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Every day in the world of online dating, tens of millions of people are looking for their soulmate or just interesting communication. Thanks to such a huge demand, dating sites and applications are one of the most profitable niches in the Internet business.

In this article we will look at the top dating affiliate programs, as well as strategies and factors, the understanding of which will help to successfully enter this market and maximize their profits, including for people without experience in arbitrage.

How do the best dating affiliate programs work?

The principle of operation of affiliate programs in the field of dating is in many ways similar to how other affiliate programs work, but taking into account the characteristics of this niche. It is based on cooperation between dating services and marketers, arbitrators or online resource owners who help attract new users to these dating sites.

Basic operating principles of dating affiliate programs:

  • Registration in the affiliate program of a dating service, gaining access to materials and tools for attracting users (banners, text ads), landing pages, affiliate links, etc.
  • Using the provided materials and tools to attract traffic to the dating service website. Traffic can come from a variety of sources: social media, search engines, content blogs, email newsletters, and other channels.
  • The affiliate program system tracks the actions performed by users who came through affiliate links (this could be registration on the site, payment for a subscription, and others, depending on the goals of the affiliate program).
  • For each successful action performed by a user whom a partner attracted to a dating site, he is paid a commission.
  • The best dating affiliate programs provide their partners with marketing support (promotion recommendations, statistics, training).
  • Affiliates can optimize their promotion strategies by analyzing the results and use of the analytics tools provided by the affiliate program.
  • In their activities, partners must comply with laws and ethical standards.

TOP dating affiliate programs in 2023

  • Dataify.Link

Dating affiliate program with more than 1900 private offers, specializing in the use of smart links with fast optimization. You can choose from PPL (SOI/DOI), RevShare and PPS payment models. GEO targeting is available to audiences from all countries of the world.

  • Traffcore

An affiliate program offering several smart links for dating, sweepstakes, cryptocurrency, games with 18+ content. Through smart linking algorithms, offers are rotated to ensure maximum income from any type of traffic. Direct offers are provided for any geographical region, as well as a variety of payment methods. Guaranteed daily payouts starting from $1. Support in creating mobile applications for Facebook/UAC.

  • Adtrafico

The best Burj dating affiliates always find a reliable partner in a reliable affiliate network. The company provides optimal conditions and provides a personalized approach to each web developer. Possibility of using over two thousand campaigns from exclusive partners. Guarantee of timely payments.

  • Cpa.House

An outstanding affiliate program focused on nutra, dating, gambling, betting and other niches. Over 650 current offers with wide geographical coverage. The company offers its own contact center and proven creatives for each offer.

  • Clicklead

The world’s leader in conversion marketing, with over 13,000 offers available, including exclusive offers only available in private access. Our own platform for tracking results, an automated smart link system and qualified managers ready to provide the necessary support.


Affiliate platform with multiple verticals, offering over two thousand offers, including exclusive offers and without geographical restrictions. The minimum withdrawal threshold is $20, different withdrawal methods are available: WebMoney, Capitalist, Visa, Qiwi and ZaleyCash. Offerrum provides TikTok agent accounts and provides users with 24/7 technical support.

  • Leadbit

Global CPA marketplace specializing in verticals such as dating, gambling, finance, nutra, etc. They offer unique offers, their own applications and high commissions. There is an interesting store where successful affiliates can receive valuable prizes.

  • Serious.Partners

An international affiliate network that provides offers in the areas of gambling, betting, dating, mVas and crypto verticals. The company has over three hundred offers with generous rates and attractive conditions for webmasters. Serious.Partners is ready to work with traffic from anywhere in the world.

  • Los Pollos

An affiliate program focused on dating topics that is ready to accept traffic from absolutely any geographic region. Its peculiarity is the reception of various types of traffic, including a mix, and automatic monetization, using its own algorithms to select the most

  • 10. Trafee

Affiliate specializing in dating, adult and sweepstakes. It provides a built-in smart link with high speed optimization, actively works directly with advertisers, constantly updating its offers, providing localized advertising materials and providing generous payments to its employee partners.

  • iMonetizeit

An affiliate network with offers in different niches, providing an extensive set of tools for successful traffic monetization. The platform automatically analyzes the type/characteristics of traffic, then directs it to the most relevant and profitable offers, ensuring the effective use of user traffic.

  • 12. Olimob

An international CPA network that stands out for its unique offers and reliable support. The network offers over three thousand 3000 offers in various verticals, including dating, mobile subscriptions (mVAS), gambling and cryptocurrencies. They welcome almost any traffic source and provide the opportunity to use WebView applications for promotion on Facebook and Google UAC platforms. You can choose from various payment models.

How to choose a dating affiliate for traffic arbitrage?

The right choice of dating affiliate program to monetize Internet traffic determines your success and profitability in this area.

