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How to arbitrate with Google UAC — a complete guide on how to do it in 2022 ⚡️

Google UAC is a traffic source that, with the right approach, can bring in $1,000 or more per day. This correct approach includes a relevant offer, a trusted Google Ads account, a quality application, and careful work with statistics. Consider the features of affiliate marketing with Google UAC.


What is Google UAC?​ 🤑

Google UAC, Universal App Campaigns, is a Google Ads account tool that allows you to run mobile app campaigns. App ads run across the entire Google ecosystem: search, display network, banners, Google Play, and YouTube.

The benefits of working with this platform include:

  • quick setup;
  • several ad formats;
  • wide scope;
  • the ability to work with large volumes.

When launching a campaign in Google UAC, you need to keep in mind the peculiarities:

  • traffic can be of different quality, there is no way to control and optimize it;
  • there are no flexible and narrow targeting settings, and targeting cannot be changed;
  • a large turnover is needed: while the algorithms are trained for several days after the campaign launch, the budget can go into a minus.


Which verticals to work with? 📊

Google UAC is a source that fits almost all verticals. Applications are in high demand in dating, gambling, betting, finance, crypto, sweepstakes, games, and mobile utilities.

If the work is carried out in the “gray” verticals, you must set up the cloak and test several creatives. Application design example: it is not directly stated that this is a casino. But people see the characters and symbols and understand that the application is related to gambling.

How to arbitrate with Google UAC — a complete guide how to do it in 2022

How to arbitrate with Google UAC — a complete guide how to do it in 2022

To bypass moderation, you can try to upload several identical ads in a row: some of them can get approved.

There are no stable and guaranteed solutions to bypass moderation, so you need to try and test different approaches.

Be sure to consider the audience’s parameters, including gender, age, and geo. For example, in the nutra, older people prefer to order dietary supplements on traditional desktop devices. But with the help of applications, you can successfully promote SP-offers of subscriptions, and information products for losing weight to a younger audience.

Traffic can only be sent to Android and iOS applications. Apps for UAC can be developed independently or rented. For example, apps tailored for dating and gambling are issued by some affiliate programs themselves.


Google UAC ad requirements 🔥

To start a campaign you need:

  • trust promoted Google Ads account – in some cases, it is more difficult to launch a campaign in new regions; although there are cases when 50 new regions are launched at the same time and several of them are moderated and work for a long time;
  • payment card of the geo that owns the account and where the campaign is launched;
  • an application already published in the Play Market or App Store;
  • availability of an offer; (landing and prelanding will be needed to test your individual traffic funnel)
  • creatives (you can upload videos, pictures, and test different formats. As a rule, they use pictures with a clear call to install, etc.).

Accounts can be bought in trusted stores, contextual advertising agencies, and digital studios. Spends are better to increase with small billings. The higher the spend, the more trust.

Payment cards can be ordered from card issuing services such as AdsCard. It is advisable to take prepaid cards since algorithms have more confidence in such payments.

Google UAC makes requirements for the format, size, resolutions of creatives. Images and photos must be in gif, jpg, png format.

Videos win in terms of engagement among all formats. Experienced affiliates note that news stories, natural shooting with live people are the best. The optimal duration is 15-30 seconds. Videos can be taken from SPY-services, uniqueized so that they are approved in Google UAC. Suitable video format options: 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 2:3.

Texts should not contain prohibited words like Casino, including abbreviations that replace them, such as Sx, F*ck. There should be no characters and numbers that are written to deceive Google. Attempts to manipulate text will result in a ban.

It is recommended to prepare several variants of creatives for testing and to save time during moderation. For example, from 20 per campaign. If some of the materials do not pass the test, other creatives should be in stock.


How to work with Google UAC – step by step guide (with screenshots) 😍

Beginner affiliate marketing specialists are advised to start exploring the capabilities of Google UAC after gaining at least a little experience. For example, you can run several campaigns in the Display Network with white offers in order to understand the specifics of Google in general.

Work in Google UAC includes several steps.

First, you need to sign into your Google Ads account and select App Ads.

How to arbitrate with Google UAC — a complete guide how to do it in 2022

The next step is to download the application. You need to select the type of platform, upload the application using the link from the store.

Then you need to set the geo, specify the language.

How to arbitrate with Google UAC — a complete guide how to do it in 2022

How to arbitrate with Google UAC — a complete guide how to do it in 2022

Next, to launch advertising, the goals are selected:

  • installations, installs – CPI;

How to arbitrate with Google UAC — a complete guide how to do it in 2022

How to arbitrate with Google UAC — a complete guide how to do it in 2022

You can choose any action. It is best to keep them as simple as possible, such as depositing at an online casino. To track and control them, you will need integration with the tracker.

You will also need to choose the average budget and the campaign’s goal. The optimal budget is $50.

When setting up, it is important to set the cost of the installation, if you have experience and understanding, or consult with colleagues. If you don’t set an install price, Google will set an unprofitable price. Information on the cost of the installation can be clarified with a personal manager.

How to arbitrate with Google UAC — a complete guide how to do it in 2022

If you work with a Tier-1 geo, the initial installation price can be $0.3-$1. Then you can increase the price based on analytics.

Google makes recommendations for CPI and CPA:

  • installation price should be 50 times lower than the daily budget;
  • the cost of one action is ten times lower.

You will also need to specify the start and end dates for the campaign.

The final step is to upload ads in the “Ad group setup” section.

How to arbitrate with Google UAC — a complete guide how to do it in 2022

How to arbitrate with Google UAC — a complete guide how to do it in 2022

It is advisable to add creatives sequentially, one at a time at intervals. For example, first a text, an hour later an image, the next day a video. This is necessary to pass moderation faster and not arouse suspicion from Google algorithms.

After uploading the creatives, you need to click on “Save” and confirm the information entered earlier, to see that all the settings have been made correctly. Then you need to click on “Go to Campaign”. The campaign is ready, it can be sent for moderation.

How to arbitrate with Google UAC — a complete guide how to do it in 2022

How to arbitrate with Google UAC — a complete guide how to do it in 2022

If everything is okay, it will be launched, and traffic will flow. It remains to monitor the indicators closely, and take the necessary actions in time. Naming is set in the application. To track the performance of each creative, you need a tracker. You need to set up a postback with the transfer of subsources, in which the naming parameters will be specified. Another option is to set up a deep link. These actions will allow you to track conversions immediately, without waiting for Google to display statistics after 1,000 installs.

After launching a campaign, the algorithms need time to learn, to understand which target audience will be interested in the application. The learning rate is approximately 7-14 days. It depends on many factors – minimum and maximum rates and placement sites. It is essential to monitor the statistics. If the cost of targeted actions remains high and does not change, you can copy the ad or campaign and try to rerun it.

Algorithms can run randomly, depending on Google updates. Even if the same settings are set for the same ads, creatives will work differently.

To avoid a Google Ads account ban for suspicious activities, it is advisable to increase the daily budget gradually:

  • at the start of the campaign in the first days – by 15%
  • on a promoted account with a large spread – no more than 50%.

For scaling, you can split campaigns into several ads and then specify a minimum budget for each. Google algorithms will give quantity.



To go with Google UAC in a plus, you need to warm up and prepare a Google Ads account and a high-quality application that has passed moderation in the stores. This traffic source is suitable for everyone, while the quality of platform testing depends largely on the amount of the budget. In general, Google UAC can be called one of the most profitable sources for making money on affiliate marketing ⚡️

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