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Today we will discuss an important topic that has long occupied the minds of affiliates – virtual numbers for registering and receiving SMS.

Many of you have wondered: “Where can I get a virtual number?” or “how to get a virtual number for SMS?”. The article has been prepared specifically to address these issues.

SMS activators are services that provide virtual phone numbers for receiving verification messages. For example, when registering on platforms like Facebook or VKontakte, as well as when setting up advertising campaigns in Google Ads, you need to enter a code that is sent via SMS.

Usually these numbers are rented for 20 minutes, so if you need a long-term use of the created account, you can purchase a permanent number or use a real SIM card.

Another disadvantage of such services is that the provided numbers can be reused. When the operator allocates a number again, it is considered free and can be transferred to another user. However, this number can already be used to create accounts on social networks. Therefore, when choosing an SMS activator, it is extremely important to take into account the conditions for the return of funds.

Why do affiliates need virtual numbers?

Virtual numbers are used in several areas:

  • Registration on various platforms: Virtual numbers are used to register accounts on social networks, advertising platforms, bulletin boards and instant messengers. When creating accounts on popular platforms such as Facebook and Google, a mobile number is required to increase the credibility of the account. Multi-account arbitrageurs daily use virtual numbers to manage a large flow of accounts without having to buy new SIM cards or borrow from friends.
  • Registration in arbitrage tools: Some arbitrage services require confirmation of the number and receipt of SMS in order to access the functionality. For example, arbitrageurs can use a neural network such as ChatGPT to create ad texts for creatives. Such services may also require virtual numbers.
  • Maintaining anonymity: It is important to keep your real number confidential to avoid possible negative consequences such as number abuse for fraudulent purposes. The use of virtual numbers guarantees the protection of personal information for affiliates and other entrepreneurs working in the online environment.
  • Registration on freelance exchanges: Virtual numbers may be required when registering on freelance platforms, especially if exchanges restrict access to residents of certain countries. Freelancers looking for specialists or part-timers themselves can use virtual numbers to overcome these limitations.

Official telecom operators and their services

Some telecom operators offer their virtual number services. And while this may seem like a convenient way to get a number, it’s worth considering that they ask you to reveal your identity, and not all operators have a service for providing virtual numbers.

Virtual numbers through apps

Finally, there are a number of applications that offer virtual number services. They provide quick access to services and you can use them directly from your phone. In terms of security, these apps also use encryption methods to protect your information.

However, no matter where you decide to take a virtual number, it is always important to keep in mind the reliability of your choice and the overall level of security.

4 proven free SMS activators

We have prepared a rating of the 4 best SMS activators that allow you to get virtual numbers without paying. However, it is worth noting that there are actually many more such services. In our list, we took into account only proven platforms that guarantee real functionality. It is important to note that problems can occur on any of the sites, especially with free numbers. Some social networks may add such numbers to their “black lists”, which may affect the activation success. Therefore, some delay in SMS delivery or even its absence is not unusual.

This platform provides virtual numbers mainly for bourgeois – USA, France, UK, Finland and many others. In total, their assortment includes more than 30 countries, even exotic ones, like the Philippines or South Africa. The principle of operation is quite simple: select the required number, open its tab and refresh the page to receive SMS. It doesn’t even require registration.

The service is extremely intuitive: just select a card with a number and copy it.

This SMS activator is very similar to the previous one in name. The interface and functionality also resemble each other, with the exception of a slight difference in the available countries. At the time of writing this review, the UK has the largest number of rooms available. There are also Russian and Ukrainian virtual numbers here. All of them are available without the need for registration.

All SMS with activation codes are also available to all users.

Another service with a very similar name and interface. In fact, these platforms copy each other. Their assortment includes virtual numbers of other countries. There are many British numbers here, as well as numbers from India, the Philippines and even some African countries. The only downside to this platform may be a delay in updating, which can affect the speed at which messages are received.

The variety of geographic options on this platform pleases.

