools to analyze them in order to optimize budgets and increase ROI.


  • Automatic collection of ad campaign data
  • Advanced analytics to optimize budgets
  • Campaign comparison and benchmarking
  • Convenient data visualization in reports


  • Focus only on ad data
  • Expensive rates for large budgets
  • No traffic distribution options


  • Integration with Google BigQuery for analyzing big data
  • Use of machine learning models
  • Predictive analytics and scenario modeling


From $250 per month, can be tested for free.


Prodlytic is a platform for analyzing web analytics and UTM tags.

Prodlytic automatically collects web analytics, UTM tag data, ad campaigns and other events for comprehensive marketing performance analysis and attribution.


  • Automatic collection of web analytics and UTM data
  • Combining data from different sources
  • Sales funnel attribution and analysis
  • Easy visualization of analysis results


  • High price for small companies
  • No traffic distribution options


  • Automatic sales attribution
  • Integration with BigQuery to analyze big data
  • Machine learning for predictive analytics


On demand, starter plan starting at $1000 per month.


UserSignals is a tool for analyzing user experience on a website.

UserSignals automatically records real users’ sessions on a website, allowing you to analyze usability, identify pain points and improve user experience.


  • Analyzing real user behavior
  • Identify UX and usability issues
  • Improving conversions and site performance
  • Integration with other tools


  • Limited data collection in the free version
  • No traffic distribution features


  • Recording sessions of real users
  • Emotional response analysis
  • Integration with customer support and NPS


From $79 per month, can be tested for free.

How to Choose the Right Alternative to Keitaro Tracker

Choosing an alternative to a Keitaro tracker is not an easy task, as this tool has a truly unique set of features.

In order to find the best replacement, you need to clearly understand which features of the tracker are critical for you, and which ones can be abandoned or replaced with analogs.

First of all, determine whether you need traffic tracking with flexible distribution and filtering capabilities or whether standard web analytics will suffice. If the key task is in-depth analytics, then Google Analytics, Matomo and similar solutions are suitable.

If the main thing is just distribution, filtering, A/B testing of traffic and postbacks, then you should pay attention to solutions like Voluum, Redtrack or Admitad. They focus on tracking, although they do have basic analytics.

Evaluate the need to install on your own server. This guarantees speed, stability, data security, but requires resources for administration. Cloud solutions, on the other hand, have these problems taken care of by the provider.

Look at the cost of the service for your traffic volumes. Large projects can go bankrupt on expensive cloud tracks, but for startups the cloud is cheaper initially.

Take into account the availability of integrations you need, the level of support, and the convenience of the interface. Test several services and compare them by the parameters that are important to you.

You won’t find an ideal replacement for Keitaro, but by selecting the best cloud or server-based alternative for your needs, you can save significantly on tracking costs and get an equally effective toolkit. The main thing is to clearly understand the tasks and requirements of your business for such software.


Keitaro certainly remains one of the best solutions for tracking and analyzing internet traffic. However, this tool has its own drawbacks, as well as high cost, which can be critical for individual users.

Fortunately, there are many worthy alternatives to Keitaro today, both among cloud services and in-house server solutions. We have reviewed just a few of the most popular and interesting options.

When choosing an alternative, it’s important to first clearly define your goals and objectives, highlight critical functions and priorities. Based on this, choose the best tool or a combination of several tools for you.

With flexible customizations and integrations, you can match your project needs with the Keitaro alternative and get an effective tracking and analytics solution at an affordable price. The key is to test it thoroughly before implementing it into your workflow.

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