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Every webmaster has had to work with slippery offers. Sometimes they are outright black offers, sometimes they are familiar and normal, but moderators may look at them in a funny way. It’s not easy to work with such offers, and you need to come up with a variety of tricks.

One of the tricks when working with non-white verticals is the White Page – a page that a bot or moderator lands on when checking ad campaigns for prohibited topics.

What is White(Safe) Page in arbitrage

White Page is a term in arbitrage that refers to a page that a bot or moderator reaches when checking an advertising campaign. White pages help to bypass restrictions related to prohibited goods, services or content:

  • casinos;
  • betting;
  • adalt.

Some search engines and ad networks are suspicious of crypto.

White Pages hosts content that is allowed by the advertising policy of the site or search engine. But then the question arises: if the moderator sees a “white” product, and advertised forbidden, what does the user who clicked on the ad see, and where can he get the forbidden? And this is where webmasters use cloaca and Black Pages.

What does cloaking have to do with it and why it’s needed

Cloaca is a term in arbitrage that refers to the distribution of traffic depending on the digital fingerprint of the user’s browser. Simply put, a moderator and a user who clicked on the same ad will end up on different landings: the former on a white page and the latter on the page with the offer.

“White page” is part of cloaking and a webmaster should work it out before setting up cloaking. Cloaking is considered a gray method in arbitrage and its use can lead to blocking of advertising campaigns. Therefore, cloaking should be used with caution, just like creating white pages.

Development of Safe Pages by Money Safe specialists

There are some cool services out there today for creating Safe(White) Pages. Let’s analyze one of them, it will be Money Safe. Guys create by hand only unique White Pages, with different templates. You can write the following wishes to the technical department in advance:

  1. language of White Pages;
  2. theme;
  3. structure;
  4. what elements to add, etc.

White Page gives you the ability to bypass advertising platform bans. This allows you to earn many times more.

The price for 1 Safe Page starts at $25. The plan includes:

  • trusted domain;
  • site is on Money Safe hosting;
  • 1 year of use;
  • multipage site;
  • 24/7 support.

All the information you can be found on the Money Safe website.


White page – substitution of site content, distribution of traffic for successful approval of an advertising campaign on different advertising platforms. It is used in gray and black offers to sell goods and services prohibited by the advertising policy of the platform. There are many ways to create a White Page and they differ depending on the goals of your advertising campaign and the business that you as a webmaster promote on the Internet.

After the approval of the advertising campaign, users can already get to the black page – a landing page or a multi-page page with a gray/black offerer. Such content spoofing in arbitrage is called cloaking, and the activity of content spoofing is called cloaking respectively.


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