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In the modern world, where the Internet is at the center of commercial activity, traffic arbitrage is one of the key tools for many businesses. From solopreneurs to large corporations, many are faced with the need to understand and effectively use arbitrage to maximize their online presence. But what is it and what courses are available to learn this art?

What courses are there and what do they provide?

From beginner to professional

Traffic arbitrage courses come in different levels of complexity: from basic for beginners to deep and advanced for professionals.

Basic courses usually provide an introduction to the basics: what arbitration is, basic techniques and tools, as well as the first steps in this direction.

Advanced courses delve into specific strategies, tools, data analysis, and campaign optimization.

Practical or theoretical?

Some courses focus on theoretical knowledge, while others emphasize practical skills and real-life cases. The choice between them depends on your individual preferences and learning goals.

Certification and additional benefits

Many courses also offer students certification upon completion, which can be useful when looking for a job or marketing your services.

Why is it important to take traffic arbitrage courses?

Development of modern techniques and tools

The world of traffic arbitrage is constantly changing. New platforms, tools and strategies appear daily. To stay relevant and compete effectively in the market, you need to stay up to date with the latest innovations.

Teaching staff and experience

Experienced teachers can provide valuable knowledge and practical skills that are difficult to find in articles or manuals. They can also share real-life cases from their practice, which adds depth and practicality to the training.

Review of reviews and recommendations

Before choosing a course, you should study the reviews and recommendations of previous students. This will help you understand how effective the course is, what the level of teaching is and what exactly you can get after completing it.

Free video course on traffic arbitrage


Course rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Course Description

Improve your skills in traffic arbitrage with this free video course from the Cybermarketing training center. Just 9 lessons will give you an understanding of the basics of arbitrage, choosing offers, traffic sources, creating creatives and setting up campaigns in various advertising networks. Each lesson comes with a test to test your knowledge. Upon completion of the course you will receive a personalized certificate.

Course program

1. Lesson 1. What is traffic arbitrage (7 minutes)

  • Introduction to traffic arbitrage
  • The most important steps in CPA
  • Arbitration payment model
  • Pros and cons of arbitration

2. Lesson 2. Affiliate’s vocabulary (8 minutes)

  • Basic concepts of arbitration
  • Terms: blacklist, themes, cloaking, offer

3. Lesson 3. Useful services for affiliate marketing traders (9 minutes)

  • Advertising monitoring and automation services
  • Trackers and tools for working with websites and social networks

4. Lesson 4. Selecting an offer (5 minutes)

  • Understanding different types of offers
  • Tips for choosing the best offer

5. Lesson 5. Shareware traffic sources (Duration and details will be provided later)

Join the course and become a traffic arbitrage professional!

Affiliate LB by Matt Diggity

Course rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Course Description

Affiliate LB, offered by Matt Diggity, is the main and almost the only full-fledged course aimed at SEO and traffic arbitrage. This course is ideal for those who are starting their journey in SEO optimization and traffic arbitrage, starting with the very basics. Matt, being an SEO specialist and not just a marketer, presents the material with amazing simplicity, making it accessible even to those new to the field.

Course program

  1. SEO basics and their importance.
  2. Working with keywords: selection and optimization.
  3. Strategies for promoting web resources.
  4. Creation and optimization of contextual advertising campaigns.
  5. A series of 160 sequential and structured videos aimed at the practical application of knowledge.

Join the course and unlock the secrets of effective SEO optimization with Matt Diggity!

Affiliate Marketing

Course rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Course Description

Affiliate Marketing is an interactive, video-based training program designed to guide you step-by-step through the process of making an honest living through affiliate marketing. Led by affiliate marketing expert Pat Flynn, this course emphasizes the importance of ethical and sincere marketing strategies. Instead of “selling out” and potentially ruining the trust you’ve built with your audience, affiliate marketing allows you to recommend products you trust, benefiting both you and your audience.