SMS-REG get free sms

This is not a website for renting virtual numbers, but a good Telegram channel where SMS.reg administrators regularly post new free numbers. The choice of geographic areas and operators is somewhat limited here. For example, we found there numbers from Moldova, Poland, and also Russia. Updates are posted several times a week. To receive a message, just follow the link from the channel to the SMS activator page.

Where to buy a virtual number: rating of the best SMS activation services

  • is one of the popular web services. Here you can buy virtual numbers for 76 different platforms. The range includes numbers from 185 countries. Notably, a choice of carriers is available for most geographic areas.
  • Grizzly SMS is a specialized service that provides disposable phone numbers for activating accounts in popular social networks, online services and instant messengers. The service provides numbers from more than 100 countries of the world.
  • OnlineSIM is a service that started in 2013. Here you can order virtual numbers for many well-known websites and applications. The range includes 49 countries.
  • is a relatively new service for instant SMS reception. Here you can buy numbers from 6 countries. Work with more than 90 different sites is supported.
  • SimSMS.ORG is another SMS activation web service. Here you can order a number from any of the 49 available countries. The service cooperates with more than 100 platforms.
  • – provides the ability to receive SMS to virtual numbers. The service cooperates with many popular platforms. You can order numbers from 186 countries.
  • is one of the ancient services for receiving SMS messages. Numbers from 4 countries are available: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China. Accept messages from 30 different platforms.
  • is an SMS activation service that was launched in 2013.
  • SMS-MAN is a virtual number service for receiving SMS. Here services are provided both for one-time reception of SMS-messages, and for renting numbers. Numbers from more than 182 countries and more than 2300 resources are available.
  • PVACodes is an English-language service for receiving SMS. The service supports many countries and platforms.
  • SIMOnline – provides limited functionality. Here you can receive SMS to a public number for free.
  • 365SMS – The 365SMS service allows you to receive SMS messages to a virtual number that is valid for 20 minutes. During this time, you can receive an unlimited number of additional SMS for free.
  • SMSpva – The service provides numbers for activating accounts via SMS. It uses real SIM cards.
  • CheapSMS – The platform allows you to rent virtual numbers for 30 minutes and receive SMS automatically. Only Russian numbers of operators are available: MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele2.
  • Give-SMS – Provides access to over 80 countries and over 500 platforms to choose from. There is also the possibility of long-term rental of rooms.
  • GetSMS – Only Russian (RU) and Kazakhstani (KZ) numbers are available in the service for receiving SMS. Free repeated SMS are provided. It is possible to rent rooms for a long time, however, the site may not be available due to an IP address not from Russia.
  • – This is an English-language service that provides both virtual and real numbers for receiving SMS.
  • SMSONLINE is a fully automated service for receiving SMS messages online.
  • – Test SMS reception is available here. It is possible to receive and send SMS. Room rental is available from 7 days.
  • Textverified – This service offers the use of non-VoIP US phone numbers for account verification, multi-factor authentication, and more. It also provides the option to re-receive SMS. Only US numbers are supported and there is a wide range of supported platforms.
  • – A variety of virtual numbers are provided here for receiving SMS messages. However, the service may not be available due to the Russian IP. When renting a virtual number for 20 minutes, an unlimited number of messages is available.
  • SMS SERVICE – This service provides temporary SMS phone numbers suitable for registering on any website.
  • freeje – Phone numbers for voice calls and SMS are provided here. The service provides 3 personal accounts with different conditions. Long term rentals are also available.
  • SMMSMS – Offers SMS numbers starting from 125 rubles, for short or long term.
  • sms-area – The service provides room rental starting from one hour. However, there are not many available countries.
  • TIGER SMS – There are many countries and platforms available, and free numbers are provided.
  • – This service provides real SIM card numbers for receiving SMS. A large list of platforms is available. Upon registration, a bonus of $0.50 is credited to the balance. A long-term lease and the ability to receive calls for verification in several services are provided.
  • PVAPins is a simple service for receiving SMS. A large list of countries and platforms is provided.
  • Sms-receive – Room rental is available starting from 15 days.
  • SMSI.VIP – This service offers a wide range of platforms for SMS activation, as well as the ability to forward calls to your number.
  • TOP SMS BOT – About 20 countries and 70 platforms are available here. Payment is made through QIWI and Payeer.
  • SMSBest_bot – This bot supports over 100 countries and 600 platforms. Room rentals are available for up to 2 weeks. Numerous additional services are also available.

