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In a digital world with ever-changing internet trends, affiliate marketingis at the forefront of innovation. This process, which involves buying traffic from one source and then selling it on another resource at a higher price, not only provides excellent earning opportunities, but also poses a number of complex challenges for market participants.

Proxy services: Your shield and sword in the world of affiliate marketing

The modern Internet provides users with an endless amount of information. However, just like in the real world, there are certain barriers and limitations. Websites can block or restrict access based on a user’s geolocation, device type, or even interests. This is where proxy services come into play.

For arbitrators, proxy services serve as a kind of “translator” between the traffic buyer and the target resource. They allow you to mask the source IP address, bypass geo-restrictions, and even imitate different devices or browsers. This creates the illusion that the traffic is coming from real users from different parts of the world, which in turn increases the likelihood of a successful transaction.

Why is choosing the right proxy service so important?

The issue of choosing a proxy service is not at the bottom of the list of priorities for a successful affiliate marketing. Why? The point is that not all proxies are created equal. Low-quality or slow proxies can cause loss of income, increased response time, or even blocking of target resources.

Each website or advertising platform has its own algorithms for identifying “suspicious” traffic. If your proxy server does not provide adequate camouflage, your traffic may be classified as “unsolicited”, resulting in wasted money and time.

Choosing a reliable proxy service is, of course, an important part of a successful affiliate marketingstrategy. In this article, we will look at the best proxy services of 2023 that will help you maximize your profits and minimize your risks. Ready to learn more? Let’s start!

Diving into the world of proxy services: the best solutions of 2023

There are many aspects involved in choosing the right proxy service, and each of them has its own characteristics. Let’s look at the most popular and effective proxy services that arbitrators have chosen in 2023.

  • Proxy: mobile residential ipv4; HTTP and Socks5
  • Cost: 3$/GB (when purchasing from 1TB – 2$/GB)
  • GEO: WW
  • Free test: 3GB with promo code PROTRAFFIC
  • Payment: cryptocurrency (BTC, USDT), bank cards
  • Referral program: up to 30%
  • Features: 24/7 technical support, pay only for traffic

  • Proxy: IPV4 mobile and IPV4 residential
  • Cost: from 1$/port
  • GEO: 150+ countries
  • Free test: using promo code NEXUSPRO
  • Rental period: month
  • Features: payment only for ports, without traffic restrictions

Space Proxy

  • Proxy: IPv4 shared, individual IPv4, server IPv6; HTTPS and Socks 5
  • Price: Shareds: from $0.61/piece, Individual: from $0.88/piece, IPv6: from $0.09/piece
  • GEO: 64 countries
  • Payment: many methods, including cryptocurrencies
  • Rental period: from 5 days to a year
  • Referral program: 10% for life

  • Proxy: residential and mobile
  • Cost: from $0.8 per day
  • GEO: WW
  • Payment: BTC, LTC
  • Rental period: day
  • Features: mix of proxy types, minimum deposit amount $8


  • Proxy types: mobile, server IPv4, IPv6, universal
  • GEO:
  • Mobile – Russia
  • IPv4 – USA
  • IPv6 and universal – many countries (USA, Germany, Britain, etc.)
  • Prices: Mobile – 2500 m/pcs, IPv4 — 100-130 RUR/piece, IPv6 — 8 ₽/piece, Universal – 15 ₽/piece.
  • Payment: QIWI, YuMoney, VISA/MasterCard, cryptocurrencies, Freekassa
  • Rental period: month (can be changed through support)
  • Test: 1 hour free
  • Features: Universal proxies are suitable for feeding cookies.


  • Proxy types: server IPv4, mobile (private and shared)
  • GEO: Servers – 7 cities in North America, Mobile – US, FR, IT, etc.
  • Prices (per piece): Mobile (shared) – from $2.99/day, Mobile (private) – from $74.99/week, Server (shared) – from $0.09/day, Server (private) – from $0.19/day
  • Payment: VISA/MasterCard, Stripe, BTC, Amex, PayPal
  • Rental period: from 1 day to 1 month
  • Test: No
  • Features: Residential proxies will be available for sale soon.