Course program

  1. Affiliate Marketing Basics: Learn the essence of affiliate marketing and how it can be an ethical and effective way to monetize your audience.
  2. Tools and Strategies: Get the tools and strategies you need to succeed in affiliate marketing. This involves identifying market-tested products that align with your brand and resonate with your audience.
  3. Action Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide from Pat Flynn. This covers the basics of affiliate marketing, from choosing products that deliver the best results to implementing both passive and active promotional strategies.
  4. Video Content: Enjoy lifetime access to course video content, allowing you to return to lessons whenever needed and learn at your own pace.
  5. Support and Community Engagement: Take advantage of weekly private Zoom hours with Pat Flynn and gain access to the 1•2•3 Affiliate Marketing space within the SPI Academy, a private community where you can network with other entrepreneurs.
  6. Who is this course for?: While the course is intended for people who already have an online presence, be it a small email list, a social media following, or a website with average traffic, it can be highly valuable for anyone interested in maximizing their online income ethically.

Upon completion of this course, students should be well prepared with the knowledge and tools to begin their affiliate marketing journey, maintaining credibility and generating income without compromising the integrity of their brand.

Traffic arbitrage training – CPA.RU

Course rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Course Description

Free course on generating and monetizing traffic using apps. Learn to get organic traffic from search results and app directories. Learn how to manage notifications, build a subscriber base, and interact with your audience through newsletters. Use applications as landing pages for purchased traffic and master convenient tools for creating your projects.

Course program

  1. Push-notification: Ways to increase your profit
  2. Push-notification, Adult: Draining traffic to an adult offer
  3. Push-notification: Draining traffic to the crypt
  4. Mobile applications: Setting up pages and sections
  5. Mobile applications: Ways to monetize applications
  6. Clickunder + Tracker: How to optimize your advertising campaigns
  7. Nutra, CBD: Analysis of methods of leaking to offers
  8. Push-notification, sweepstakes: Draining traffic for iPhone giveaways
  9. Mobile applications: Creating a mobile application
  10. Mobile applications: Compiling your application
  11. Mobile applications: Compiling for android
  12. ZennoPoster: A way to get free traffic
  13. F.A.Q: Review of traffic sources
  14. Mobile applications: Assembly and selection of topics
  15. Mobile applications: Optimization and promotion
  16. Mobile applications: iOS compilation manual

Participants will also have access to a Telegram channel for quick and convenient study of materials, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and receive advice. No hidden content or paid add-ons – only real experience and proven cases. Start learning now and discover new horizons in the world of traffic arbitrage.

Project 24

Course rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Course Description

Project 24 is one of the top 15 traffic arbitrage courses. In a world of intense marketing competition, success requires constant learning. Project 24 is designed for both new and experienced marketers, offering knowledge in traffic arbitrage and various digital marketing strategies. This course can cover different aspects of marketing, including both passive and active strategies, making it a comprehensive guide for those who want to dive into the world of digital marketing.

Course program

  1. Traffic Arbitration Basics
  2. Advanced traffic arbitrage strategies
  3. SEO and its role in traffic arbitrage
  4. Using different platforms for maximum effect
  5. Analysis of real cases and practical examples

Basic video course on traffic arbitrage

Course rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Course Description:

Free theoretical course “TRAFFIC ARBITRATION: STARTING FROM ZERO”. Find out basic information about verticals, offers, sources and principles of CPA marketing in just 1 hour. After completing the course, you will have the necessary knowledge and skills to start independently in the field of arbitration or to join an arbitration team, be it an internship or a full-time job.

Course program

  1. Affiliate Marketing Basics|
  2. Affiliate Marketing Verticals
  3. Affiliate marketing offers
  4. Traffic sources and advertising formats
  5. Webmaster tools
  6. Webmaster economics
  7. Bonus: discounts in arbitration services

Each lesson consists of video material, detailed text analysis and a test to test your knowledge. The course is designed in such a way that the educational material is learned step by step and as efficiently as possible.

