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One of the key factors for success in the world of affiliate marketing is the competent choice of an affiliate program. In 2023, the field of CPA marketing and affiliate marketing provides incredible opportunities for webmasters and marketers.

In this article, we will look at the best affiliate programs that have become true leaders in this industry, their advantages, the verticals they cover, and tell you how to maximize your profits with their help in 2023.

Target audience of nutra

The target audience of CPA partners in the nutsphere can be varied, depending on the vertical.

The most popular today:

  • Fitness and weight loss. People actively seeking ways to lose weight, improve fitness and overall health.
  • Increased potency. Representatives of the stronger sex who are faced with problems in the sexual sphere, such as low potency or erectile dysfunction.
  • Adult vertical. Audience 18+, interested in services and products to improve sex life and satisfy sexual needs.

Each vertical has unique characteristics and has its own methods of attracting audiences. Gut affiliates present offers and resources aimed at meeting the needs of these user groups and affiliates.

Traffic sources to your liking

Traffic sources for promoting offers in the field of nutra can be very different:

  • Publics on social networks. Creation and management of public pages and groups on social networks, where you can share information and useful tips, as well as advertise products from the inside of the sphere.
  • SMM. Promoting products and offers through active participation in social networks, publishing content and interacting with the audience.
  • Targeted and teaser advertising. Using various advertising networks and platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads and others) to set up precisely targeted advertising that will be shown to a user interested in nutra products.
  • Push mailings. Send notifications and push messages to users who have subscribed to notifications from your site or application.
  • YouTube. Create YouTube tutorials, product reviews, and other video content designed to engage and inform audiences interested in nutra topics.

When choosing traffic sources, it is important to take into account the specifics of the environment and the interests of the target audience. In addition, it is important to adhere to the rules and requirements of advertising platforms and networks in order to avoid blocking and other negative consequences.

How do you make money from guts?

Making money from nutra and selling nutra products is most often carried out using the following methods:

  • Traffic arbitrage. Arbitrageurs purchase advertising traffic (such as ad clicks or views) from advertising or social networks, search engines or other types of platforms, and then direct it to landing pages with nutra offers. The earnings of affiliates is the difference between the cost of traffic and the income from the sale of infrasphere products.
  • Creating your own websites or blogs. People can create information resources on nutrition, fitness, health, and other nutritious topics. On these sites, they publish useful content and then monetize the traffic through advertising, affiliate programs, or selling their own nutraceutical products.
  • Affiliate Marketing. Users can join affiliate programs of infrasphere companies. They receive unique affiliate links and attract customers by promoting these products through their resources (blogs, websites, social networks or email newsletters). For attracting customers or for successful sales, they are paid a commission.
  • Direct sales. A number of companies specializing in nutraceutical products have theopportunity to directly sell their products to users through their own online stores.
  • Paid advertising campaigns. Companies can also use various forms of online advertising, including contextual advertising, banners, social media advertising, etc. to attract the attention of potential customers and direct them to nutra product pages.

Since this is an area related to nutrition and health, selling nutra products requires strict adherence to rules, compliance with laws and regulations, regulation and the provision of accurate and reliable information about it.

TOP 7 CPA nutra affiliate programs

1. TraffCore

An innovative network of smart links specializing in the effective monetization of Internet traffic. Provides a number of attractive advantages: more than ten thousand direct offers in various verticals, daily payments to reliable trust partners, no commissions for withdrawal of funds, a wide selection of methods for withdrawing funds. The platform provides global coverage and supports verticals such as dating, competitions, adult games and cryptocurrencies, providing a variety of traffic monetization opportunities depending on the interests and audience of partners.


An affiliate program that has been actively operating since 2013, specializing in the nutra-vertical. The company has over one hundred and ten proprietary products, offers a variety of geographic markets, and provides a full range of tools necessary to successfully monetize your traffic. The minimum payment amount is only 2000 rubles, or 40 dollars, or 40 euros, making cooperation with KMA.BIZ profitable and affordable.

3. Leadbit

The international affiliate network (on the market since 2014) offers a wide range of opportunities for webmasters. Specializes in Nutra, Finance, gambling, dating and many others. The network’s main focus is on overseas traffic, making it an attractive partner for those looking for international monetization opportunities. Additional benefits: own applications, increased rates after successful testing, access to a gift store where you can exchange accumulated points for valuable prizes. These privileges make cooperation with this affiliate network beneficial and profitable for webmasters.

4. Dr.Cash

A well-known CPA network among webmasters, which provides more than three thousand offers covering diverse and developing regions, including Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The network’s main focus is nutra, and it offers lucrative payment models in the form of CPA and CPL. The platform has its own bonus store and a useful set of tools, and commissions are paid out three times a week.