LTE Socks

  • Proxy types: mobile
  • GEO: Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, etc. (total 8 countries)
  • Prices:
  • General rates – from $40/week
  • Single GEO (for example, UK per day) – $10
  • Payment: VISA/MasterCard, cryptocurrencies, Payoneer, SEPA/IBAN, etc.
  • Rental period: from 1 day to 1 month
  • Test: 1 hour free
  • Features: unlimited traffic in most GEOs, speed up to 25 Mbit/sec.


  • Proxy type: Server, mobile; HTTPS, Socks.
  • GEO: Server – CIS, Europe, Asia, Latham, USA. Mobile – Ukraine, Russia, USA, Europe.
  • Price: Server – from 100 ₽/piece. Mobile – from 300 ₽/day.
  • Payment: PayPal, VISA/MasterCard, QIWI, Webmoney, YuMoney, BTC, Interkassa, Freekassa.
  • Rent: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, year.
  • Test: No.
  • Features: Referral system 35%. Rotation by time/API. There is a VPN with a trial period.


  • Proxy type: Mobile.
  • GEO: Ukraine, Romania.
  • Price: UA – $15/week, $25/2 weeks, $40/month. RO – $20/week, $30/2 weeks, $45/month.
  • Payment: QIWI, Webmoney, BTC.
  • Rent: 1 week, 2 weeks, month.
  • Test: Yes (1 hour).
  • Features: Rotation from 1 min. or via the link. Operators Vodafone, Kyivstar, Life (UA); Vodafone (RO).


  • Proxy type: Mobile; HTTPS, Socks 5.
  • GEO: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Poland, Thailand.
  • Price: From 490 ₽/piece.
  • Payment: Ukrainian and Kazakh VISA/MasterCard, MIR, WMZ, QIWI, BTC, ETH, USDT erc-20, LTC, PayPal, wire transfer.
  • Rent: Day, week, month, 3 months, year.
  • Test: Yes (2 hours).
  • Features: Referral system 16%. Unlimited traffic. Change IP by timer/request. There is a proxy checker.


  • Proxy type: server IPv4/IPv6, shared IPv4; HTTPS/SOCKS5.
  • GEO: Moscow.
  • Free test: available in your personal account.
  • Payment: card, YuMoney, Qiwi, Payeer, AdvCash, Tinkoff, wire transfer.
  • Referral program: 20% of payments from attracted users.
  • Cost: from 5.1 ₽/piece when paid for 30 days.
  • Rental period: 1-3 months (for server IPv6 also 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks).
  • Add. services: Whois service, Proxy checker, “My anonymity”, “Check site support for IPv6”.


  • Proxy type: server IPv4/IPv6, IPv4 Shared; HTTPS/SOCKS5.
  • GEO: Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. (9 countries).
  • Free test: no.
  • Payment: card, Yandex.Money, Qiwi, etc.
  • Discount: 5% with promo code faVcEFKTrP.
  • Referral program: 30% of attracted payments + affiliate coupon.
  • Cost: from 3.60 ₽/piece.
  • Rental period: 3 days – month.
  • Add. information: proxies are activated immediately, a switchable protocol is possible, API for integration.


  • Proxy type: Server, resident IPv4.
  • GEO: Russia, Ukraine, USA, Kazakhstan, Europe.
  • Test: No.
  • Payment: Card, World, WebMoney, etc.
  • Price: From 100 ₽/IP.
  • Rental period: 1 month – year.
  • Add. info: For SEO and affiliate marketers. Automatic renewal. Solving problems on your own with hints.

LTE Space

  • Proxy type: Mobile.
  • GEO: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg.
  • Test: Yes.
  • Payment: Card, YuMoney, Yandex.Money, etc.
  • Price: From 130 ₽/day.
  • Rental period: 1 day – 3 months.
  • Add. info: IP rotation every 2 minutes. Max. speed up to 45 Mbit/sec. There are up to 5 users on the “General Channel”.

Proxy White

  • Proxy type: Server IPv4, HTTPS/SOCKS.
  • GEO: Russia, Ukraine, Europe, USA.
  • Test: No.
  • Payment: WebMoney, Bitcoin, etc.
  • Price: From 150 ₽/IP.
  • Rental period: From a month or longer.
  • Add. info: Suitable for various programs and services. 24/7 technical support. Selecting a protocol. IPv6 is not sold.


  • Proxy type: Mobile, residential IPv4/IPv6.
  • GEO: Russia, CIS, USA, Britain, Europe.
  • Free test: No.
  • Payment: WMZ, Robokassa, etc.
  • Price: From 600₽.
  • Rental period: 1 month.
  • Additionally: Simple online proxy store. Responsible technical support from 11:00 to 21:00.


