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MyBrocard is a perfect service for anonymous issuance of virtual payment cards from different banks. Cards can be used not only to pay for advertising on Google, Facebook, TikTok, etc., but also to buy a plane ticket or a subscription to a online service.

In the service, you can instantly issue an unlimited number of cards from a single account in a couple of seconds. Two types of cards are supported:

  • Account balance cards: use the account balance and do not reserve card account funds.
  • Self-balancing cards reserve card account funds on the account balance.

Currency of virtual cards: USD and EUR.


The MyBrocard service is ideal for teamwork:

  1. The team owner can view detailed statistics on each partner and member, team payments, cards issued, etc.
  2. A team owner can create several teams at once and set up several teamlead’s in them.
  3. Teamlead can add an unlimited number of participants by e-mail, each will have their own personal account.
  4. Teamlead assigns roles, restricts or allows access to certain options to participants, and allocates budget among them.

Other benefits of MyBrocard:

  • API and webhooks for automation;
  • BINs for any payment (services, online shopping).
  • 25+ BINs from different GEOs (USA, Colombia, Hong Kong, Estonia);
  • free service;
  • cards with 3Ds;
  • cashback up to 100% commission.
  • The first 50 cards you get for free, further issue will cost symbolic 2$.

MyBrocard compares favorably with other similar services:

  • the ability to top up directly from the affiliate network with a reduced commission;
  • Subsidizing holds (50% of hold payments are returned to the account in advance);
  • user-friendly API;
  • agency accounts for all popular sources and different verticals (FB, Google, TikTok, Bing);
  • mass card transactions;;
  • cards with account balance.
  • 24/7 support right on the site: experts quickly solve any problems and answer questions.

How to get started with MyBrocard:

You need to be verified before you can start working. Select the method of identity verification:

  • KYC;
  • through the manager: he will ask a few questions about the team;
  • through an invitation from your partner in MyBrocard.

After registration and verification, replenish the account. If the balance is zero, cards cannot be issued.

Immediately after verification and replenishment 50 cards will be available for free. Personal cabinet is well structured and clear.

The minimum deposit amount is $500. To deposit money to the balance go to the “Accounts” tab and click the “Top-up” button. Select the top-up method.

The website has a section with tips on which BIN to use for specific purposes. We recommend looking there before you get started to find the perfect card for you.

Also, the service offers the possibility of renting agency offices in popular advertising sources.

Each office has a short description, commission percentage and minimum payment.


MyBrocard has established itself as a quality and reliable payment service, trusted by more than 60000 affiliates and 2000 teams.

Follow the link, register in the service and open new opportunities for your business!


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