Datify Link platform has partnered with GoLogin, a top multi-account browser that will help you farm and run ads from your Facebook or Google accounts and avoid bans. Each ban for an affiliate is a loss of money. GoLogin saves you money by reducing bans to 0% 🚀

  • Manage thousands of accounts

Run ads from multiple accounts in one place. Invite partners and use one subscription on multiple devices.

  • Quickly import accounts from stores

Farm or buy ready-made accounts, upload cookies and get started right away.

  • Use full Google Chrome emulation

GoLogin is not just a browser on Chromium, but the maximum imitation of real Chrome. Your accounts are 100% secure


Especially for Datify Link users, GoLogin has prepared a promo code DATIFY, which will provide you with month FREE with 1000 profiles on board. Go now and get your new multi-account browser 👉


The guys also created a cozy community of affiliates, where they discuss the most pressing issues:

  • how to pour now?
  • where to look for working links?
  • what payments to use?
  • how much to spend on a test offer?
  • where to poke with memes?

Join the @gologinaff chat in Telegram, we will share with each other our approaches and techniques at work 🔥

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