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Account 😎

If earlier the process of creating an account consisted of many different steps, now it takes minimum time and effort.


The answer is that TikTok has made its business functions available in many countries, including Ukraine. This means that now you can easily create Ukrainian accounts and the platform will be favorable to them.

Having seen this news, I immediately decided to create an account. And it took me no more than 3 minutes.

Write “TikTok Business” in the search box and go to the page TikTok For Business: Marketing in TikTok. Then click the bright Create button and the Signup page will open:

Guide How to set up ad dating campaigns on TikTok

Fill in all the fields, send the code to the email, keep in mind putting a tick to agree to the Privacy Policy, and then press the blue button.

It’s important to understand that it’s not necessarily for your TikTok business account and personal account with videos to be connected. I used one of the emails from my Google accounts.

Then a new page opens.

What to choose next:

  • Country – Ukraine;
  • Industry – something neutral;
  • Business name – any.
  • For convenience, you can choose the USD currency.
  • I entered a fictitious phone number but it’s better to use a real one since once there can be sent important text messages.

Guide How to set up ad dating campaigns on TikTok

  • Click Register.

On the following page, TikTok will ask you to describe your business. In my experience

Guide How to set up ad dating campaigns on TikTokGuide How to set up ad dating campaigns on TikTok

And now the game begins. ADS Manager is at our disposal.


Uploading 💥

For those who have already dealt with business managers on other platforms, the interface will be clear and simple. For people who will test it for the first time, I would advise to start with familiarizing themselves with the tool pages. Don’t be afraid of pressing the buttons. Here you are loved and no one will block your account by sending you the message “We noticed some unusual activity on your account.”

So let’s start advertising.


For that I use apps. These are PlayMarket / Appstore apps designed for the selected vertical. In our case, it’s dating.

  • Location – Italy
  • Target audience – men aged 25+

This app I’ve found on

A few words about them:

  • they provide free apps, give a ready set;
  • they offer good rates (payment for 1 target action, i.e. signing up);
  • they provide support during setting up the app and help with all the details. Especially it’s important for those who try something like that for the first time. Don’t hesitate to ask the manager for help.

I’ve got a link to Google Play, details of the push mail panel, and the AppsFlyer mobile attribution service.

To track traffic analytics and integration with TikTok, there is needed a flyer.

Let’s take a closer look at where the traffic runs. The manager can insert a link to your tracker into the app or a Smartlink as in my case.

Well done! Now we have an app. Let’s add it to ADS Manager.


To do it, hover your mouse cursor over Assets and click on Event.

Guide How to set up ad dating campaigns on TikTok

We get to Events Manager. Click on the Manage button.

After that, click on the Create New App button. Select the Android platform and insert the full link to the app.

 Guide How to set up ad dating campaigns on TikTok

Now you should choose a mobile attribution partner. You can specify this issue by asking the manager. Since I was given a login and a password from AppsFlyer, it meant it would serve as my partner.

Guide How to set up ad dating campaigns on TikTok

After that, TikTok asks to insert a link to click tracking and one more link. Now I can’t say for sure which one. I asked about these links the manager of my partner platform, and they promptly provided me with them.

(As I learned later, these links can be found in the integration section of AppsFlyer).

Guide How to set up ad dating campaigns on TikTok

So we insert the links and click Done. Congratulations! We’ve added the app.

Guide How to set up ad dating campaigns on TikTok

Copy the App ID and send it to the manager. This is necessary so that AppsFlyer could transmit them to TikTok registrations on the offer.

Let’s move on to creatives.

I used a very simple approach. I opened my TikTok account, liked some videos with girls, and after that, there appeared tons of similar videos. Then I used a screen recorder to record some of the most attractive but moderately hot videos. I opened the TikTok studio of creatives and made a creative. It is important that the video had no elements of TikTok functionality from the screen record. To do it, just scale the frame.

It is important that the video had no TikTok watermark.

The app is made. The creative is ready. It’s time to launch it.

On the Campaign tab, we must create a campaign. We will be asked to select the ADS manager mode. We should choose the custom one.

Since we are going to launch advertising for the app, for the purpose of advertising we should choose App Installs. No other changes should be made.

Guide How to set up ad dating campaigns on TikTok

At the next stage, we select our app. Then we choose the location, gender, age, and daily budget.

I’d like to draw your attention to an important aspect. When you have no registrations on the offer, for the goal of optimization I recommend choosing Install. When there are enough registrations, you’ll be able to create a new campaign with optimization for the event.

If to choose Bid Strategy, there will be the lowest price. In the future, it will also be possible to experiment with this parameter.

Guide How to set up ad dating campaigns on TikTok

Let’s move on to the next step. Here we add a creative and text.

Guide How to set up ad dating campaigns on TikTok

When you click Submit, you’ll be asked to provide billing information. And again I provided random data which looked similar to the genuine one. This information will be in the emails you’ll receive when the account is replenished.

When all the information is provided, to begin with, we pay $10 and the campaign undergoes moderation.

In about 15 minutes, my campaign was launched and the first installs appeared.

After that, everything is up to you. Test your creatives and locations, and make a profit 👍


Why set up the traffic for dating on TikTok 🔥

  1. The simplest process of account registration.

If you want to scale but are too lazy to create accounts, you can buy autoregistration on various platforms. There are dozens of them, so it’s easy enough to choose at least one.

  1. Simplicity of the process of the creation of creatives. TikTok itself provides a huge amount of content you can use in your vertical.
  2. An easy process of running traffic to apps.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask managers for help. They are interested in your traffic and will always advise you of something helpful.

Link for the registration 👉

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