Building Profitable Affiliate and Influencer Marketing Websites: A Step-by-Step Guide

Course rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Course Description

Dive into a comprehensive program that shares over 12 years of experience building profitable affiliate and influencer marketing sites. This course is designed for those who strive to reach $100 per day by investing just an hour of their time. This is not about finding hidden secrets or loopholes to get rich instantly. Instead, the emphasis is on a legitimate online business model for a sustainable income, potentially providing the freedom to travel, operate on your own terms, or even quit your job. With data-driven strategies and insights from our own affiliate sites bringing in over $12,000 per month, this program offers a transparent look at our path and tools for your success.

Course program

  1. Introduction to Affiliate and Authority Sites: Learn about the true potential of this business model and its long-term benefits.
  2. Lay the Basics: Dive into advanced keyword research, high quality content creation, and white hat link building strategies that drive organic traffic from search engines.
  3. Case Study Analysis: Analyze real-life case studies such as ATVRider and PoolCleanerBlog to understand the income potential and structure of successful affiliate sites.
  4. Optimize your workflow: Find out how you can manage and grow your website with just an hour of your time a day.
  5. Choosing the Right Niche: Learn how to choose profitable and interesting niches, avoiding pitfalls and ensuring sustainable growth.
  6. Maximizing Affiliate Commissions: Learn the art of product recommendation, optimizing affiliate links and increasing your commission rate.
  7. Avoid Common Mistakes: From Google penalties to bad business decisions, equip yourself with the knowledge to avoid common difficulties faced by many.
  8. Adapt your business for the future: As the digital landscape evolves, so must your strategies. This module will help you stay ahead of the curve and maintain consistent growth.

By the end of this course, you will learn how to create websites that not only generate income, but also transform your life. Don’t miss this opportunity. Come and join us!

Arbitrage startup

Course rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Course Description

The “Arbitration Startup” course provides training in traffic arbitration with a double guarantee of results. The educational process is aimed at ensuring that students start their own arbitrage business and achieve a result of $2000 in profit. By purchasing this course, you will get access to ready-made cases for making money, exclusive offers with increased payments, as well as the opportunity to work in an arbitration team with guaranteed employment.

Course program


  • Training goals, expectations from training.
  • Conditions of the support service, how to study correctly.
  • Basic concepts of traffic arbitrage.
  • Result: General understanding of the concept of arbitration and expectations from practical work.


  • Creation of working creatives.
  • Analysis of practical cases from the life of an arbitrator.
  • Result: Knowledge of the realities of arbitration in practice.


  • Examples of successful cases.
  • A detailed analysis of the reasons for success and failure.
  • Information about potential earnings in arbitration.

Authority Site System

Course rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Course Description

The Authority Site System is a comprehensive starter program designed for those who want to begin the journey of building an authority site from scratch. No matter your experience in internet marketing, this course will guide you through every step of the process. From choosing a niche, creating a website and creating content to building links, everything is broken down into easy-to-understand steps. The course includes:

  • Over 125 detailed videos demonstrating the step-by-step approach.
  • Real study for later study.
  • Convenient “Copy and Paste” templates for various tasks.
  • A detailed to-do list for creating a website so that everything is under control.
  • Access to an exclusive community of members to share experiences and learn.

The Authority Site System is designed to be a true guide from start to finish. By the end of this program, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to launch and grow your new authority website.

Course program

  1. Introduction to Authority Sites: Understanding the concept and potential of authority sites.
  2. Niche selection: Identifying profitable niches and understanding market dynamics.
  3. Website Building Basics: Laying the foundations for a successful authority website.
  4. Content Creation: Create high-quality, relevant content to attract and retain visitors.
  5. Link Building: Strategies and techniques to improve your website’s authority and ranking.
  6. Using Templates: Use the provided templates to optimize tasks.
  7. Track Your Progress: Use your website to-do list to measure and maintain your growth.
  8. Community Communication: Participating in a community of participants, exchanging opinions and working together on problems.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Mastery 2.0

Course rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Course Description

Affiliate marketing is a promising venture that is easy to start, grow and scale. With YouTube ranked as the second largest search engine in the world, this course aims to combine the power of YouTube and affiliate marketing to create income-generating opportunities. This course will teach you how to earn commissions by recommending products sold by other companies, without having to maintain inventory or start-up costs for the product. By placing product recommendations strategically in front of the right audience, you can make significant money. Everyone wins: the customer finds the product they want, the company gets a sale, and you get a commission for your referral.