Below you will find a comparative table of services for receiving SMS messages to temporary numbers:

SMS service Free numbers Long term rental API Crypto payment No Yes Yes Yes
Grizzly SMS No No Yes Yes
OnlineSIM No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
SimSMS.ORG No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
SMS-MAN No No Yes Yes
PVACodes Yes Yes No Yes
SIMOnline No No Yes Yes
365SMS No Yes Yes Yes
SMSpva No Yes Yes No
CheapSMS No Yes Yes Yes
Give-SMS No Yes Yes Yes
GetSMS No No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
SMSONLINE No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
freeje No Yes No Yes
sms-area No Yes Yes No
TIGER SMS Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
PVAPins No No No Yes
Sms-receive Yes Yes No Yes
SMSI.VIP Yes No Yes No
SMSBest_bot No Yes Yes Yes

Top 4 platforms for long-term rental of virtual numbers

There is a limited number of services that provide the possibility of long-term rental of virtual numbers. Some of the older platforms appear to be no longer relevant. In this list, we have included only actual virtual number rental platforms, which we have also checked for hidden conditions to help you understand all the details.

GetSMS Online

A distinctive feature of this SMS activation service is the ability to choose the duration of the number lease. Typically, such platforms offer either a one-time activation, or a short-term rental for 20 minutes, or a long-term rental right away. In the case of GetSMS, you can rent a virtual number for 4 hours, a day, two hours – depending on your needs. However, it should be noted that only Russian numbers are available, and then only for Tele2. The activation cost is quite reasonable. For example, you can rent a virtual number for OpenAI for just 10 rubles. Unfortunately, it is impossible to use the service without registration, since free numbers are not provided on this platform.

GEO: Russia, Kazakhstan (the list can be extended up to 4-5 countries);
Cost: From 1 ruble;
Pros: Affordable price, reliable operators;
Cons: Limited choice of operators and countries.

This SMS activator looks more serious than its counterparts. The service has an official legal entity, provides additional services such as mobile proxies and earning opportunities for SIM card holders. In addition, it provides the possibility of long-term rental of virtual numbers, even with the possibility of renewal. The cost depends on the specific country and rental time. In old reviews about SMS activators, you can find information about the identity verification procedure on this platform. However, we found no requirement to provide copies of passports. It is enough just to create an account, and you can log in through VK, FB or Google. However, you should be attentive to details. For example, the automatic lease renewal option is enabled by default. Also, for unsuccessful attempts to receive SMS for some countries, money is not returned. Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully read the terms of use.

GEO: 96 countries for one-time activations, 27 countries for long-term lease;
Cost: From 2-3 rubles;
Pros: Large selection of countries and numbers;
Cons: There are no refunds for some GEOs.

This is an English-language virtual number rental service. Here you can purchase a number from the US, most European countries and even Australia. The selection also includes a regional specification, such as a state in the US. The rental price can vary – from 0.99 € for an American number to 22 € for an Australian number. The rental period is 28 days, with the possibility of extension. In addition, weekly rental options are available for some regions. It was also noted that on the platform you can rent a room with a physical SIM card, but it will cost much more – more than 100 euros per month.

GEO: More than 20 countries;
Cost: From 0.99 €;
Pros: Demanded GEO – USA, Europe, Australia, Canada;
Cons: High cost for some countries.

