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Affiliate marketing Tracker is a software designed for automatic collection, processing and analysis of data on online marketing campaigns.

Unlike the previously used TDS system, the tracker has extended functionality. It allows not only to distribute traffic, but also to generate detailed reports and integrate with advertising campaigns. This makes it possible to make more effective management decisions based on the collected data.

Trackers are used by Internet marketing specialists and advertising campaign managers to increase business profitability. The main tasks that this software solves are:

  • Analyzing the effectiveness of advertising channels
  • Traffic distribution and redirection
  • Profit maximization
  • Reporting
  • Split-testing

In this article, we will take a detailed look at what affiliate marketing trackers are, what their types are and the peculiarities of their use.

What kind of trackers are there

There are 2 types of software for webmasters, different in purpose and functionality:


Server tracker is a program with a standard installer, which is deployed and activated directly on the server with file unpacking.

Pros of server-side tracker:

  • Fast response due to the absence of intermediate links between the system and the software
  • Ability to pass unlimited amount of traffic due to high-performance server implementation
  • Automatic storage of collected data on a secure server


  • Need to pay monthly rent for a dedicated server
  • Requires knowledge and skills to maintain and configure the server and software
  • Low speed with traffic from other geolocations


Cloud tracker is an online service that does not require software installation or server setup. All data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the internet.

Advantages of cloud solutions:

  • Automatic selection of the optimal server depending on geolocation
  • High speed
  • Easy to implement and use
  • No need to understand technical details

The main disadvantage is expensive tariffs with a limit on the number of events per month.

When you don’t need a tracker

The use of trackers for affiliate marketing is mandatory in most cases. However, there are situations when you can do without it:

  • Webmaster is absolutely confident in the reliability and effectiveness of his advertising channels
  • Traffic sources are time-tested and show consistently high results
  • The risk of losing money due to mistakes is minimal
  • No goal to optimize the profitability of advertising campaigns

However, such situations are extremely rare. Usually, traffic monitoring with the help of trackers allows you to spot problems in advertising campaigns in time and increase their effectiveness.

Average cost of trackers for affiliate marketing

Most trackers provide a free trial for a limited period. After it ends, you need to purchase a paid subscription.

The cost of trackers can vary greatly – from 10-15 dollars to hundreds of dollars per month. It all depends on the functionality, performance, and technical support.

Expensive solutions with an extended set of analytics and automation tools are optimal for experienced Internet marketing specialists. They allow you to customize advertising campaigns as accurately as possible in order to make a profit.

Useful features of trackers

Modern affiliate marketing trackers are equipped with a wide range of useful analytics and automation tools:

Advertising campaign analytics

The overall table displays key performance metrics across all advertising channels: number of conversions, bot percentage, conversion, revenue, leads.

Landing page analytics

Collects statistics on individual lendings: number of conversions, cost/income ratio, user retention rate. There are possibilities to edit and clone reports.

Offers analytics

Provides data on geolocation, number of leads, profit, costs and clickability for each offer. Filters by regions, groups of offers, time zones are implemented.

Analyzing traffic sources

Records and analyzes clickability, leads, conversions, profitability across various advertising channels.

Click analytics

Click IDs, click sources, campaign names, and added offers are recorded. Data can be filtered by country, offerers, status, profitability.

Creating triggers

Allows you to customize automatic actions according to preset conditions, which saves time on routine operations.

How to use a tracker for affiliate marketing

1. Connecting the tracker

  • Server software requires a dedicated or rented server. The tracker is installed as a regular desktop application with data saved on the server hard disk.
  • Cloud tracker does not require installation. It is an online service. Connection is performed through registration on the tracker website and selection of one of the paid tariff plans.

2. Personalization and customization

Once connected, the tracker is a “blank slate”. It needs to be customized for specific tasks.

2.1 Setting up affiliate networks

In the “Affiliate networks” section fill in the name of the network, authorization data, choose the method of receiving statistics and make a connection.

2.2 Adding and customizing offers

In each connected affiliate network you can search for offers of interest. A direct link to the offer is copied and pasted in the tracker in the “Offer Link” field. The name, token, geo, group, and price of the offer are also filled in.

2.3 Creation and customization of lendings

You create a new landing page, specifying its name, address, and language. After that, the necessary offers are attached to it, and the generated links are copied for placement on the landing page.

2.4 Creating and setting up an advertising campaign

The name and parameters of the campaign are specified. You select the previously connected offsers and landing pages, between which you configure traffic routing within the framework of this campaign.

After these steps are completed, the tracker is fully configured and ready to use.

Best trackers for affiliate marketing


Voluum is one of the most popular and multi-awarded affiliate marketing tracker. It supports integration with 50+ affiliate platforms.


  • Automating advertising campaign management
  • Neural network distribution of traffic to offers to increase efficiency
  • Filtering bots and suspicious traffic
  • Flexible customization of mobile and desktop notifications


  • Wide range of integrations with affiliates
  • Powerful traffic optimization tools
  • High speed
  • User-friendly interface


Pricing plans start at $69 per month. There is a 7-day trial period.