  • Proxy type: Residential, IPv4/IPv6; SOCKS5.
  • GEO: South America, USA, etc.
  • Free test: No.
  • Payment: WebMoney, USDT, etc.
  • Price: 6 plans from $29 to $674.
  • Rental period: Starting from one day.
  • Additionally: IP from 190 countries. API, free software for checking anonymity. No traffic restrictions.

Squid Proxies

  • Proxy type: Server, shared; HTTP/HTTPS.
  • GEO: USA, Europe, etc.
  • Free test: No.
  • Payment: Cards, PayPal, Bitcoin.
  • Price: $24 – $910 (depending on the number of proxies).
  • Rental period: 1 month.
  • Additionally: Founded in 2010. Millions of IP addresses, gigabit servers, unlimited bandwidth.


  • Proxy type: Mobile.
  • GEO: Ukraine.
  • Test: Yes (via Telegram).
  • Payment: Visa/MasterCard.
  • Referrals: No (but there are promotional codes).
  • Price: From $28/month; dedicated server – $500/month.
  • Rental period: 1 month – 1 year.
  • Additionally: Speed up to 20 MB/s, IP change, access to 3000 mobile output channels, complex routing system.


  • Proxy type: Mobile, residential, server.
  • GEO: 12+ countries (including Russia, Ukraine and EU).
  • Test: Yes.
  • Payment: Qiwi, YuMoney.
  • Referrals: 10% – 15% of referral payments.
  • Price: By traffic (from 195₽/1GB for servers).
  • Additionally: Automatic IP replacement, support, tips for use.


  • Proxy type: Residential, mobile.
  • GEO: 150+ countries (Russia, China, USA, etc.).
  • Test: No.
  • Payment: Cryptocurrencies (soon – cards and electronic wallets).
  • Referrals: Up to 40% of referral payments.
  • Price: 1Gb = $3 (no monthly fees).
  • Additionally: Pool of 20+ million IP addresses, browser plugin, 24/7 technical support, promotional code for a registration bonus.


  • Proxy type: Server, shared
  • Tariffs (for 5 days):
  • IPv4 Shared: 49.56₽
  • Individual IPv4: 72.68₽
  • IPv6/32: 7.43₽
  • GEO: IPv4: 46+ (incl. Australia, Brazil, WB, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland), IPv6: Russia, USA.
  • Test: Yes.
  • Referral program: 10% of referral payments.
  • Payment: WebMoney, QIWI, YuMoney, Visa/Mastercard, MIR, crypto.
  • Features: Built-in proxy checker, free proxies (not for all purposes).

  • Proxy type: Mobile
  • Tariffs (for 30 days):
  • Foreign IPv4: $1.47
  • Individual IPv4: $1.4
  • GEO: 26+ (incl. Ukraine, Russia, WB, USA, etc.).
  • Test: Yes.
  • Referral program: No.
  • Payment: Visa, MasterCard, QIWI, YuMoney, crypto via Enot.


  • Proxy type: Residential, Mobile
  • Rates:
  • Resident: $7/1GB
  • Mobile: $29/1GB
  • GEO: 175+ (incl. England, France, USA, etc.).
  • Test: Trial for $1.99 (100 MB for 3 days).
  • Referral program: No.
  • Payment: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, JCB, crypto.

OneDash Proxy

  • Proxy type: Residential, Mobile, Shared
  • Tariffs (for 10 days): Residential IPv4: 950₽, Mobile: 950₽, Shared Ipv4: 99₽
  • GEO: Residential: Europe, Mobile: Russia, Shared: Germany, Finland, England, etc.
  • Test: No.
  • Referral program: No.
  • Payment: Robokassa, Tinkoff, CloudPayments, Coinbase, Cryptonator.
  • Features: Proxy for Discord and Telegram, additional services for promotion.
  • Note: Possible problems accessing Instagram through the OneDash proxy.


  • Proxy type: Individual
  • Tariffs: IPv4 – $23.14, IPv6 – $17.8 (for purchases of 5 or more pieces)
  • Available GEOs: IPv4 (30+ countries, including Russia, Ukraine, USA), IPv6 (Russia, Germany, etc.)
  • Free test: No
  • Referral program: 30% from the first payment, 10% from subsequent payments
  • Payment methods: WebMoney, QIWI and others, including BitCoin
  • Add. information: Speed 1 Gbit/s, individual proxies, geotargeting.