5. RocketProfit

An affiliate network offering a wide selection of offers available for promotion in more than 25 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. The main verticals in the product network: physical goods and internal offers offering generous payouts (up to $38).

The platform provides special master accounts for arbitration teams, with the ability to set individual rates for each participant. Assistance is provided with translation and adaptation of promotional materials. RocketProfit is ready to accept traffic from various popular sources. A special feature of the network is that there is no hold on withdrawals.

6. Cpagetti

An affiliate network specializing in CPA marketing offers a wide range of offers in verticals such as nutra, dating and gambling. Its presence covers global markets, including the CIS, Europe and Asia, and includes more than five hundred different offers. The network makes collaboration easy by supporting API integration, providing direct links, TrafficBack and many other tools to optimize your work. In addition, the affiliate network offers a flexible payment system, allowing you to receive earned funds upon request, without any restrictions on weekends and holidays.

7. CPA.House

An affiliate network that began its public activities in 2020. It provides exclusive offers directly from advertisers in niches such as gambling, adult and nutra. Currently there are more than 600 offers in their catalog, and new offers are constantly being added. Most offers have a hold on withdrawals of 7 days, which ensures the reliability and security of transactions. The minimum amount for payment is only 3,000 rubles, 50 $ or 50 €, making cooperation with this network accessible and profitable for partners.

How did we evaluate affiliate programs in the rating?

The top profile of affiliate programs was compiled based on a number of key criteria and parameters to determine their quality and attractiveness for affiliate marketers:

  • Reliability and reputation. One of the most important aspects is the reputation of the CPA affiliate and its long-term successful existence in the market, which, as a rule, implies more reliable and proven offers.
  • A large number of offers. The variety of available offers in different niches and verticals is important. The greater the variety of offers, the more opportunities arbitrage specialists have to choose suitable offers for their audience.
  • Payment models. A variety of payment models allows arbitrage traders to choose the most profitable payment options based on their strategy.
  • Technical support. High-quality and fast technical support allows you to effectively solve emerging problems, which is a mandatory factor for successful arbitration.
  • Payments and terms. The convenience of available payment methods, the minimum threshold for payments and strict adherence to payment deadlines are the most important factors for arbitrage traders.
  • Marketing support. Providing ready-made creatives, promotional materials and marketing support helps affiliates create effective advertising campaigns.
  • Geography. The geographic distribution of traffic supported by a CPA affiliate is also of decisive importance, taking into account the target audience and the countries with which they work.
  • Innovation. The introduction of new technologies and tools (smartlink, analytics) helps improve the arbitrage experience and increase profitability.

Tips for choosing the best nutra CPA affiliate

Choosing the right affiliate program is a crucial factor for successfully monetizing traffic in this vertical.

Recommendations for choosing the best nutra CPA affiliate:

  • Market research. Before choosing an affiliate program, conduct market research in the industry. Find out which products are most in demand and which offers are most popular among your target audience.
  • Reliability and reputation. The best nutra affiliate programs are those that are reliable and have an excellent reputation. Pay attention to ratings and reviews from other webmasters and affiliates
  • Product selection. Make sure that the nutra affiliate program you choose offers offers that match the interests and needs of your target audience.
  • Payment models. The best nutra affiliate programs offer a variety of payment models, which allows each partner to choose the most optimal one for themselves.
  • Geography of offers. Check which countries the offers are available in and make sure they are relevant to your audience.
  • Creatives and marketing support. Ask if the affiliate program provides marketing materials and creatives to promote offers.
  • Technical support. One of the important aspects of choosing an affiliate program is having constant access to technical support.
  • Minimum withdrawal. Find out all the conditions for withdrawing funds, including the minimum amount and available payment methods.
  • Competitive conditions. Compare the terms offered by different nutra affiliate programs and choose the one that provides the best terms based on your strategy.
  • Analysis of offers. Analyze offers to determine their attractiveness to your audience and profit potential.
  • Legal aspects. Make sure that your affiliate program complies with all necessary laws and regulations in the field of selling nutraceutical products.
  • Trial periods. Some affiliate programs offer trial periods or test offers. They should be used to objectively understand which offer and affiliate program is best for you.


affiliate marketing in the field of nutra continues to be one of the most popular and profitable areas in online marketing. An important step on the path to success in this area is the choice of a reliable and effective CPA affiliate program.

This process requires careful analysis and comparison of different options. It is not enough to familiarize yourself with the top nutra affiliate programs, since there is no universal affiliate program that would suit everyone. In each individual case, the choice should be based on your unique strategy and goals.

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