Area of application

Voluum is optimal for medium to high volume affiliate marketing due to its wide scaling capabilities.


Keitaro is a professional affiliate marketing tracker, a leader in price/quality ratio.


  • Flexible sales funnels of any complexity
  • Multi-level analytics of advertising campaigns
  • Bot protection and landing page cloaking
  • Automatic traffic distribution


  • Templates for quick customization
  • Powerful analytics tools
  • High quality technical support
  • Simple and clear interface


There is a 7-day trial version. The tariffs start from $25 per month.

Scope of application

Keitaro is well suited for medium to high affiliate marketing due to its flexible settings and advanced functionality.


PeerClick is a cloud-based tracker for real-time optimization and analytics of advertising campaigns.


  • Fast operation thanks to distributed infrastructure
  • Intelligent traffic distribution between funnels
  • Cloaking of landing pages to pass moderation
  • Protection from Spy-services


  • High speed data processing
  • Convenient traffic optimization tools
  • Free tariff
  • Clear interface


A free rate is available.

Scope of application

PeerClick is well suited for optimizing small to medium sized traffic.


AdsBridge is a cloud-based platform for internet marketing analytics and optimization.


  • Simultaneous multi-targeting optimization of several advertising campaigns
  • Flexible customizable real-time reports
  • Highly accurate tracking of fake traffic
  • Machine learning to maximize conversions


  • Extensive analytics capabilities
  • Effective optimization tools
  • Profitable tariff plans
  • Easy to learn


There’s a free plan. Paid from $29 a month.

Scope of application

Suitable for affiliate marketing and optimization of traffic of any volume.


Binom is a high-speed tracker with powerful analytics.


  • Granting permissions to users for teamwork
  • Distribution of traffic by unseen previous offers
  • Multi-level reports with filters and analytics
  • Monitoring of 20+ user parameters


  • Record high data processing speed
  • Operational technical support
  • Advanced analytical capabilities
  • 30-day free period


The only plan for $99 a month. The first month is free, the second month is 40% off.

Scope of application

Suitable for fast affiliate marketing of large volumes of traffic due to its high speed.


BeMob is a cloud tracker that is optimal for beginner affiliate marketers.


  • Traffic distribution and optimization system
  • Templates for quick customization
  • Detailed user data
  • Ability to track organic traffic


  • Free tariff
  • Clear interface
  • Consultations from experienced specialists
  • Detailed instructions


Free plan, extended from $49 per month. There is a 20% discount for 2 months.

Scope of application

Good for beginner affiliate marketers due to its simplicity, tutorials and free functionality.

Recommendations for choosing a tracker

When choosing a tracker, it’s worth considering:

  1. Difference in technical aspects and working principles of trackers while performing common tasks
  2. Budget you are willing to spend on software rental on a monthly basis
  3. The ratio of the cost of the tariff to the functionality useful for you
  4. Possibility to test the tracker in a test period

Also decide on the following:

  • Choose a server-based or cloud-based tracker depending on the geography of your ad campaigns
  • Familiarize yourself with the top options on the market
  • Compare their features and costs
  • Test your favorite options
  • Choose the best tracker for your needs

Keeping these aspects in mind, you can choose the best software for your purposes.

Frequent questions about using trackers for affiliate marketing

Which tracker is best for beginners?

For beginner affiliate marketers, it is optimal to use cloud trackers like BeMob. They do not require complicated setup, have a clear interface, and provide basic free functionality.

How not to overpay for trackers?

In order not to overpay, carefully study what set of features you need. Also use promotions, discounts, cashback services, promo codes – this will allow you to save money.

Which tracker is the fastest?

The highest speed of data processing is characterized by Binom. It is the optimal option for affiliating large volumes of traffic in real time.

Can trackers replace TDS?

Modern trackers completely replace outdated TDS-systems, providing much wider functionality in analytics, optimization, traffic distribution.

Which tracker to choose for mobile traffic?

Voluum is good for working with mobile traffic – it has special tools for filtering mobile traffic and optimizing mobile ad campaigns.

Can I transfer my tracker settings to another tracker?

Unfortunately, there is no direct transfer of all settings between trackers. You will have to configure a new tracker manually.

What is the cheapest tracker?

The most budget-friendly option is PeerClick. It even has a free plan with basic functionality for beginner affiliate marketers.


The use of professional trackers is a prerequisite for successful affiliate marketing in today’s realities. This software allows you to automate routine processes, conduct in-depth data analysis, and optimally distribute traffic flows.

We reviewed the main types of trackers, their functionality and pricing features. We also gave recommendations on choosing the optimal solution taking into account the tasks and budget of an affiliate marketer.

The most popular options today are Voluum, Keitaro, PeerClick. Before making a final decision, it is recommended to use trial versions to test the products of interest. Good luck in choosing your ideal assistant for making money!

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