Another platform that perhaps looks a little dated in terms of site design. However, its functionality and cost are not inferior to competitors. There are even virtual numbers for 1 ruble, for example, Russian numbers for Avito. However, this is limited to a one-time activation. Long term rentals are available from 1 to 180 days.

The platform provides access to numbers from 11 countries, and the list of available numbers is regularly updated. The cost of rent depends on the term and country. For example, a Russian number for 7 days will cost 800 rubles, while an English number will cost 1200 rubles. In addition, long-term rental is a more profitable option.

GEO: 11 countries, constantly updated;
Cost: From 520 rubles for 1 day;
Pros: Constant updating of GEO and database of numbers, affordable price;
Cons: Not the most user-friendly interface.

A guide to choosing the right virtual number for traffic arbitrage

The choice of a suitable virtual number for traffic arbitration should be based on a number of factors. Let’s look at some of them.

Goals and budget of the affiliate

Before you buy a virtual registration number, it is important to determine your main goals and budget. This will help you figure out which type of room suits you best.

Comparison of cost and functionality of various sources

It is important to evaluate the services offered by various sources. Some services offer a virtual number to receive SMS online for free, while others may charge a fee for their services. Compare the cost and functionality of different options to choose the one that suits you best.

Assessing the level of reliability and confidentiality

Security and privacy are key factors when choosing a virtual number. Make sure that the source of the virtual number is reliable and provides the necessary level of confidentiality.

Practical use of virtual numbers in traffic arbitration

Virtual numbers give you more flexibility when using online services and performing various tasks. Let’s look at a few of the main ways they can be applied in the field of traffic arbitrage.

Registration of accounts on CPA networks platforms

Arbitrage requires the creation of a large number of accounts on various platforms of CPA networks. Using a virtual registration number, you can quickly and easily create a large number of accounts.

Confirmation of accounts on social networks and instant messengers

Many social networks and instant messengers require confirmation of a phone number during registration. With a virtual number, you can take a virtual number for SMS and verify your account without using your real phone number.

Receiving one-time codes and SMS for authentication

In many cases, virtual numbers can be used to receive one-time codes and SMS for two-factor authentication, providing an additional layer of security when using various services.

Using virtual numbers in advertising campaigns

Virtual numbers can be used to drive traffic to your advertising campaigns. This way you can isolate and track your conversions, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

It is important to remember that the successful use of virtual numbers requires strict adherence to the rules and regulations of various platforms and online services. But when done right, virtual numbers can be a powerful tool to expand your traffic arbitrage opportunities.


How to get a virtual phone number?

You can get a virtual number on specialized services and platforms. Some of them provide free use, but most services offer virtual numbers for a fee. To obtain a number, you usually need to go through the registration procedure on the platform.

How much does a virtual phone number cost?

The cost of a virtual number depends on a number of parameters, including the country it represents and the services provided with it (SMS only, calls, or both). The price can range from a few cents to tens of dollars per month.

What is the difference between a virtual number and a regular one?

A virtual phone number is a number that is not associated with a physical SIM card or a specific device. It works on the Internet and can be used to receive and send SMS or manipulate calls through specialized applications and platforms. You can use a virtual number without revealing your real phone number, making it a handy tool for staying anonymous and managing high volumes of calls and messages.

It is important to understand that virtual numbers may not be accepted by some services and platforms for account verification and accounting. Therefore, before buying and using a virtual number, it is recommended to thoroughly familiarize yourself with its capabilities and limitations.

Conclusion and Conclusions

Virtual numbers have become an integral part of the life of successful affiliates. It is a powerful tool for expanding the implementation of business strategies and managing a large number of accounts without compromising your personal number.

At the same time, the choice of a virtual number for receiving SMS has its own characteristics. It is worth considering the operation of the service, its reliability and confidentiality, as well as the cost of the service.

We hope that the information provided in the article will help you make the facts about virtual numbers more understandable and applicable to your business. Good luck on the way to activation and huge success in arbitrage traffic!

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