Course program

  1. Introduction to YouTube Affiliate Marketing Mastery 2.0.
  2. How to slow down a lecture on Udemy.
  3. Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners.
  4. Understanding content marketing and affiliate marketing.
  5. Success without appearing on camera.
  6. Course overview.
  7. Determining the best affiliate networks for beginners.
  8. Launching your YouTube channel.
  9. Generating ideas for content.
  10. Increase your income with affiliate and content marketing.
  11. Recording content and creating videos.
  12. Uploading a video to YouTube for maximum views.
  13. Create a professional miniature quickly.
  14. And many other key lessons.

To get the most out of this course, participants should have an interest in affiliate marketing and have access to the internet.

Behind the scenes of the rating: How we chose the best traffic arbitrage courses

To compile an objective and informative rating of traffic arbitrage courses, we used an integrated approach. We would like to share the steps of this process so that you can appreciate our transparency and integrity.

  • Market analysis: We started by studying the offers available on the market. We took into account not only courses from the Russian-language segment, but also international training programs.
  • Course Content Assessment: Reviewed the syllabi to ensure they are current and complete.
  • Feedback from students: Analyzed student feedback and recommendations to assess the actual effectiveness of the course and the level of satisfaction of participants.
  • Checking the qualifications of teachers: We made sure that the training is provided by professionals with real experience in traffic arbitrage.
  • Course cost: We took into account the price/quality ratio to offer you the most profitable options.

Your ideal course: How to make the right choice?

Analysis of your experience and level of knowledge

Before choosing a course, determine your current level of knowledge and experience:

  • Beginner: If you are just starting your journey, focus on the basic courses. They will give you an understanding of the basics and prepare you for a deeper study of the topic.
  • With experience: If you already have experience in traffic arbitrage, but want to deepen your knowledge, choose advanced courses or master classes.

Comparison of content and teaching approaches

Not all courses are created equally. Therefore, compare their contents:

  • Practical focus: Some courses focus on practical tasks, others more on theory. Decide what is more important to you.
  • Thematic blocks: Make sure that the course covers all the topics and aspects of arbitration that interest you.

Consideration of financial options

Budget plays an important role in choosing a course:

  • Free courses: Ideal for those who are just starting their journey and do not want to invest a lot of money at once.
  • Paid courses: Often offer deeper and better quality training. But before buying, you should make sure of their quality.

Answers to popular questions: FAQ on traffic arbitrage

How to make money on traffic arbitrage?

Traffic arbitrage is the purchase of traffic on one site with the aim of selling it on another for a higher price. For successful earnings:

  • Study the market: Understand where and at what price to buy traffic, as well as where it is best to sell it.
  • Optimize your advertising campaigns: Set your targeting, choose the right keywords and create high-quality ads.
  • Monitoring and analysis: Regularly analyze results, adjust strategy and test new approaches.

How much does traffic arbitrage training cost?

Tuition fees can vary greatly depending on the course, its length, the qualifications of the instructors and other factors. Free courses can provide basic understanding, while paid training programs can cost anywhere from several thousand to several tens of thousands of rubles.

Which course is better – paid or free?

Both types of courses have their advantages. The free courses are suitable for beginners or those who want to gain a basic understanding. Paid courses often offer more in-depth study of a topic, hands-on assignments, and access to experienced professionals.

Is there practice in these courses?

Yes, many courses offer practical assignments or even internships. This allows you to apply the acquired knowledge in practice and gain real experience in traffic arbitrage.

Do the courses provide any guarantees for training?

Some courses offer money-back guarantees if the course materials do not meet the student’s expectations. However, this practice is not standard, so we recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions before paying for the course.

Final Thoughts: Invest in Knowledge

Traffic arbitrage is a constantly changing field, and in order to stay at the top, it is important not only to keep up with new products, but also to systematically learn. Choose a course that suits your goals and budget. Remember that investing in knowledge always pays off. Good luck in mastering traffic arbitrage and may your advertising campaign bring the expected results!


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