To make a worthy choice, focus on the following factors:

  • Determine your target audience and choose an affiliate program that specializes in this niche.
  • Compare offers from different affiliate programs based on criteria such as commission structure, availability of advertising materials, geographic coverage, product features, etc.
  • Read reviews from other affiliates to choose an affiliate program with a good reputation.
  • Give preference to an affiliate that provides reliable technical support.
  • Make sure your affiliate offers resources to track and analyze traffic to help you optimize your campaigns and increase your profitability.
  • Study the terms and conditions of the affiliate program, because compliance with them is a key aspect of successful traffic arbitrage.
  • Choose an affiliate program that provides the most convenient payment methods and payouts.
  • Be sure to conduct test campaigns to objectively assess its effectiveness and potential for your traffic arbitrage.

Traffic sources for dating

Dating sites and apps can attract traffic from a variety of sources. Their choice depends on your target audience, budget and marketing strategy.

Popular traffic sources for dating sites:

  • Social media. They allow you to set up targeted advertising based on user interests, age, location and other parameters.
  • Search advertising. Using dating-related keywords will help you attract the right target audience and drive traffic from them.
  • Blogging and content marketing. Creating content on the topic of dating and dating will help attract organic traffic.
  • Affiliate affiliates. Working with other websites and blogs through an affiliate program will help generate referral traffic.
  • Email. Email newsletters, provided they comply with e-commerce laws and regulations, can be an effective way to keep in touch with existing users and attract new ones.
  • Mobile advertising. If your dating service has a mobile application, you can use advertising in applications and mobile advertising networks to attract users.
  • Forums and communities. Participating in online forums, communities and discussions related to the topic of dating can lead to traffic from people interested in these issues.

Dating offers

This term refers to offers related to dating, promoted as part of affiliate programs or traffic arbitrage. They vary in payment models and the niches in which they are offered.

By payment models:

  • CPL (Cost Per Lead) or payment per lead: a commission is paid for each user who registers on a dating site through your affiliate link. As a rule, we are talking about initial registration, without the need to pay a subscription.
  • CPA (Cost Per Action) or payment per action: a commission is paid for certain actions (registration, payment for a subscription, filling out a profile or others).
  • RevShare (Revenue Share) or revenue share: the commission is a percentage of the revenue the dating service receives from each user you refer.

By offer niches:

  • dating for young people;
  • mature relationships;
  • geographical offers;
  • LGBT dating;
  • religious dating;
  • dating for swingers, as well as other specific categories for adults.
  • niche dating offers.

How to start earning money? Affiliate dating for beginners

To start making money with dating affiliate programs, it is recommended to follow the steps below:

  • Study the dating market, determine the target audience, study competitors – all this will help formulate an effective strategy.
  • Find dating affiliate programs that offer good conditions for beginners, including convenient payment models.
  • To attract an audience, create your own resource (website, blog, page on social networks to promote dating offers).
  • Use different channels to promote dating offers (social networks, content marketing, SEM, email newsletters).
  • Use analytics to track campaign results and optimize your marketing to increase conversions and profits.
  • Check the affiliate program rules and laws in your region.
  • Start with small campaigns, and after testing different strategies and channels, scale successful channels to increase profits.
  • Learn and interact with other affiliate marketers to improve your own skills.
  • Follow current trends and promptly adapt your campaigns to them.

What is the income potential in dating? Numbers and cases

Earnings from dating can vary greatly depending on experience, marketing strategy, selected dating offers, budget and campaign effectiveness.

Illustrations of profitable methods in dating:

  • Earning money in an advertising network. When working according to the CPA payment model, you receive $2 for each successfully registered user account on a dating site; if you make one hundred successful sales, your earnings will be $200.
  • Income from traffic arbitrage. For affiliate marketers who have successful campaigns with a positive return on investment, their earnings depend on the size of the budget and ROI (return on investment). If you invest $1000 in advertising and have an ROI of 50%, your earnings will be $500.
  • Passive income. Some affiliates create long-term traffic sources that generate passive income, such as a dating blog that continues to attract traffic and generate commissions.
  • Affiliate commissions. When promoting dating offers as an affiliate, the amount of earnings will directly depend on the commissions provided by the dating affiliate (they can vary from a few dollars to a percentage of revenue).
  • Income from your own dating site. In this case, earnings will depend on the number of subscribers, users paying for the subscription, and advertising revenue.

To better understand how much you can earn, it is recommended to start with small budgets, testing different offers and strategies, and gradually increase your experience and budget as you receive results and payback campaigns.


With the ever-changing internet landscape and advancements in technology in 2023, dating affiliates continue to provide excellent opportunities for affiliate marketing and earning money in the dating industry. When choosing an affiliate program, it is important to consider its reliability and reputation, niche specialization, available resources, payment models and marketing support provided.

This area provides ample opportunities to achieve a stable and significant income for everyone who is ready to learn and put effort into finding creative solutions to attract the target audience and test different strategies.

Boost your earnings with top-converting offers in dating, sweepstakes, gambling, and crypto!