  • Proxy type: Residential
  • Tariffs: resident – $8 per port
  • Available GEOs: WW
  • Free test: No, but refund within 24 hours
  • Referral program: 25% lifetime commission
  • Payment methods: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa
  • Add. information: Proxy with Backconnect, packages for social networks.


  • Proxy type: Residential
  • Tariffs: resident – $75/month, and others
  • Available GEOs: 195+ countries for residents
  • Free test: No, but 100% refund within 3 days
  • Referral program: 10% + 1 GB bonus
  • Payment methods: PayPal, MasterCard and others, including BTC
  • Add. information: Geotargeting, browser extensions, SERP Scraping API.
  • Attention: Does not work in Russia and Belarus. (formerly Microleaves)

  • Proxy type: Residential, Private, Shared
  • Tariffs: residential Backconnect – $299.99/10 pcs and others
  • Available GEOs: WW (geotargeting for Backconnect)
  • Free test: No, but 100% refund within 3 days
  • Referral program: 20% of sales
  • Payment methods: credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin
  • Add. information: Real residential IP addresses from providers.


  • Proxy type: Mobile
  • Tariffs: Mobile regular – $50/month; “IProxyOnline” – $6-10/month.
  • GEO: Global.
  • Test: Free.
  • Referral program: No.
  • Payment: WebMoney, MasterCard, VISA, Apple Pay, Capitalist, Crypto wallets.
  • Features: Ability to create your own IP; rotation and change of IP through different channels.

  • Proxy type: Mobile, Private
  • Tariffs: Private 4G mobile – $60-$110/month (depending on GEO).
  • GEO: USA, UK, Germany, Lithuania.
  • Test: No.
  • Referral program: No.
  • Payment: Crypto wallets.
  • Features: Speed up to 10 Mbit/s; IPs are suitable for social. networks and verification.


  • Proxy type: Mobile, Residential, VPN
  • Tariffs: Various, depending on type and GEO.
  • GEO: 40+ countries, including the USA, Russia, China.
  • Test: Free.
  • Referral program: Up to 20% of referral purchases.
  • Payment: BTC, ETH, Qiwi, Alipay, Bank cards, etc.
  • Features: Proxy updates every 2 hours; possibility of a pause; IP update in your personal account; possible complaints from 2021.


  • Proxy type: Mobile
  • Tariffs: IPv4 – $0.6-$2.1/pcs (depending on GEO), IPv6 – $0.61/10 pcs, free proxies.
  • GEO: 30+ countries (USA, Russia, Ukraine, etc.).
  • Test: No.
  • Referral program: 30% of the first referral payment, 10% of subsequent payments.
  • Payment: WebMoney, BTC, YuMoney, PayPal, QIWI, Visa, MasterCard.
  • Features: Inadmissibility of use for spam; specialized packages; tools for working with IP.


  • Proxy type: Mobile, Private
  • Tariffs: IPv6 – $0.40/piece, IPv4 private – $1.99/IP/month, mobile – $50/month (USA).
  • GEO: 127+ countries (USA, Germany, Mexico, etc.).
  • Test: No.
  • Referral program: 25% of referral costs.
  • Payment: Bank card, Wire transfer, VTS.
  • Features: Integration with social media. networks; doubts about the reliability of the IP database.

Thus, the choice of a proxy service depends on your individual needs and requirements for quality, security and functionality. Each of the services presented above has its own advantages and features that make it a unique and effective tool for affiliate marketing .


Choosing the right proxy service can seem like a daunting task, especially given the variety of options on the market. Depending on your tasks, you may need different types of proxies.

Selection tips:

  • Determine your needs: Are you looking for stability, speed, anonymity, or all three? This will help you narrow down your search.
  • Budget: Some proxy services may be more expensive, but they offer better quality and technical support.
  • Technical support: When problems or questions arise, fast and quality support can be key.
  • Be attentive to reviews: Reviews from other affiliates can give you valuable information about the reliability and effectiveness of the service.

Choosing the right proxy service is an investment in successful and trouble-free work in the field of traffic affiliate marketing . We hope that our review and comparison table will help you make an informed choice and achieve high results in your work.

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